Spelling Power Review

by contributing writer Tabitha

Before finding Spelling Power, we really didn’t do spelling. When the kids misspelled a word, we corrected it. Sometimes, in whatever English book we were using that year, there would be a spelling segment for each chapter. Occasionally spelling was combined with vocabulary.

Spelling Power Review

Here is our Spelling Power book. It has been well used over the years. We also have the resource CD with all the forms needed (or practice and testing sheets) in PDF format. Even without the CD-Rom, you have everything you need in the book to begin a great spelling program with your students. There is a quick start guide, placement tests, and the 5000 most frequently used words arranged in groups.

As it says on the cover, “15 minutes a day and this book are all you need to teach ages 8 to adult comprehensive spelling skills.” From the day I got this book to now, each of my children 8 and up have used this program. One has even graduated, meaning he has placed above what this book is meant to teach.

Spelling Power Review 2

What I love about Spelling Power

  • Only 5 minutes of testing each day. This is not a time consuming program!
  • They only have to practice what they miss each day.
  • Words are grouped so students learn spelling rules.
  • Practice makes sense and applies to most learning styles.
  • Words are tested multiple times with review tests.
  • Lots of room for creativity in the 5 minute activity portion or making up sentences in the 5 minute paper practice.

Cons of Spelling Power

  • There is a temptation to go past 5 minutes. However, following the steps ensures that neither you, nor your child, gets burnt out by doing too many words. Even if it’s just 5 words, those 5 words are what you were able to do.
  • There is a temptation to skip steps. Make sure your students are truly learning by doing all 3 parts of the daily activities, and things will sink in.

Spelling Power Study Sheet

Having used this book (and resource disk) with five of my children, ranging in age from 8 to 16, and varying in skills from the very first level to the very highest, I can honestly say this program has done wonders for my kids’ spelling. Some of my children are naturally good spellers. My 8 year old placed in the same spelling level as my 9 year old and my 14 year old and higher than my 12 year old. However, I can see the improvement every day in EACH of them and how their spelling skill have come along way over the years.

I definitely recommend this spelling program for any family, especially those with multiple grade levels. While the price might seem like a lot for a spelling book (and extras), it is the only spelling program you will ever need.

Visit the Spelling Power website for more information.  You can purchase Spelling Power from ChristianBook.com.

I am in no way affiliated with Spelling Power, nor did I receive anything for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I’ve been looking for something for my very smart middle schooler who can’t spell at all! His 3rd grade sister will correct his spelling. I just found a copy of this on a used text book site and I’m going to give it a try. Thanks!

  2. I would second this recommendation! We have used Spelling Power with our girls, starting in first grade. The placement tests help make sure you aren’t pushing your child too hard or letting them get away with something that is too easy. Our older daughter did not start with this spelling program and her younger sister is catching up and about to pass her in Spelling Power. I recommend this to every home schooling parent who asks!

  3. I lost my previous comment, so apologies if it shows up twice somehow…but thank you for your helpful review! Would you say the “student record books” are needed? And do you think this edition is as good as the 4th? I’m wanting to buy a used older copy.

    • I say the record books are useful, but I just copy the sheets out of the back of the book as needed.

      I have an older version myself. Flipping through other versions I’ve seen, older and newer, I don’t see any essential differences. I know we’ve found a SMALL amount of errors and I imagine newer versions correct those.

      Hopefully that helps!

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