Tips & Tricks to Save Money on Your Grocery Budget

Now that my husband has retired from the military and we no longer live near a commissary I’ve had to relearn some of my frugal grocery shopping habits. While I love the easy savings of shopping at the commissary, you can save almost anywhere you live.

You can save money on groceries and still have time to make dinner. Saving money doesn't have to be time consuming or overwhelming there are simple ways to save on groceries every week.


Years ago I mistakenly believed that saving on groceries is a full time job. While it is for some of those extreme couponers, regular shoppers like us can also save a significant amount of money every week but doing a few simple things.

You don’t even NEED coupons (although they can help!)

So, whether you are a military family who depends on the commissary for cheap groceries or you just need a grocery budget/plan overhaul, take a look at all these different ways to save on meals and groceries for your family!

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

homemade english muffins

Cook at Home (Don’t Eat Out and Don’t Buy Convenience Foods)




Always Have a Menu Plan

meatless meals

Additional Ideas to Save on Your Grocery Budget

And, if you haven’t read my story, then definitely check out my personal tips on how I stay under $600/month for groceriesKeep in mind that this was from 2008, so grocery prices are higher, my kids are older/bigger, and we have 7 kids now.  So, my budget looks more like $800/month for all 9 of us (for groceries, toiletries, household products, pet food…everything included)!

What tips do you have to save money on groceries that we haven’t included?  Add your ideas in the comments below!
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