21 Day Ab Challenge: Fit for Good

I wanted to begin this challenge earlier in the month, but a cold combined with allergies knocked me out for a few weeks. I’m back into my regular routine and it’s time for another challenge!

Most of you don’t know this, but seven and a half years ago I slipped on ice in a parking lot and severely herniated two discs in my back. I was pregnant at the time so it went misdiagnosed as sciatica for almost nine months. I lived in almost constant pain until I had two lower discs removed on September 11, 2006.

My orthopedic surgeon told me that many people with “my type of back” end up getting their spine fused to deal with the constant pain. Not wanting to live with screws in my spine for the rest of my life I was determined to beat the odds and live pain free without two discs.

The surgery was a success and I was virtually pain free. I was however prone to a sore back, muscle pain, and stiffness occasionally. I figured I would just need to live with it.

I was wrong. The day I met my trainer he commented on my bad posture. I told him I had a bad back and after being pregnant a bunch of times I was prone to slouching. He told me it was nonsense and I needed to strengthen my core. I told him I didn’t have a core after having my stomach muscles stretched every which way seven times. He showed me that wasn’t the case.

I spent last summer working on core strength. My posture improved, but more importantly my back stopped hurting. Even when I did things that would normally cause my back to be sore, it wasn’t. My core was getting stronger every day and I noticed a huge difference in how I felt.

I now realize that a strong core is fundamental in any fitness plan. It is also something you have to work at, it won’t just happen.

For the next 21 days we are going to focus on core strength – aka getting rid of the jelly belly. I know that for those of you that have been pregnant more than a few times you will probably always have some lose skin to deal with, but you can have a strong core and a flat stomach.

To strengthen our core we are taking a three pronged approach. Core exercises, cardio, and diet. You have to do all three to make it work.

The challenge starts Wednesday April 10, 2013. I’ll be posting daily exercises and food ideas in the Facebook room, and I’ll share a weekly plan on the website for those of you who aren’t on Facebook.

Say goodbye to your spanx ladies – it’s time for an ab challenge!

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