Coupons for Troops

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Coupons for Troops is a program I started in 2008. My goal is to provide expired and non-expired coupons to military families stationed overseas. The prices in overseas commissaries are significantly higher than those in the States and military families do not always have access to coupons in newspapers and inserts. Military commissaries overseas accept coupons up to six months past the expiration date.

Military Commissaries accept manufacturer coupons as well as internet printed coupons. The Commissary is a grocery store so only “grocery” coupons are needed. Families cannot use store specific coupons (ie Target, Walgreens, Kroger).

Those who participate in Coupons for Troops are assigned an overseas military family. Coupons, which do not need to be sorted, are then sent directly to the assigned family. All overseas military families have FPO or APO addresses so mailing coupons costs the same as if you were sending them stateside. You can send as many or as few coupons as you have available. Please only send coupons that have been expired 3 months of less in order to give the families time to sort and use the coupons.

If you are a military family stationed overseas and would like to receive coupons we would love to add you to the mailing list.

If you would like to participate in the program you can find specific details and a sign up here.

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  1. That’s awesome, Toni. What a blessing for those families.
    I’d love to send you some, I’ll start collecting.

  2. Thats a great idea I will send you an e-mail!

  3. That’s really cool. I should send you all the coupons I don’t use, expired or not. You could send them over too.

  4. I’ve been doing this off and on for a few years. I will send you an email and start being consistent about it! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Neat, I’ll send you an email.

  6. If you let me know your mailing address, I’d be glad to send you a bunch of my expired ones, too!

  7. melissa says:

    I think this is awesome!! I have sent this to everyone in my church family, roughly around 250 people! I am praying for a great response. Please email your address of where to send this coupons to. Thanks and God Bless. Melissa

  8. melissa says:

    does anyone know where to send the coupons to?? if so please email me at
    thanks so much!

  9. The Catnip Gypsy says:

    Hi! You emailed me your address to send coupons and like the bumble-techie I am I accidentally deleted it. Can you send it again?

  10. I am interested in sending expired coupons and others that I don’t use!

  11. From a military family that lived overseas…Thank you! This one thing really does help so much.

  12. I would love to know more about this so I can send expired coupons, and encourage others to do so with a post on my website. They already have enough going on, to have to worry over ridiculous food prices too.

  13. I am emailing you right now!

  14. Hi!! Would you mind if I do a blog about this and send people (if any read it -lol ) over here to your blog.

  15. samantha kyle says:

    i too am interested in sending coupons over seas i recently threw away approximately 250 coupons that could have helped someone else. it makes me sick to think about it please send me the address to mail them to.


  16. I have lots of coupons to share… will send you an e-mail and hopefully you can send me the address. Thanks!

  17. Jennifer G says:

    Could I send you some coupons to send along with yours??

  18. Sarah Evans says:

    I use to be a dependant overseas on the military base. It certainly was a blessing when our family mailed us their expired coupons. I would love to be able to do someone the same service.
    Thank you for your service!

  19. Hi! I too have heard of this but never knew where to send them! I have a bunch that just expired. Send me your mailing address and I will be happy to send them to you.

  20. madalaine says:

    I would love to send coupons overseas and get my friends to do the same. Do you have an address overseas to send these coupons to?

  21. Please send me more information and also your address so I too can send you coupons. I’m getting ready to go through mine. Also can I put your banner, coupons for troops on my website?

  22. Sheryl Lee says:

    Hey Toni,
    Okay, yeah food ain’t cheap in Singapore! We don’t even have a commissary. We have the NEX and they carry a lot of food but you know the NEX prices. Sign me up! Email me when you have time… we have to catch up. Love the site!

  23. I would like to put a button on my website to tell people how they can get involved with their coupons. Could you give me the info so I can send you my expired’s and also so that I can let my readers know how to?

  24. That is an amazing idea! I know that military life can be very hard especially stationed overseas. I’d be happy to help & will start collecting right away!

  25. Sorry, one more comment. I forgot to ask, would you let me add your coupon button to my website so I can get the word out to others? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  26. I have been saving these coupons for months. I am ready to get them off my desk. How expired can they be??

  27. I have a ton of coupons and would love to get them out. Can anyone please email me the address to where to mail them to.
    Thank you

  28. I think this is a truly excellent idea and my company would like to help you with your effort in creating this charity. We would be willing to become a full corporate sponsor if you would consider formally incorporating as a 501(c)(3) organization and running this as a full time charity.

  29. Please send me your address so I can mail you all of my expired coupons.

  30. Please send me an email also, I have lots of expired coupons I would love to send to our troops and their families.

  31. This is a great idea! I e-mailed you. I always hate throwing away expired coupons- its like throwing away money.

  32. Hello, my son is in Iraq right now and beyond sending care-packages this would be a great thing for my expired and soon-to-be expired coupons to go and benefit. Please let me know how to send them to you.

  33. I have a business (Slick Buyer .com) that allows all members to generate a Coupon Code for the products they sell ie. on Ebay or on their own website. I’m trying to think of ways that the Coupons could be used to help your cause.
    One senariocomes to mind; if your readers happen to buy stuff online they could ask their Vendor to generate a coupon and the savings could be donated…Ya/Na??
    Just thinking out loud.I know that I would be prepared to setup a seperate site just to host my special coupns.

    2nd senerio: If your readers talked their enough of their favorite companies into generating a coupon, then the coupons could be hosted on a seperate website for anyone to use and the proceeds could be donated to any organization.

    There is probably a ton of ways of using my site to help others, I just never thought of it before!!

  34. Can you please email me an address that I can send my expired coupons to you? thanks!

  35. christy groskreutz says:

    Please let me know a snail mail address to send expired coupons. Thank you.

  36. Hi there! I’d like to add this to my sidebar and blog about it as well, let me know if that’s ok to do 🙂

  37. Celine Lane says:

    I live in Stuttgart Germany. If any of you ladies would like to send me expired coupons I will glady except them. Please email me so I can give you my address. Thank you ladies for everything you do!!

  38. I just emailed you!

    Thank you for what you’re doing! The food costs here are horrible because they have to ship everything over — I can understand that, but you are so right — feeding our family on one income is really a task now…….

    Thanks again!

  39. Please send me your address and I will gladly send you some coupons. Can the families use the ones printed from the internet?

  40. Nichole McDonald says:

    I would like to send you some coupons to you to add to those that you send to overseas military families. Please let me know where I can send those to.

  41. I just sorted out all my coupons that expired 2/12/09, and was looking for this page, thanks for twittering about it! I have a bundle, I’ll email you about getting a family. Thanks!~

  42. Courtney says:

    I live in Germany and would appreciate any coupons you could send my way. I would also pass them along to others that I know.

  43. Mary Northrop says:

    I would like to participate in coupons for troops. Please let me know how.

  44. LOVE THIS! Would love info to get started. ALso the code for your button and want to use the info to start this program with our MOMS Club chapter!



  46. Thanks for caring so much about others! I would love to participate in Coupons for Troops! Please send me an address so I may send coupons.


  47. Mercedes says:

    I have lots just need an address.

  48. Please email me your address & I will start mailing you my expired coupons. thanks.

  49. I think this is a good idea. I’ll tell my hubby about it.
    I like your site.


  50. AWESOME!! Everything is a lot more expensive overseas. Here in Germany our grocery bill went up by least $50 for the same things. Please let me know where I can sign up for the mailing list!!!

  51. I’ve been collecting…

    I just need an address…can you please send it to me???

    Thanks so much!! This is so great!! Now I don’t feel bad if I don’t use a coupon…someone still gets to use it!!!

    jessica dot brunk at gmail dot com

  52. We have a bunch of extra coupons we don’t need. Could you email me at and let me know an address to send these coupons, for the famalies overseas? Thanks a bunch

  53. I just wanted to let you know that I just linked the picture on my blog and told everyone about this program. I just found out about it today. I am a new blogger, new couponer and having a great time. I am also learning bunches from your blog. I can’t wait to start helping military families. I would like to know where to mail my expired coupons. I can do it however you want, a family, or a group. Just let me know. Thanks.

  54. This is fabulous! I’ve mailed them overseas before, but I never knew if they actually got to someone who can use them. The address I had was pretty generic! This is more personalized, and it will make me remember to clean out my coupons and send!

  55. Tallladyt says:

    I would love to help the miltary families so please send me the address so I can mail them out and at my job we have a coupons club so I have a lot of old coupons that can help a family out there
    Thank you

  56. LISA ALTMAN says:

    I would love to send my expired coupons to a military family. Please send me more info on what I need to do to get started.


  57. Barbara says:

    I just found out about this way to help the overseas families. Please let me know where to send the coupons. Thanks…

  58. annette says:

    From a familY in germany ,we like to say thank you to all.The coupons do help a lot.

  59. I’ll help out. I definitely won’t be throwing away expired coupons anymore. Let me know how I can help.

  60. RENEE KIRBY says:

    Hi, I would like to know how I can send coupons to military families….I have a lot of them….My friends and family dont do coupons, but I sure do…This way I wont have to throw them away…Please let me know what to do….Thank you!!

  61. could you please send me a family so that I can send my expired coupons? thanks

  62. I would like to mail coupons to the troops too. I sent you an email, but have not received a reply yet.

  63. Heather Bassett says:

    I have scads of outdated coupons. I would love to have a few contacts to share them with. I have hundreds so if you could provide me with a few different ones that would be great. Thank you for providing this service!!!

  64. I would like to blog about this AND use the link button in my side bar, but I don’t know how to get it. I’m lame. Could you send me the info on the html for the button? Thank you!

  65. id like to send in the coupons but i no longer hav an adress to send them …. we hav been sending them for years was wondering if there is a new adresss to send them thanks

  66. Jennifer Burlingame says:

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Jennifer and my family and I are stationed at a little post in the town of Hohenfels, Germany. We have 17 American families here and all of us would love coupons from anyone. Since we mainly shop of the economy it gets really spendy. We don’t get many coupons at our commisary so any help would be great. Feel free to contact my email for an address.

  67. Jennifer Burlingame says:

    Sorry everyone my email is

  68. Hi, I just found your site – I also have a blog dedicated to coupons & the troops. I use coupons to get items FREE or at little cost to mail in care packages to the troops.

  69. Hola,

    I would liek to contribute coupons, I have been collecting for a while, however, I read on their website you have to total up the value of the coupons, is that true?

  70. Eileen Lichardua says:

    Please forward address to send the coupons to.

    Thanks for your attention.

  71. I have been sending expired coupons for years to APO addresses for our military families. How cool it would be to send them directly to a matched family! Please send me an address (or two) & I will start sending them right away!

    I also plan on posting about this on my blog. Thanks for getting the word out & doing this service.

  72. Please send me an address, I would love to help out our military families!

  73. how do i get a family?

  74. We are stationed in Rota, Spain and cost of everything is a bit more than in the states so coupons would really help! (1/2 gallon of milk here costs the same as a gallon in the states!) We are also expecting a baby in September so diaper coupons are REALLY appreciate as they are about $30-35 a pack! Thanks everyone and feel free to email me for an address…

  75. Valerie Kirkland says:

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this site. We are stationed in Italy and have been so blessed to receive coupons from 3 wonderful woman. It really is alot more expensive here and it so nice to help extend the money my husband works so hard to make. Thanks again from the Kirkland Family

  76. I’d love to share your program with my fellow military wives. Thank you on behalf of my friends for blessing us this way.

  77. Sherrie D'Hollosy says:

    I would love to share my coupons with our military. We need to do all we can to support them….they do soo much for us. Please let me know where to send them to. Thanks for all you do.

  78. Toni, I’ve been saving my unused & expired coupons since I started this couponing adventure. Where can I send them?

  79. Sherrie D'Hollosy says:

    Toni, My email was posted on Aug. 6, but I haven’t heard from you. I have some really good coupons that I would love to share, please email me an address to where I might send them. Thanks again.

  80. i would love to adopt a family. please let me know where to send my coupons

  81. Where do I send coupons?

  82. Denise Mullinax says:

    This is a wonderful idea! I now feel so guilty throwing away expired coupons, when others nd them so badly. Please send me the address to send them to. Thank you.

  83. I have so many coupons and I hate having to throw them out. This is great. Question… I live in Canada. Is there a program that I can send my coupons to or can you accept my coupons for your cause? Please email and let me know. I would love to help out.


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