Overcoming You: Fit for Good

Do you know what the hardest part of getting in fit usually is?


  • You’re too tired. (Exercise gives you more energy)
  • You’re too sick. (You might not be able to exercise but you can make smart food choices)
  • You’re too heavy. (There are exercises for people of all shapes and sizes)
  • You’re too weak. (See above)
  • You’re too busy. (Too busy to take care of yourself?)
  • You’re kids are too little. (You can exercise with kids- I’ll show you how)
  • You’re too old. (You’re never too old)
  • You’re already thin. (But are you healthy?)
  • You don’t like exercise. (Neither do I, but I like feeling great)
  • You don’t have money for fancy equipment. (You don’t need any equipment)
  • You can’t afford to eat healthy. (Can you afford to be sick?)
  • You don’t like the cold. (Me either, thank goodness you can exercise inside)
  • You don’t like the heat. (I hear ya- but sweating is good for you)
  • You don’t like fruits or vegetables. (Blend them up and drink them, that’s what I do)

With the exception of a few circumstances (extreme obesity, prolonged illness) there is no reason you can’t make small (and big) changes to change your health. Even when you are sick, tired, overwhelmed, broke, or just stuck in a rut.

We’ll be discussing many of these obstacles to health over the next year, but we need to be real and admit that most of the time the biggest obstacle to our health is ourselves.

Stop putting off tomorrow what you can do today and let’s get Fit for Good!

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