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This page was created to answer questions about the Coupons for Troops program and assist you in mailing your coupons to overseas military families. If you would like to donate coupons you will need to fill out this form. Due to the volume of emails received, you will only be contacted when a family is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coupons for Troops?

Coupons for Troops is a program that allows military (and government service with commissary privileges) to receive expired coupons from families in the states. Families in the states are matched with an overseas family and they send their unused or expired coupons directly to their assigned family.

Who can send coupons?

The program is open to anyone who wishes to support our overseas military with coupons.

Who runs this program?

The Coupons for Troops program is run by Jenn K. Jenn is a team member of The Happy Housewife, and has a deep appreciation for the sacrifice and dedication of military families.

How often should I send coupons?

You can send coupons as often as you would like. Every week, month or quarterly. Each overseas family is assigned two or three stateside families. This way, they have a steady flow of coupons coming in the mail. Do what works best for you.

How much does it cost to send coupons overseas?

The same as it costs to send coupons to someone stateside. There is no extra charge for mailing to a military address overseas. If you are sending anything larger than an envelope you will need to fill out a customs form.

Can I be assigned a family in a specific location or branch of service?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. I do not ask families to provide their locations or branch of service to protect their privacy.

Can I send un-expired coupons too?


What types of coupons does the commissary accept?

The commissary accepts any type of grocery coupon including internet printed coupons. The commissary sells items like pet food, diapers, baby food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, paper products, batteries, light bulbs as well as groceries so families appreciate all types of coupons. Baby and pet coupons are in high demand.

Is my family going to be able to use every coupon?

Probably not, but coupons they cannot use are passed on to friends or left in a coupon basket at the front of the commissary.

Can I send internet printed coupons?


Can I write a note to my family and include it in the coupons?

You are welcome to send a note to your coupon family. I cannot promise they will write or email you back. Many of these families have one parent deployed and are raising several children on their own. They may not have time to respond.

How many months can the coupons be expired?

Please do not send coupons that have been expired for more than 3 months.

What happens if my family moves?

Most of the time, the family notifies me that they will no longer be needing coupons, I will contact you. If the rare event your coupons are returned to you, please contact me and you will be assigned another family.

Can I post about this program on my blog or Facebook page?

Yes, but please be advised there is a wait list. I am currently in need of families who would like to receive coupons.

What if I can no longer send coupons?

Please notify Jenn at and your name will be removed from the list. Please put I CAN NO LONGER DONATE in the subject line and make sure you include the email you used to sign up for the program. We track all donations by email addresses. There are hundreds of families waiting to donate coupons, so please do not feel guilty if you cannot continue to donate.

How long will I be on the wait list?

Currently there is a short 1-3 month  wait to donate coupons.

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