Bookcases: Yard Sale Find

I love yard sales. Whenever I have the chance to shop them I always walk away wondering why I would ever pay retail for anything!

This week my husband was out running errands and called to tell me about a great yard sale in our neighborhood. They were selling almost everything in their house. The prices were reasonable and they were willing to negotiate (my type of sale).

I don’t need much, but I did find these bookcases as I was leaving.

These bookcases represent my favorite type of furniture to find at yard sales.

  • They were cheap: She only wanted $15 each for them, but we negotiated her down to $20 for both.
  • They are solid wood: Except for the backs these bookcases are solid wood and very sturdy.
  • They don’t need much work: A good cleaning and these will be ready to go in almost any room of my house.
  • They have potential: Even though I can use them almost immediately they could be refinished, painted, or used for another purpose.

Once it cools off around here I’ll probably be hitting the yard sales on a regular basis and sharing my finds. Until then here are some yard sale shopping tips for getting a great deal at a yard sale.

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  1. Tonya says:

    Love yard sales (my husband is hooked, too). Shop for us, for new gifts and for my Ebay inventory as well. VERY rarely pay retail for anything.

  2. Lauren says:

    GOLLY!!! They’re BEEEEEEEEEEYUTIFUL! nice find!

  3. CAROL says:

    Wish I could find yard sales like you have – nothing around my neck of the woods except clothes and shoes (both of which I don’t need!). I keep going to everyone but hopefully this fall and winter, when our “winter visitors” return the sales will be better.

  4. Sweet deal! Wish I could find some like those. I love bookcases and I don’t think you can ever have enough. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  5. Somebody's Mimi says:

    Isn’t it great having a “Garage Sale Scout”? Nice find!

  6. Kathryn H. says:

    I’m so Jealous…. I have the sister to those book cases. I have been looking for more of them since I got the first one. I believe I got mine in FL in 1997 when we lived in Clearwater. :)

  7. Elizabeth F. says:

    What beautiful bookcases! Congrats on your find.

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