Can You Stack Coupons at the Commissary?

A question from a reader:

Hi, I am a fellow military wife and heard from a friend of mine that the commissary accepts a military ONLY coupon and a regular
manufacturer’s coupon with 1 item… So, basically like stacking.. I always thought this was a no-no, do you know the answer, by chance?

Great question! I’ve had several people tell me that they can save big at the commissary by stacking coupons. According to the official commissary coupon policy you cannot stack coupons.

The policy states:

Customers may only use one coupon per purchase in DeCA commissaries. (A “purchase” is the item or set of items a customer must buy to meet the purchase requirements listed on the coupon.)

I have heard of cashiers allowing customers to stack coupons, but they are not following official policy.

Commissary cashiers have become much more vigilant about checking coupons before you check out so it is best to follow the commissary coupon policy and not try to break the rules by stacking. If the cashier is familiar with the policy they will not allow you to stack.

You can read more about commissary and coupons in my Extreme Couponing at the Commissary article. Don’t forget all the greatest deals and coupons for the commissary are shared twice a month in my commissary coupon match ups.

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  1. Is there someplace I can send my expired coupons? How ling past the exertion date are they good for military families?

  2. Sadly, that coupon policy of theirs doesn’t clarify much, You can’t use a BOGO with a “cents off” (which is what DeCA call “stacking”) however you can use a manufacturer coupon with a military store coupon. Good luck! I don’t save a great amount at the commissary but I can get a few things there that I can get for a good price.

  3. Really? Hmmm. well maybe just our commissary allows it. I’m in a few groups on FB who also have mention that they use military and manufacturer’s together with no issues. Guess it’s one of those, YMMV things.

  4. Christa L Singleton says:

    I’ve used the P&G military coupons with a manufacturer coupon. For example, the P&G says buy a Tide, get a Downy free. Then you can use a coupon for $1 off your Tide. That’s always worked for me. Also, the Navy Exchange allows you to use a NEX coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the same item. It’s stated in their coupon policy too

  5. Military living overseas can use coupons six months past the expiration. I am a coupon volunteer for the Army Community Services which means all the coupons that get sent to the post, myself and a few others sort them out and repackage for distribution to families. I wish I could give you an address but we are not allowed for OPSEC(security) reasons. But there are several websites available to obtain phone numbers to bases and they should be able to help you.

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