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Cheapest Way to Mail Packages | The Happy Housewife

This post has been updated as of November 2014 with current information and prices!

Don’t you hate it when it costs more to ship a gift than the cost of the actual gift? I do. A few years ago I wrote a post about the cheapest ways to mail packages, but a lot as changed since then so I thought I would give an update. With Christmas fast approaching I know many people are waiting in long lines at the post office to ship their packages, and the post office isn’t always the best deal.

While this post is in no way comprehensive, it should help save a little bit of money on your shipping.

Cheapest Ways to Mail Packages

Free Shipping

Almost every online retailer is offering free shipping this time of year. Amazon offers free two-day shipping all year round to its Amazon Prime members and now you can receive free shipping if you spend $35 or more on select items. Other stores such as Kohls, Land’s End, Gap, Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, and many others offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount. I try to buy as much as possible from, but for other items I always go through Ebates or as they often have a coupon code as well as cash back on my purchases.

USPS Shipping Options

Media Mail

The post office has several different shipping options. The cheapest shipping option is almost always Media Mail, but you must be mailing media (intended for educational materials). This includes items such as books, film, manuscripts, sound recordings, video tapes, and computer readable media- CDs, and DVDs (restrictions apply*). You can mail a 10 pound package for only $6.52 using Media Mail. The problem is there is no guaranteed delivery date (delivers within 2-8 days), so if you are trying to get it there by Christmas this might not be your best option unless you are shipping early.

*Note that video games regardless of how they are packaged and USB drives are not eligible for media mailing.

Cheapest shipping options for all types of packages, including FedEx, UPS, and the Post Office

Standard Post (formerly Parcel Post)

The cheapest way to mail non media via the USPS is Standard Post. Check the price though, many times parcel post isn’t much cheaper than priority and it is much slower (2-8 business days). Parcel post is calculated by weight and location, and is good when you aren’t in a hurry or are mailing over sized packages. You can mail a 10 pound box across the country (from Maryland to Washington State) for about $25.  You can see more information about Standard Post on the Post Office website.

Priority Mail

The USPS has introduced Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes. Basically whatever you can jam in the box you can ship for one price. So, if you box weighs 5 or 50 pounds you pay the same price. The priority mail boxes are free and are available at your local post office, or you can have them shipped to your door. Check how much your package will cost online here.  A sampling of the Priority Mail Flat Rates are below:

flat rate 2

If you choose to use your own packaging you can send it priority mail too. Prices are based on weight and location and start at about $5.50. You can view all the priority mail rate prices on the USPS website.

Priority mail is usually 2 to 3 day shipping, but it is not guaranteed.

Priority Mail Express (Formerly Priority Mail)

If you are short on time but not on money, Priority Mail Express is your best option at the USPS. Express mail starts at $14.10 for an envelope and goes up from there. You can send a flat rate envelope for $19.95. It is guaranteed overnight delivery to most locations and you get a refund if they don’t deliver it by the guaranteed day.  The first 4 images below are the prices and dimensions for Priority Mail Express:

flat rate 1

Other USPS Details

Insurance is not including when shipping via the USPS. You can purchase insurance for your packages, as well as other options such as delivery confirmation, tracking and more.

The post office will come pick up your packages as long as they are ready to be shipped. It is a free service as long as you are using an expedited service like Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Global Express Guaranteed, or Merchandise Returns services. There is also an on demand service which costs around $18 per pick-up, but allows you to schedule the window of pick up. You can find out more about mailing packages from your home on the pick-up options section of the USPS website.

UPS (and FedEx)

I love seeing that big brown truck pull up to my house, don’t you? The UPS has a shipping matrix that rivals most calculus textbooks, but the basic deal is, the heavier the package and the farther away it is going the more you pay.

The benefit of shipping via UPS (or FedEx) is that you know when the package is going to arrive, have access to tracking, and insurance is included in the price, up to $100 worth of coverage.

Below is an example of what 20 pound package shipped from Maryland to Florida would cost using the different UPS options.

  • Next Day Air = $159.40
  • 2 Day Air = $75.59
  • 3 Day Select = $52.17
  • Ground = $23.51

To compare, that same box shipped via the post office with 2 day priority mail is $42.15 at the post office or $35.85 online or you can save even more with the priority mail flat rate large box that would cost around $16.85 and get there about the same time as UPS Ground.  It definitely helps to play around with the online price tools to find the best deal!

While UPS’s shipping matrix is complicated, it is actually very easy to calculate the cost of postage. Visit their website and use the shipping calculator to find out exactly how much it will cost to mail your package.

UPS will also pick packages up at your door if you schedule a pick-up.

FedEx is similar to UPS and you can find out their shipping rates on the FedEx website.  As of October 2013, FedEx introduced FedEx Flat Rate (similar to the USPS) that has the possibility of saving you lots compared to regular FedEx (or UPS) shipping.

fedex flat rate shipping

So, What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Packages?

My answer is still the same, it just depends on the size of the package and the destination. The Priority Mail flat rate boxes can be a great deal if you are mailing something very heavy, but you would probably do better using regular priority mail if you are shipping cotton balls or a feather boa.

UPS or FedEx is usually the best option for shipping heavier items and provides superior tracking and delivery guarantees.  Although, with the new FedEx Flat Rate shipping method they introduced in October 2013, there could be some big savings to have!

Whatever you chose remember to read the shipping guidelines before you ship that nail polish or perfume. There are many items that you cannot ship and you don’t want to waste the time or money shipping a prohibited item that will be returned.

Don’t Forget to Save on Stamps! is the easiest most convenient way for everyone to manage your mailing needs and it can almost completely eliminate trips to the Post Office!

  • Print USPS-approved postage right from your PC.
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Check out all the details for here!

Turn Your Photos into Postage Stamps

Your Photos on Real Postage

PhotoStamps is a fun new product that allows you to use your own photos and place them onto actual U.S. Postage stamps!   This would be a fun gift idea for a wedding, birthday invitations, graduation announcements, homeschool pen pals etc!  Here’s how:

  1. Simply upload your image to the PhotoStamps website.
  2. Customize the image with their easy-to-use toolbox.
  3. Place your order!

They’ll arrive in the mail in about 5-7 days.  Postage denominations include $0.39 – $4.05.

Also, check out 5 Free Shipping Options for the Holidays to avoid paying for shipping altogether!

Looking for gifts to ship? Check out our Homemade Christmas Gifts round-up that includes more than 300 homemade gift ideas!

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  1. I do a LOT of shipping throughout the year…

    I’m often at my local UPS Store and I can’t count the number of people who are surprised by how much it costs for UPS to box up your shipment. One lady was sending some homemade clothes to a granddaughter. The packaging costs more than the shipping because she needed a box the size of a wreath. If you don’t have a box, go buy one at a place like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Staples, Office Depot, etc. You’ll save a ton of money buying a box and packaging it yourself.

    Another tip….if you go to you can buy and print out postage for those Priority mail boxes. You get a discount and free tracking. Then pack up the box and deliver it to the post office counter. And use the free Priority boxes. They are so worth it. You may have to ask for boxes at the counter.

  2. TheHappyHousewife says:

    Great tips Lawanna! I always seem to have shipping boxes since we move so often, I never thought about having to buy one!

  3. You mentioned Ebates – did you see that today they are offering FREE SHIPPING at over 200 stores (only today – 12/17/10) plus the usual cash back? I’m trying not to be tempted since my shopping is done for this year… 🙂

  4. TheHappyHousewife says:

    Yes, it is really a great deal, if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping!

  5. If you use UPS through PayPal, this is almost always the cheapest option. I send several boxes east to west coast per year, and the regular UPS and Parcel Post rate is about $12, but via UPS through PayPal is a little under $9.

  6. JM

    What size of boxes do you ship? I have had to ship items to fit in a priority large flat rate box or larger and the cost is $14+.

  7. Thank you for the helpful information! Have a son heading back to CO to work at a ski area, raft a river after that and shipping. The cheapest way and now I know way way more than I did because of your cub reporting! Thank you!

  8. Ruthie Winter says:

    My husband and I received 3 Taylor Swift posters and had them matted and framed for our granddaughter, the largest being 25 X 19. To send them UPS from Green Bay, WI to Orlando, packing $23.00, “postage” $68.00. The posters we’re free, the matting expensive, to send them now…too expensive. We’ll need to wait to see her or hopefully find another avenue. Sad! 🙁

  9. This is why it’s better to buy family small gifts like a top or earrings. Framing costs & postage are ridiculous. Btw, you can buy frames at yard sales/thrift stores for next to nothing and frame posters yourself. Saw one large one for $4 recently! Besides, Taylor won’t be popular in a few yrs!!

  10. merrill says:

    for the quality of service you get the post office is sure a rip off the tracking is really slow and usually get the package long before the tracking starts working

  11. Shipping things via UPS gets more economical if you are shipping a regular sized package, around say a 15’x15′. Especially true if you intend on shipping 40-60 pounds worth of stuff, it is worth stuffing a box just to take advantage of the shipping, in this case they are billing more on weight rather than dimensional weight. which at longer lengths it gets pricier, so its somewhat encouraged to pack as much in one shipment as possible.

  12. I’m confused. Lawanna first said to use your own box to save money, then in the next paragraph she said to use the free Priority shipping boxes. Which is it? I need to send something fast.

  13. Nancy, it depends on which shipping method you are using. Using your own box was in reference to using UPS. The priority shipping boxes are for the postal service.

  14. Cheapest way to send a childerns book to sydney australia from michigan??
    Media mail??

  15. Thanks for the post it was very informative. I have been trying to figure how to ship a few things for cheap. A few of your links are broken and I had to search for the new versions of the pages on USPS’s website.

  16. Toni Anderson says:

    Thank you, Riley! We just updated the post with all new links and pricing! 🙂

  17. Just wondering, but if I were to ship a 5×10 bubble mailer weighing about 0.4 oz and I put the correct number of stamps, could I ship it using standard mail? (like just putting it in the mail box)

  18. Toni Anderson says:

    Yes, as long as it fits in the mailbox that should work.

  19. I checked prices on all and good old USPS regular mail was by far the cheapest. I had a VERY large box filled with toys. 37lbs! It was 29.28 and I added insurance so I could track it. It will get there on the 21st. Sent from Indy to Boston. If I’d done 2 day it would have been 158.00! Not! The toys weren’t even that much! This was a great place to research quickly. Thank you!


  21. I have two (2) pounds of sponge candy I want to send Louisville, Kentucky, coming from buffalo ny. What is the best and cheapest way to send it?

  22. You can use a price shopping tool like Secureship ( They’ll get you the shipping prices with UPS, Canada Post, FedEx, … you can even ship through them and take advantage of their volume discounts (save 30% over going direct to the carrier). They don’t seem to have USPS

  23. I use a online cash back website to help save money. So I wait to order from stores until I know I will hit the free shipping mark. I plan to do the same thing with my holiday shopping! It just seems like shipping prices are getting higher and higher each time I go to the post office!

  24. Lois Titherington says:


  25. Last time I checked, for heavier items, box it yourself & ship “Greyhound”. they will except 60lbs or less. Just another option… 😉 <3

  26. I sold a Teddy Bear on eBay. It is about a foot long or more. It is plush, and light-weight.
    What is the best (cheapest) way to send it?

  27. The cheapest way is to find a box (I save then when I receive something) or stop in any store or office and see if they have one they are throwing out. Standard post usps is the cheapest way but I just tell them to send it whatever is cheapest. Priority might be a day quicker but you’ll pay double the price because it’s priority but who cares about one day? This is how I ship almost all my eBay items unless priority is only a few cents more. Sometimes standard can be as quick as priority, it depends a lot where it’s coming from/going to.

  28. Hello, I am moving with my family to Brazil in three months. It is hard to let go of so much of what we built here, including items that we are still paying such as LCD TV, etc. We are not taking furniture but we are a family of three and a dog. I am so confused and frustrated with how much will cost us to ship our stuff. Could anyone give me an input on what would be the best way to ship boxes to Brazil? The best option so far is super expensive; using a fright company service, it will cost $500 (including insurance) per wardrobe box, plus the box cost of $11.95 each. Thank you

  29. A great way to send items is via a courier reseller, they get discounted shipping rates as they send so many packages in the US and around the world so you can book with them and enjoy their lower costs. I have sent several items from the US using Parcel Monkey and they have been great and give you a choice of services to choose from

  30. Susan Martin says:

    It costs me $2.45 to send a tiny pair of earrings in a padded envelope from Michigan to Florida via USPS–I truly need to cut this cost…but how??

  31. Brianna says:

    I wanna send a package to Cuba, where could i find the cheapest way to send it? I went on priority mail and it was 93.00 to send a 6 pound box.

  32. Am sending cookies from FL to NYC, what is the cheapest way to go? Thanks for all your info.

  33. Rusty Nail And Paint says:

    Hi there!! My sister and I own a store on Etsy and we ship signs daily. We have found a little secret that no one seems to be aware of. If you go onto USPS website to “order stamps and supplies” and then go to “free shipping supplies” and order the Regional Rate A or Regional Rate B boxes…they will deliver them to your front door. You have to order a package of 10 or 25…but they are GREAT for shipping things that have some weight to them. We have found that the Regional Rate A (there are two…one that is 11 x 13×2.5 and the other that is 10 x 7x 4.75) is the least expensive way to ship our signs. It depends on your location in the U.S. and what region you are shipping to…but generally it is between $6 and $10 to ship this box….and it’s the same price no matter if it’s a pound or 15 lbs (15 lbs max weight for this box). If we have a larger sign to ship….we will use the Regional Rate B box (approx. 14 x 15 x 3 <– that's the one we use….or the other regional rate B box is 12 x 10 x 5) This one is also by region and not by weight…it's a little higher than the A box but is bigger. I can't remember right off how much…but it's not much…like $12 or$14. In that box you can ship anything up to 20 lbs for the same cost. It's really worth having a few of these boxes in your closet for when you need to ship something heavy. Oh..and it's priority mail also so you get a tracking # and insurance for free. 🙂 Hope this helps!!

  34. Scott Scharling says:

    Susan Martin – Did you ever get an answer to this? I am shipping similar items and need to know. Small light weight but don’t want them to break.

  35. How current is this information? Great information but i want to be aure I am armed when I go to UPS with my huge and heavy box.

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