How You Can Make a Difference #ShopTobaccoFree

Over the past several months I’ve been working to help promote shopping at tobacco free retailers. Before participating in this campaign I was unaware of the facts about our tobacco industry.

When I learned that tobacco kills 1,300 people every single day and costs our country $289 billion a year in health care and lost productivity, I knew it was important to get the message out to the public.

What really struck me was that 90% of all smokers start before they turn 18.


If you think tobacco companies are not marketing to kids you are wrong! In an industry where almost all of their users start before their 18th birthday, it would be bad marketing not to.

When kids are young, they often mimic or assume the values of their parents. If I talk to my kids and explain why we shop at stores like CVS, Aldi and Target, I’m starting a dialogue with them about making choices that support our values as a family. As parents we have the opportunity to be a positive influence on our children and help them make smart choices as they grow up.

Also, if I can avoid exposing my young children to some of the 8 billion dollars spent on tobacco marketing I will.

If you think one person doesn’t make a difference, think again. Since the tobacco free campaign launched late last year over 700 stores have stopped selling tobacco products! That’s 700 fewer places our children will be exposed to tobacco.

Unfortunately stores like Walmart, Publix, Walgreens, and Safeway are still selling tobacco products in their stores.

Even though we’re wrapping up the campaign it’s not too late to get involved and encourage more stores to stop selling these harmful products.

Here’s what you can do:

Check out the list of tobacco free retailers and support those stores. You can find a list of retailers who are tobacco free here.

Find out which of your local stores are still selling tobacco products and send them a message on social media. Here are some sample messages you can use.

I am proud to #ShopTobaccoFree at my local tobacco free retailers! Find out where you can shop tobacco-free at

Want to know my #OneGoodReason to #ShopTobaccoFree? Putting my family’s health first! Learn more at

I learned where I can #ShopTobaccoFree from @TobaccoFreeKids’ Check it out!

Join the movement & #ShopTobaccoFree with me! Encourage your retailers to take tobacco off their shelves!

Add a Shop Tobacco Free badge to your social media profile. (Right click and download)


Download the shopper toolkit for more information. 

Follow Tobacco Free Kids on social media and use the hashtag #ShopTobaccoFree.

As for my family, we will continue to support our tobacco free retailers like Aldi and Target and encourage other retailers in our area to stop selling tobacco. What will you do to make a difference?

This post is in partnership with The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, all opinions are my own.


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Play to Win with Team Puracyn® Plus

Two times a year our suburban becomes our mobile soccer command center. All six of my kids are playing this season so we spend our Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons at the soccer field.


We love soccer and it is really a fun time for our whole family. My husband coaches and I’m the unofficial photographer, cheerleader, water bottle filler, shoe tier and more!

soccer pictures

My kids love it so much; we are often the last family leaving the field because my kids start pick-up games after their scheduled games have ended.


During this busy time I make sure our truck is stocked with everything we need for our games.

Below is my soccer list:

  • Folding chairs
  • Bag of soccer balls
  • Socks
  • Shin guards
  • Cleats
  • Pennies
  • Water jugs/bottles
  • Hairbands
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Sports Emergency Kit


Since we leave early in the morning on Saturday for games I make sure everything we need is in the car on Friday night. Getting six kids up, fed, and dressed is a big enough challenge without also having to remember to pack everything we need!


One thing I learned during our remodel was that having a small first aid kit including Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care™ Wound & Skin Cleanser with us is essential. My kids are not accident prone, but after being a parent for almost twenty-one years I’ve come to realize that accidents do happen!

During our very first week of soccer my husband was running with his team and ran into a wire that was supporting a tree.

cut leg

Injuries on the field or in a construction zone should be cleaned right away. When I haven’t had an emergency kit with me I’ve been guilty of pouring water from a water bottle on a cut or scrape to clean it off.


Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care™ Wound & Skin Cleanser is a great first step for cleaning a cut or scrape on the go.

  • The easy, hands-free spray application of Puracyn® Plus thoroughly cleans minor wounds, eliminating the need for running water in the critical first step of cleaning a wound.
  • Doctor-tested for wound treatment, Puracyn® Plus is non-stinging, non-irritating, and free of antibiotics, steroids, and alcohol, and completely safe for use virtually anywhere on the body (even the eyes, ears and mouth!).
  • Puracyn® Plus is a convenient alternative to the otherwise messy job of cleansing the wound area and can be applied on the spot and on-the-go, and is more effective than soap and water and won’t cause cell damage the way hydrogen peroxide can.
  • Puracyn® Plus Foot Wash & Skin Cleanser is the safe, effective, FIRST step in first aid for foot sores and irritations, blisters, dry and cracked feet, and rashes. Perfect for kids who spend hours in cleats every weekend!

When Cora needs a “boo-boo” cleaned she always asks us to use the stuff that doesn’t hurt. She doesn’t mind us using Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care™ Wound & Skin Cleanser on her cuts and scrapes which is great because I really dislike fighting with my kids when they are hurt!

I highly recommend keeping an emergency kit in the car, especially if your kids are active in sports. You never know when you are going to need to clean a wound and it is great to have first aid essentials available wherever you are!


Don’t forget to enter the Play to Win with #TeamPuracynPlus Giveaway on the Puracyn Plus Facebook page for the chance to win a Puracyn® Plus Sports Emergency Kit, including a $50 gift card to a sporting goods store of your choice and Puracyn® Plus product.

To learn more about the Puracyn® Plus, LIKE the brand on Facebook and follow the brand on Pinterest.

This is a product-sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care™ Wound & Skin Cleanser. The opinions and text are all mine.

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My Brother’s Keeper Bible Study Limited Time Offer

I want nothing more than my kids to love God and each other. That’s why I love this new bible study, My Brother’s Keeper


My Brother’s Keeper: Learning to Love Your Siblings God’s Way

Have you ever seen a bible study that’s specific goal is to teach your kids God’s plan for their relationships with one another? That’s one of the reasons this 4 week bible study is so cool! Here are some quick details about the study:

  • Comes in a Junior Level for ages 5-8 and a Youth Level for ages 8-12.
  • Scripture references are listed so you can use whatever translation of the Bible that you have chosen for your family.
  • Despite different age levels, all of your kids will go through the same topics each day.
  • Explores 10 different stories of siblings in the bible seeking to find God’s plan for this unique relationship.

Sounds like a great bible study, right? Well you can buy a single version for $8 or you can get both versions (Jr Level & Youth Level) in a Combo Pack for only $14!

Order your copy of My Brother’s Keeper today!

But hurry because the prices will increase significantly on March 23rd!

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How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You: Book Recommendation

This past weekend I had the privilege of hanging out with one of my favorite people, Rachael Carman. Rachael and her husband Davis own Apologia Educational Ministries which among other things publishes most of the science textbooks we use in our homeschool.

While I love their science curriculum, what I really love about Rachael is that she often speaks right to the heart of things I’m dealing with in my own family.

How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You Book

This weekend we celebrated the launch of her latest book, How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?: What God wants us to hear when we talk to our kids.

Have you ever said and of the following things to your kids:

  • Are you EVEN listening to me?
  • What were you thinking?
  • Be quiet.
  • I know how you feel.
  • Stop running.
  • Let’s go!

I think we all have certain phrases we use over and over with our kids, probably so much so that they don’t even pay attention to what we are telling them.

One day when Rachael was dealing with a particularly difficult child she was struck by her own words.

FullSizeRender (1)

Are you hearing but not obeying what God is trying to tell you? If you find yourself convicted when you speak the same phrases to your children over and over it could be that God is gently (or maybe not so gently) trying to get your attention too.

In How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?, Rachael shares numerous stories from her own life and how God used those moments to help shape her. At the end of each short chapter she shares a moment of introspection with several questions to help dig deeper into each chapter.

As with the rest of Rachael’s books this book is easy to read and the chapters are short, which is perfect for a busy mom.

I highly recommend this devotional book so grab a copy for you or your favorite mom today. It’s available on Kindle and in print.

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