Our Story ~ Part Two or Why I Should Have High Tailed it Out of the Apartment Complex

Do not read Part Two until you read Part 1

I stood at the door contemplating whether I should start running or start talking. I decided to talk…. before I could say anything a figure appeared down the hall in a green plaid bathrobe and a green facial mask. I was taken aback at long-haired hippie’s new look, but relieved that I had arrived at the correct apartment.

Long-haired hippie invited me in and I sat on the couch nervously as tall, dark and strange continued to stare at me blankly. Finally long-haired hippie was presentable and I was ready to watch the movie and get the heck out of there. As soon as long-haired hippie started the movie and tall dark and strange had disappeared I started talking. “What is up with your roommate?” Long-haired hippie informed that his roommate was legally blind, which explained the strange blank stare. I mentioned something about it would have been nice if I you would have told me that before I showed up at your door… and then started to watch the movie.

The movie was probably the strangest I had ever seen. It had subtitles (which I still dislike) and no plot which I could discern, and was exceptionally boring. I made sure long-haired hippie knew how much I disliked this movie by commenting throughout the movie on how ridiculous I thought it was. After the movie I left, grateful that I would never have to experience that sort of torture again.

Apparently, going to the apartment meant that now long-haired hippie and I were friends. Over the next few weeks there was small talk between the two of us before and after class, but I still couldn’t stand his political treatise with which he continued to monopolize my classes.

Around the beginning of April we were given our final assignment for the class. I can’t really remember what the assignment was, but I remember having no clue what the teacher wanted. I am a “rule” girl. I love rules, facts, deadlines, order, and goals! Since this class was called Post Modern Positions, it had none of those things. I needed an A in this class and I knew long-haired hippie and the teacher were buddies so I begged for his help on this project. He convinced me to create a photo collage and promised me it would secure an A for the class. Over the next few weeks long-haired hippie and I rode around town taking random pictures, I was still unsure how this would get me an A, but I trusted long-haired hippie’s judgment.

The more time I spent with long-haired hippie the less irritating he became to me. Under those crazy and completely misguided political beliefs was a nice guy who was insanely funny. I think I laughed harder during our rides around Orlando than I had in my entire life.

In the beginning of May I asked long-haired hippie to drive me to the airport. I planned on flying to Pennsylvania to visit an old boyfriend who had potential to become a new boyfriend. Both my parents worked and I needed a ride in the middle of the day. He agreed and the week before my trip hung out with me at the mall helping me pick out the perfect outfit to wear on the airplane.

The day of the flight I was nervous (not a big fan of airplanes). Long-haired hippie picked me up and we headed to the airport. During the ride long-haired hippie was talking a lot, and mentioned that he was planning on going back into the Navy. He said he didn’t feel like his life was going in the right direction and thought the Navy life had been good for him before and perhaps it would be good for him again. As he was talking I realized that this person, who I had judged way too quickly, was actually a really great guy that just needed a kick in the pants.

As we sat at the terminal (remember those days) we continued to talk and I told him that I thought it was a great idea to join the Navy, it would provide direction, and money, both of which he needed. This is where the story gets a bit fuzzy…. at some point during the Navy talk, long-haired hippie looked me straight in the eye and said…..

Can’t stand the suspense? Part 3 has been published!

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  1. Oh, you are such a tease! You better not keep us hanging long to hear his incredible words that swept you off your feet!

  2. Don’t leave me hanging!!! Great story but I wanna hear more:)

  3. yes. you are quite the tease… i’m looking forward to the rest of the story.

  4. Talk about a cliff hanger 🙂

  5. Dang! Why you gotta leave us hangin’!? LOL

  6. I can’t stand the suspense!!! Tell us more…

  7. great story telling…now don’t keep us waiting

  8. Oh now that’s just rude….heheheehe! What did he say???? I love this, BTW! Hey, do you have a Happy Housewife button? I couldn’t find one. I’m getting a blogmakeover and want to put it on my blog. Just leave me a comment or email me asap and let me know if you would. Thanks!

  9. Just like the tv drama shows! Oh the suspense! Im excited to hear what he had to say. ;D

  10. Its like those soap moments when he looks into her eyey and she has this way of darting her eyes then break for commercial for scrubbing bubbles or something. Lol

  11. So, I’m going to GUESS what he said! He said something about being married to a Navy guy. Or he said you were beautiful in the new outfit. Or he said… oh come on, I don’t know!

  12. No fair!!!

    I guess I’ll have to wait impatiently for the next installment. 😉

  13. *tapping toe*

    Trying to be patient here… Patience is not my strong point, Toni…


    (I am LOVIN’ this!)

  14. oh the torture… eagerly awaiting the next installment! 🙂

  15. Noooo… the torture!

  16. This is getting me all choked up… really. I love you guys and love reading this!! Even though I know how it turns out, I am still held in suspense.

  17. Oh I love the fact that I know this story 🙂 LOL……

  18. I am loving this story 🙂

  19. Lovin it– keep it coming…..

  20. come on now don’t leave me hanging FINISH THE STORY LOL!!!!

  21. More, more… Please? =)

  22. Toni, you are amazing. I read all 5 parts, can’t wait for more. Can’t wait to talk more!

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