Schedules and Reading Lists

This week I am creating reading lists for each child as well as writing our master schedule. The reading lists are below. If you click on the link you should be able to view and download the lists.

Each reading list is comprised of books that I would like my child to read for the school year. Some of the books are mandatory (because they correspond with the curriculum) and others are for fun. My children also read many books that are not on the list, but I use the list as a guide throughout the year.

To create my list, first I look through the curriculum and list the books they must read. Then I consult one of my favorite reference books, Honey for a Child’s Heart. This is a great book for getting ideas for your child. Most of the books recommended in Honey for a Child’s Heart are accompanied by a brief write up, which I find exceptionally valuable. I then visit some of my favorite curriculum websites to borrow from their reading lists. Some of the websites I visit are; Veritas Press, Sonlight, Ambleside Online, Five in a Row, and Total Language Plus. Finally, I search the library catalog for books that my child my be interested in reading. For example, I have one child who is very interested in birds, so I am creating a list of bird books for him to read.

Here are the books lists I have compiled for this school year. These lists will change throughout the year, as I add new books and occasionally delete books.

K/1st Grade

3rd Grade

Upper Elementary


Yesterday, I finished creating my 2008 homeschool schedule. I use Managers of their Homes to create a schedule for our daily activities. I am sure this schedule will change many times throughout the year, but this will give you a general idea of what we are doing. You can view the entire schedule here.
Homeschool Schedule

I realized after I uploaded this schedule that I might be making a few changes already. We have started bike riding as a family and haven’t decided whether a morning or afternoon ride works best for us.

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  1. I use Managers of their Homes as well even though I only have two children and am just getting into homeschooling for preschool. I really like it. I like your reading list ideas as well.

  2. I love this and have tried implementing the book lists this year. I hope it works out. I’ve already run into a glitch with the unavailability of books at the library. Very frustrating. Your lists look wonderful! I’d like to read some of those titles myself!


  3. Wow, you are organized. I don’t think I saw it, but your younger ones would probably enjoy Millie Waits for the Mail. It is about a cow who loves waiting for the mail to come each day.

  4. We have a birthday party today but I will be back to check this out.

  5. Question for you: Just got “Managers” via the library and I’ve read the first 1/2 but what do I do about once a week things like grocery shopping? Do you have a schedule for each day? Wouldn’t that defeat the point of having the same activities at the same time each day? LOL Then, how do I account for a 2-hour once-a-week grocery shopping trip?

  6. I have been doing up my own paper schedule with the MOTH book (I’ve had it for 7 years now) but I would love to be able to do mine up on the computer….do they have a program that they use now to do up this schedule…any updates I might be able to puchase that you know of? Or did you do it up yourself? Thank you for your help. I love your site…it’s awesome BTW *smile*

  7. Thank you so much for posting your children’s reading lists. I have been working on reading lists for my children for next school year and these will be very helpful for me. I really enjoy your blog!

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