I Was a Cool Mom: For About 15 Minutes

Today we took advantage of the Hero’s Salute and took the family to Sea World. I love Sea World, there is something for everyone and my kids always seem to enjoy themselves when we visit.

My big kids love the roller coasters and Sea World has a new one called Manta. My big kids rode it three times in the first 30 minutes. My husband and kids raved about how cool it was, and how smooth the ride was.

Later on in the day my kids wanted to ride it again, and I decided I would ride it too. If dad could ride it, then mom could ride it too. We got in line and made our way through the aquarium. About half way through the line I started thinking that I really didn’t want to ride the Manta. The Manta is different than most roller coasters because you ride it face down… head first.

There I was, in line, totally regretting my decision to ride the Manta. I was trying to figure out how I could get out of line without facing the relentless teasing of my teenagers for the rest of my life. Just about this time my daughter looks at me and says,

“You are the coolest mom in the world. I don’t know of any other mom who would ride the Manta.”

There was no turning back. I was not going to give up my “coolest mom in the world” status.

We got into the seats and were strapped in. I was nervous. Then the seats turned and we were all facing the floor. Panic. The ride began. I don’t remember much after that except for the fact that I screamed the entire ride only stopping to let my kids know they were grounded for the rest of their lives for letting me go on this ride.

Apparently I screamed so loud the rest of my family could hear me…  from the ground.

When the ride finally stopped my daughter told me her stomach hurt. I thought it was from the ride, but then she informed me it was from laughing so hard during the ride. Laughing at me.

I begged them not to buy the picture of me and thankfully they did not.

About 30 minutes later we were sitting down for a snack and my husband started looking at me funny. He then said something like, “what is wrong with your face?”

He then started laughing…

Do you see those dots around my eyes?

They aren’t freckles.

Apparently I squeezed my eyes shut so tight on the ride I broke all the blood vessels.

I was a cool mom.

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  1. Bwaa ha ha ha ha… Oops. I mean, OH MY WORD, I’m so sorry! (but *giggle* – that is kinda funny).

    You are a cool mom. You don’t need a roller coaster to prove it! 🙂

  2. Jenn Lyons says:

    Oh my! You are braver than me! I used to love roller coasters and now I just feel sick after riding them! I guess I better learn to love them again though since I’m sure my kids will want to ride them…

  3. Your kids will remember this always…you ARE a cool mom! I can’t believe you squeezed your eyes so tight, thanks for the laugh! I used to ride all the scary rollercoasters (hubby and I went to Six Flags during our honeymoon)…don’t know if I could now. 🙂

  4. Oh, Toni, I just read your whole post aloud to Jeff. We are both laughing SO hard!

    And yes, you ARE a cool mom. Even with the petechiae. 🙂

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!! This is hilarious!!!

  6. Rhonda Hall says:

    You are too funny!
    Love your Posts/..

  7. I love roller coasters.. Our 10 year old however doesn’t, so when we went to SeaWorld in July 2009 I didn’t get to ride the Manta, I wanted to but just wasn’t going to happen the line was to long for me to sneak away and ride while my husband watched the boys, My husband and his friend got to ride it though and loved it.

  8. Oh, the things that we do for our children. I applaud you. You are a brave soul and a cool mom. 🙂

  9. Awe, poor Momma! I’m sure they still think you’re cool… and regardless, you’ve now given them a great story to tell their friends! Moms aren’t supposed to be cool. We are all here so that our kids have things to talk about with their friends! 😉

  10. Ugh, my stomach is turning just reading this; at least you’re the cool Mom, I will NOT let my kids read this post 🙂

  11. I’m laughing SO hard!! Geez, what we’ll do for the cool mom status! 🙂

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA….that is too funny!
    Well, at least you gave them a memory that they will never forget. Your family will be laughing about that for years to come.

  13. At least your kids have a great memory. And you are still a cool mom in my eyes. have a great day .

  14. What a cool mom! Hope your eyes feel better soon!

  15. I’d definitely not have been so cool! I wouldn’t have even been in the line!

  16. You’re a better woman than me! HAHA you deserve “cool mom” status for sure!

  17. You are so cool !!! Want to be my mom?

  18. LOVE THIS!!!
    I screamed my head off on a ride at Cedar Point one year & my older kids heard me from the ground, too. On the ground & completely around the corner from
    the ride!! They were glad no one else knew it was me.
    BUT…. my eyes stayed the same! No broken vessels!


    (and, a side note, I’m VERY grateful to military families for their sacrifice
    and service to provide & protect our freedom. Thank you! Thank you SO MUCH!)

  19. Okay, cool mom, that is too funny! I was laughing out loud!

  20. Argh. That happens to me every time I throw up. At least it was for something cool!?

  21. Yeah, I’m with Sarah B.; that’s what happens when I throw up. Which is what I would be doing if I rode the swings let alone the roller coaster. I don’t envy you! 😛

  22. Oh my…. that is so funny!! That is totally me on the Tower of Terror a couple of years ago. Except the blood vessels. I just kept saying…. I really don’t like this!

  23. You are brave and I’d be looking for a way out too. I don’t do well on rides like that any more. Matter of fact the only thing I go on are bumper cars and ferris wheels. You go, girl! Hugs and get some ice packs on those eyes. You’ll be fine and thanks for giving us a laugh and for sharing the story! :0) Thank your hubby for his service to our great country and for you to deal with family and all that while he’s away.

  24. Somebody's Mimi says:

    Ok, you are there! Now don’t do this anymore!

  25. Not to be gross here, but my eyes do that when I throw up. You must have really been screaming! That is so serious force. LOL! What a funny story your kids will be able to tell when they’re all grown up. Lisa~

  26. Were you in o-town this week??? Welcome home! 🙂

  27. That is so funny!! You ARE cool!! 🙂

  28. Toni, I admire you so much! Way to go on being a Cool Mom! I am sorry to hear about your eyes… that must have been some intense squinting!

    I was totally thinking of you when I went to our regional fair today with my family. (Note: I am terrified of heights, which keeps me off of roller coasters and makes me pray when I go into skyscrapers.) In the kiddie ride section, they have a swing ride that my 5-year-old daughter loves. I offered to go on with her today to keep her company, figuring that it couldn’t be too scary. So, I got on, and I instantly got a sick feeling. I told her, “Mommy is scared. Would you mind if I got off the ride?” My daughter gave me a look as if to say, “No way!” So I stayed on and hung on for dear life. I kept telling her that I was scared, and she just smiled and said, “I’m not! Wheeee!”

    For that, it was worth it.

  29. LOL…that is too funny. Congrats on being the coolest! We all need that once in a while.

  30. Man, that is weird! I’ve never heard of anyone doing that! Last time I was down they were still building it! I’ll bet it’s an awesome ride!

  31. Bwahahahaha! That is awesome!

    And you’re even cooler for posting that picture online!

  32. OK. You rule.

    Hi. Larious.

  33. Oh man, I couldn’t have done it. We went to six flags last year (we live in Scotland, but were on holiday in the US), and I *eventually* was persuaded to go on *something*, so I went on what I thought would be a very calm innocuous ride – it was suitable for 3-8 year olds….what could possibly go wrong? The man who straps us in, even when ‘choo choo’ as we left the station. Well, 10 secs into the ride, it flipped (I reckon it was nearly upside down, though my kids say it only rocked to the side!) and I buried my head in my daughter’s shoulder and screamed my way through the ride.
    Cool? Me??! …. Nope!

  34. I could definitely see that happening to me. I hate those kinds of rides now!

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