7 Activities to Keep Your Toddler Busy on the Plane

Flying in a plane is an exciting adventure for a toddler, but a toddler’s attention span is quite limited. The excitement will wear off and the boredom will commence. Not only are you trying to keep your toddler busy for your sake but also for the sake of everyone on the plane.

A busy toddler is important because you want the time to pass quickly for them. Check out these 7 activities that will keep your toddler busy on a plane.

A busy toddler is important because you want the time to pass quickly for them. If you can find a way to do that and avoid any tantrums, you are winning as a parent. The best thing you can do to make this a good flight is to prepare in advance, and you can do that with these tips! Check out these 7 activities that will keep your toddler busy on a plane:

1. Play I Spy

I spy is a great game on any trip, but it can be even more fun from the window of a plane. If you are too high up to see the little houses below, play I spy in the clouds. Have your toddler spot the cloud that looks like a lion, a tiger, or a bear.

2. Sing Songs

Singing songs is one way to keep your toddlers busy. Whether you bring a portable CD player or sing a cappella, toddler songs like ABCs, the wheels on the bus, and hot cross buns are great options for keeping your little ones busy.

3. Bring Coloring Books

You can’t bring a lot on the plane, but a couple of coloring books and crayons are a perfect plane activity. You can also bring blank paper and crayons and let your toddler use his creativity. Take a look out the window and draw what you see, or draw some portraits for people on the plane. Or, make paper airplanes decorated with color. Paper and crayons can add excitement and entertainment in various ways.

4. Read a Book

Toddlers may not want to sit still for long, but on a long plane ride, you can get them engaged in a few books. Bring Where’s Waldo? books, picture books, and short books that you and your toddler can talk about. The more they feel involved in the book, the more interested they will be in it.

5. Decorate the Window

Window clings are a great way to keep your toddler entertained for hours. Grab different themed clings and let your child sit by the window. Since you will be up in the sky, think birds, bugs, and bats to put up in the sky. Let your toddler be creative, and see what he can come up with.

6. Make Lace-Ups

Make or print letters using card stock, hole punch various holes around the letters, and bring some shoe laces. Your toddler can learn their letters while working on their fine motor skills. Not only does it keep them busy, but it’s educational. If you don’t want to make your own, you can purchase some like these Lace and Trace Pets.

7. Make Puppets

Bring a couple of paper bags (brown bags or colorful ones) for you and your toddler to create some puppets that can easily be transformed into a barf bag if need be. A couple wiggly eyes and a glue stick can easily go in a pocket to add a bit more fun. Or, if you want something different, try these Little Hands Paper Bag Monsters. If you know the people in front of you, you and your toddler can use the back of the seats as a puppet theater.

When you have a toddler, it can be tough to go on vacation. With a little creativity and planning, your toddler can be entertained for the duration of the flight. Do you have any tips to add to this list?

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