Circus-Themed Math Worksheets: Free Printables

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This months’s free printables are math worksheet that focus around a circus theme.  The worksheets in this set are geared towards 2nd-4th grades.

In this 4-page printable set you’ll find:

  • Circus Time: Hours and Minutes – Practice converting hours to minutes and vice-versa.  Also involves using a table to interpret information.
  • Circus Snack Bar – Practice addition and subtraction with regrouping by purchasing the food at the Circus Snack Bar.
  • Multiplication Word Problems – Solve the multiplication word problems using the given circus-themed prompts.  Some problems are multi-step.
  • Circus Logic Puzzle  – Determine the favorite circus act of each person using the given clues.
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February Circus Themed Printables 2013
February Circus Themed Printables 2013
February Circus Themed Printables 2013.pdf
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  1. Love this pack of circus fun! Taking our 2nd grade to the circus tomorrow and a couple of these will keep them at bay til we get on the bus to go. Thanks for putting them together and sharing. 🙂

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