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Google Calendar

My blogging friend Joy introduced me to Google calendar a few months back and I love it so much I decided to share with you!

Google calendar is a great tool to organize your family’s activities. It works like any other calendar, except that you can access it online and you can also allow others to access the calendar too. In our house, adults and older kids are responsible for adding their activities to the family calendar. Even if you are at work, or away from your home you can see what events are already on the schedule by signing online.

In order to use Google calendar go to, and click on gmail which is on the top left part of your screen. If you don’t have a gmail account you will need to create one, which takes a few minutes. Once you sign in and get to your gmail page click on the word calendar which is located on the top left side of the page. This will take you to the page to set up your calendar. You can invite others to view and add to your calendar as well.

This calendar has been great for our family. The kids upload their activities and we add our own, plus the family activities and now we know what is going on with everyone in our family no matter where we are!

The best thing about it is that it is free!


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  1. i’ve tried to use the google calendar before, but I prefer something I can actually hold in my hands. if the google calculator could be a desktop feature on my PC without having to go online, i’d love to use it though!

  2. Hi,

    Some busy moms may be interested in our mobile phone application that enables you to sync the calendar on your cell phone with Google Calendar. You do not have to have a smartphone or a data plan to use it either. We are seeking testers and the application is due to be available next week.


  3. Register at

  4. My sister told me about this. She loves having her schedule on the computer. Like Joanna, I like having something in my hand. But that is just me. I think anything that helps us get organized is great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love Google calendars! I make a calendar of all the fun things we have planned and print it out each month so we have things to look forward to.

  6. Great that you found something that works for you

  7. That’s a really great idea! I had no idea about it. Thanks for letting us know!

  8. Oh – will check this out. I was using aol but cancelled it.

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