Easter Craft & Lesson: Resurrection Eggs with Bible Verses

Easter is a time to remember the sacrifice Christ made for us, and children are never too young to understand the true meaning of this holiday. While Easter eggs and rabbits are fun, you can still incorporate a child friendly Easter craft and activity such as the Resurrection Eggs below to really teach the true meaning of Easter.

Easter Craft: Resurrection Eggs with Bible Verses

Resurrection Eggs are a child friendly way to teach children the meaning of Easter in a way that is fun and even frugal. Take a peek below at how you can make your own set of Resurrection eggs with your child.

Supplies needed:

  • 12 plastic eggs
  • egg container, optional
  • Glue
  • Egg fillings: piece of bread (or crouton), dime, string or thread, paper, toothpicks, purple felt or construction paper, nail or tack, sponge, wood craft stick, twig, and a rock
  • Slips of paper with verses written on them

As you can see these are common household items that you should be able to easily round up. Plastic eggs can be found at your local dollar store or retail store for just $1.

Easter Craft: Resurrection Eggs with Bible Verses


Fill the eggs as instructed below.  We’ve also included Bible verses that you can write on strips of paper to place in the appropriate eggs as well.  After you open the eggs and show the item to your children, take a moment to find each verse in the Bible and read it together as a family to further emphasize each important symbol of Easter.

1. Bread (use a small crumble of bread or crouton)

  • The bread in the first egg symbolizes the bread that Jesus broke and shared with His disciples at the Last Supper. We can remind children how Jesus wants to share eternal life with us, and is called “The Bread of Life.”
  • Bible verse: Matthew 26:17-19

2. Silver coin (use a dime)

  • The silver coin in the second egg reminds us of the silver pieces that Judas received for betraying Jesus.  (This can also be a good time to discuss with your children that Jesus knew He would be betrayed and knew it would be Judas.)
  • Bible verse: Matthew 26:14-15

3. Purple robe (use a strip of purple felt or construction paper)

  • The purple cloth represents the purple robe worn by Jesus prior to His crucifixion.
  • Bible verse: John 19:5

4. Thorns (use a thorn or piece of twig)

  • The thorn reminds us of the crown of thorns that Jesus was forced to wear prior to being crucified.
  • Bible verse: Matthew 27:29

5. The Whip (use your string or thread)

  • The string in this egg reminds us of the whipping that Jesus had to endure from the soldiers.
  • Bible verse: Matthew 27:2, 26

6. Cross (use your toothpicks, constructed into a cross using craft glue)

  • The cross in this egg reminds us of the cross Jesus died on. Explain to children how the cross is an important symbol of our sins being paid for through Jesus’ love.
  • Bible verse: John 17:18-19

7. Nails (use a small nail or tack)

  • The nail reminds us of Jesus being nailed to the cross and the marks that remained in His hands and feet after.
  • Bible verse: John 20:25

8. Sign (use a small scrap of paper)

  • The paper represents the sign that the soldiers hung above Jesus that said, “THIS THE KING OF THE JEWS.”
  • Bible verse: Matthew 27:37

9. Drinking Sponge (use a small chunk of torn off sponge)

  • The sponge represents the drinking sponge held to Jesus’ mouth as He was dying.
  • Bible verse: Matthew 27:33-34

10. Soldier’s Spear (use a piece of wood craft stick broken off into a spear)

  • The spear represents the tool used to pierce Jesus’ side after His crucifixion. This was a fulfillment of prophecy in the Old Testament.
  • Bible verse: John 19:33-34

11. Rock (use a small rock or pebble from your yard)

  • The rock represents the stone used to close the tomb where Jesus’ body was placed.
  • Bible verse: Matthew 27:59-60

12. Nothing (leave the 12th egg empty)

  • This empty egg represents the tomb that Jesus rose from. When the women went to find Him, the tomb was empty and He was not there.
  • Bible verse: Matthew 28:5-6

Easter Craft: Resurrection Eggs with Bible Verses

Display your Resurrection Eggs in a basket or egg container to open in the 12 days prior to Easter. Discuss the object and what it represents, and you can even look for corresponding Bible verses to go with it.

Resurrection Eggs such as these are a family friendly way to discover the meaning of Easter, so give them a try this year and see how the real story of Easter can come to life for your children.

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