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Both of my boys were once little. I didn’t “do” much teaching when they were toddlers, but we had a great time around ages three and four.  Depending on your child’s fine motor skills and ability to keep stuff out of his/her mouth, here are a few fun preschooler activities.

1. Flash Cards.  My son loves sorting words into categories, colors, or alphabet.
2. Magnetic Letters. You can have little ones match the magnet to a flash card on the table.

3. Chalk. Host an art day outside for everyone (play Pictionary).
4. Stickers.  Make a spring collage.
5. ABC Books. We can’t check out enough of them.
6. Hop Scotch.  Get creative and use masking tape to play inside (do the alphabet instead).
7. Egg Cartons. Color inside each one and have your child sort colored buttons.

8. Nature Walks. Bring zip lock bags.  My son loves to fill them up with leaves and pine cones.
9. Giant Dice.  Roll and count the dots, match the number to flash cards.
10. Stamps. Foam stamps are great for washable paints.
11. Size Sorting.  Sort objects according to size–small, medium, and large.
12. Dry Erase Boards.  We have many – 1 for the car, 1 for the table.  You can use them to work on letters.
13. Music Time. Chances are your preschooler likes to dance, so have a dance party.
14. Giant Floor Puzzles.  My son prefers the alphabet ones.

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  1. I love your ideas. I’m trying to get together a bunch of fun stuff for my preschooler son! Thanks!

  2. Some great ideas. Thanks for the boost of inspiration.

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