Cleaning Kid's Dirty Fingernails

If your kids are like mine, they come in from playing outside and their hands are filthy! I don’t mind them getting dirty, but I do mind dirty hand prints on my walls and furniture. My kids do a pretty good job of washing their hands but they don’t do a great job of getting all the dirt out from under their fingernails.

I keep a cheap scrub brush next to the sink so the kids can scrub their little fingers when they come inside. This scrubber works great for adults too. When we had our garden I would use the scrubber to get all the dirt off my hands and fingernails as well. I think they cost less than a dollar and they last forever.

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  1. we use electric toothbrushes, but i get toothbrushes for free with various drugstore deals. i leave one by the sink for this very purpose.

  2. I made a hand scrub made of dish soap and sugar. It works great with a scrub brush!

  3. Emily M. says:

    I keep meaning to get one of those, or something like it. Do you think I could find one at a dollar store?

  4. Oh, my kids’ fingernails are supposed to actually be CLEAN sometimes?? 🙂

  5. Great idea. I always hated when I came in from gardening and couldn’t get the dirt out from under my nails.

  6. Hey, thanks! I was trying to find a way to help my boys keep their fingernails clean without using the sharp nail file/cleaner that I have. Didn’t think about a scrubber brush until I saw this post. 🙂

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