Hectic Schedules: How to Keep a Clear Head

Talk about good (or bad) timing… when Mucinex® asked me for tips to keeping a clear head while balancing a hectic schedule, the same week all six of my kids came down with the flu, I gladly agreed to share my story.

Day 1: College girl texts me from bed telling me she is sick and can’t get up. I ask her to wake up her younger sister (who is sharing her bed) and send her downstairs.

Day 2-5: College girl moans and groans and when she occasionally appears from her room makes sure we all know how sick she is. At some point during this time I realize that younger sister needs to move into my room until college girl is better. I decide this week’s as good as any to paint and redo my laundry room.

Day 4: Toddler falls asleep in my arms during school. This has never happened. In my blissful state I fail to see this is the first sign of the dreaded flu.

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Day 4: 10 year-old disappears sometime in the late afternoon. Reappears around bedtime, blazing fever, cough, achy.

Day 5. 10 year-old and toddler sleep most of the day.

Day 6. I return college girl to college and walk into a dorm full of sick college girls. I leave quickly. I return home to find 12 year-old boy sick, and younger sister complaining of a headache.

Day 7. 10 year-old is worse, make doctor’s appointment. 12 year-old is sicker and now younger sister is sick. 10 year-old tests positive for the flu.

Day 8. All but two kids are sick. Teenage boy tells me he feels great and heads to co-op. He comes home 3 hours later, lays face first on the couch and sleeps for 3 hours. 6 year-old is telling me she is very tired and cold. Uh-oh.

Teenage boy already has a doctor’s appointment for an infected toe in the afternoon. I let him sleep and head out to run errands while everyone else is sleeping too.

I stop by the church, pay my taxes, go to the post office, pick up flu survival supplies at the grocery store, get a library card, and return home just in time to grab teenage boy and take him to the doctor’s office. We arrive and he has a fever of 102.

Another one bites the dust.

We come home after picking up antibiotics for his toe and flu medicine, I’m tired, but somehow have managed not to get sick.

While all my kids don’t usually get sick at the same time, my days with are typically filled with the unexpected interruptions that come with parenthood.

So how do I keep a clear head when crazy hits?

1. Get enough sleep. While I’m tempted to stay up and grab some “me time” when things get hectic, getting a good night sleep is always best.

2. Keep exercising. Exercising improves my mood, helps me focus, and keeps me healthy. It also is a great stress reliever. Even though my workouts are much shorter on days like today, I still try to fit them in.

3. Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is important no matter what type of day you are having, but when things get crazy it is easy to forget to drink enough. Filling up a water bottle helps me remember to drink frequently and is easy to take with me when I’m running errands or just running around the house.

4. Do the big stuff and don’t sweat the small stuff. I’ve lived long enough to know that there are hectic days and days that are less hectic than the hectic days. Don’t wear yourself out trying to be supermom, get the big stuff done and worry about the small stuff when things are calmer.

5. Smile, laugh, and remember this isn’t going to last forever. The best way to keep a clear head on hectic days, don’t lose your sense of humor. I joked with my husband tonight that the benefit of everyone being sick was lots of naps and going to bed early. My house hasn’t been this quiet in years! While I would take a noisy house over sick kids any day, the quiet has been nice.

Balancing a hectic schedule is hard enough. Trying to keep it together when you’re under the weather requires additional help. Maximum Strength* Mucinex® Sinus-Max™ Pressure & Pain triple action formula fights mucus, congestion, sinus pressure and headache/pain.  With cold and flu season in full force, I am relieved to know that even my worst symptoms can’t derail my plans.

* Per 4-hour dose

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Fit For Good

This week I’m celebrating my fortieth birthday.


I never thought much about getting older, or hitting one of those big milestone birthdays.

Until about eight months ago.

I was tired, all. the. time.

I was addicted to caffeine.

I was suffering from migraine headaches at least four times a month.

I was miserable.

Last April I made the choice:

  • to give up caffeine.
  • to change my diet.
  • to go to bed earlier.
  • to join the YMCA.

This is me last April.

I was what my friend Amber and I like to call “skinny fat.” I wasn’t obese, I wasn’t even overweight. I wore a size eight.

But I was unhealthy.

A poor diet, combined with tons of caffeine, and no exercise left me depleted of energy and feeling horrible.

I couldn’t go on living like that, so I didn’t.

This is me today.

I have more energy than I’ve had in my entire life. I need less sleep. I’ve had five headaches in eight months. I’m more productive.

And I lost 25 pounds in the process.

If you are tired all the time, lack energy, and are unhealthy it is very difficult to manage the other areas of your life.

Over the next year we are going to focus on getting fit.

This isn’t a 21, 28, or 31 day program. I want to be fit for good. For good meaning forever and for the good of my family, my home, and my life.

And I want you to join me.

Join me as I share easy exercises you can do at home with no equipment, healthy recipes, quick tips, and most of all encouragement to help you reach your fitness goals. I’ll also be introducing you to several of my blogging friends who have worked hard to get into shape and live a healthier life.

I’ll be posting on the blog, but I’ve also created a Facebook group for anyone who wants more accountability and discussion. You can request to join the group here.

My life has completely changed because I made the commitment to live a healthier life and I want your’s to change as well.

If a mom of seven (that’s me) can make it work, I know you can too!

Will you join me?




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Reading through Romans: October Facebook Bible Study

This year, we’ve read through Proverbs, Ephesians, Hebrews, and Matthew (via Facebook), and now we are ready to read through the book of Romans for October. Here’s the reading schedule:

October 1: 1:1-17
October 2: 1:18-32
October 3: 2:1-16
October 4: 2:17-29
October 5: 3:1-8
October 6: 3:9-31
October 7: 4: 1-12
October 8: 4:13-25
October 9: 5:1-11
October 10: 5:12-21
October 11: 6:1-14
October 12: 6:15-23
October 13: 7:1-6
October 14: 7:7-25
October 15: 8:1-17
October 16: 8:18-39
October 17: 9:1-18
October 18: 9:19-33
October 19: 10:1-13
October 20: 10:14-21
October 21: 11:1-10
October 22: 11:11-36
October 23: 12:1-8
October 24: 12:9-21
October 25: 13:1-7
October 26: 13:8-14
October 27: 14:1-12
October 28: 14:13-23
October 29: 15:1-13
October 30: 15:14-33
October 31: 16:1-27

Every day I’ll post a verse that spoke to me from the reading passage on my Facebook page and you are welcome to leave a comment on my wall sharing your verse.

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Life Happens

Several years ago the kids and I moved in with my parents for a few weeks while waiting for a house at our next duty station. I realized that it was big job to take in a family of seven so I tried to do helpful things around the house while my parents were at work. 

One day I organized my mom’s kitchen. She loved it when she got home but it did create a small problem. 

After we had settled in our new home I got a phone call from my dad, he couldn’t find the popcorn. He was using his stove top whirly popper and was looking for the kernels. 

I happily guided him via phone to the pantry and to the kernels. Our conversation continued, and continued, and continued and I completely forgot my dad had called about popcorn. 

He did too….

All of a sudden my dad told me he thought he smelled smoke. That was quickly followed by the sound of my mother screaming. 

The kitchen was on fire. 

The next thing I heard was the phone dropping, lots of yelling, and I can’t remember if I stayed on the line for the next hour or my parent’s called me back to tell me my dad had burned the kitchen down. 

Apparently, he put the popper on the stove, turned up the heat, and then went to get the popcorn. He couldn’t find the popcorn and called me. He got distracted, forgot about the popcorn (and the pan on the stove), and eventually the pan caught fire, the stove caught fire, and they had a big time disaster on their hands. 

Once I knew they were safe, I couldn’t help but laugh at the entire situation (it reminded me of the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books”). When my parents describing the extent of the damages to me, my father remarked, 

“Thank goodness I was home and could put that fire out.”

To which my mom replied, 

“If you hadn’t been home you wouldn’t have burned the kitchen down!”

I took that as my cue to hang up and talk to them later! 

Thankfully they had good insurance and were able to repair and replace everything that was damaged. We still laugh about this event years later and my mom has never asked me to organize her pantry again. 

The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions to safeguard their families’ financial futures.

Life Happens. It delivers both ups and downs and can take unexpected, unpredictable turns. Toward the amusing, the annoying, the amazing, or sometimes, unfortunately, the tragic. So every day, you take little steps to improve the odds that good things will happen and to guard against the bad.

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Life Happens. And while you can’t control the future, you can take steps to protect the good things in life. Take a look around The LIFE Foundation website and learn more about how life insurance can help safeguard a secure financial future for those you love.

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