Grocery Gathering- Commissary Deals

Don’t throw away your expired coupons…. military families stationed overseas can use coupons for up to six months after the expiration date. Are you stationed overseas and would like to receive expired coupons? Shoppers around the web want to support our troops by sending you their expired coupons. Email me at for all the details.


Save your pennies military shoppers, the case lot sale is coming in May. You can view the dates for the case lot sale for your commissary here.

It time for another two weeks of Commissary Savings that run through 3/31.

Here are some Commissary deals-

Bounty Paper Towels – $1.29

Cascadian Farm (selected cereals) – $1.99

General Mills (selected cereals) – $1.89

Granola Bars – Nature Valley, Cascadian, Curves – $1.69 (there are also coupons floating around for these)

Green Giant selected frozen veggies – $0.99

Nature Valley Granola Bars – $1.69

Oberto Beef Jerky – $2.99 (great price, stock up for camping season)

Other sale items

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Capri Sun

Dole Fruit Cups

General Mills Breakfast Bars

Gortons Frozen Fish Selected Items

Hefty Storage Bags

Keebler Cookies & Crackers

Kraft Chunk Cheese

Kraft Salad Dressings

Martha White Mixes

Motts Apple Juice

Motts Organic Applesauce

Nabisco Cookies & Crackers

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Pillsbury Breadsticks

Pillsbury Cake Mix

Pillsbury Frostings

Ralston Instant Oatmeal

Totinos Pizza Rolls

Van Camp Kidney Beans

Check back often as I post deals throughout the week.

note from a military spouse…

Today, I tore off a Pepsico Smart Spot mail in offer form at the Sugar Grove Commissary. Though we’re mid-way through March already, if you purchase 15 upc’s from participating products (Gatorade, Quaker, Tropicana to name a few) and send them in along with your commissary receipt you get a $5 Commissary Gift Certificate by mail. These are products I already buy so even though there’s only 2 weeks left you might cash in on it. It’s a March deal. The website has a complete list of participating products. I don’t know if this is just our local store or not but it’s worth checking into.

Another tip from Bangor Commissary in Washington

My good find yesterday was the Goodlife Recipe catfood 3lb bag
for 3.49.  If the $3 off coupon from a recent insert is used this makes the catfood $0.49.  Quite a deal.
Also certain Kraft salad dressings are at 1.50, if the .75/2 coupon
is used this makes them $1.12 each, not too bad.

Do you know of a great Commissary deal this week? Email it to me at and I will post the deal and link back to your site.

Do you think shopping at the Commissary is worth your time? Check out my Commissary shopping tips here.

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Thursday Thirteen ~ Military Hospitals

For those of you who don’t know me in real life, my husband was injured during a deployment. Due to his injury, we spend a lot of our time at military hospitals. I say we, because he is unable to drive due to his injury. Over the past year, I have come to know the ins and outs of military hospitals. Today he had surgery so I spent all day at the hospital waiting, and waiting, and waiting…..

Since I had so much free time I decided that my Thursday Thirteen this week would be Thirteen observations about hospitals.

1. Being on time only matters when the patient is late.

2. The hospital thermostat is always broken, it is either stuck on 95 degrees or 55 degrees.

3. The best waiting area is radiology. No crying babies, and no one with the flu.

4. If you walk around and act like you know where you are going, you can go anywhere.

5. If you are lost, no one can give you accurate directions to get you where you are going.

6. I have often wondered why, if hospitals are for sick people, why do they make parking an Olympic event?

7. Hospital beds will stick to whatever part of your body is hurting the most.

8. Why do they always give you important medical information while you are still in the recovery room doped up?

9. There will always be one nurse or tech that insists on following every possible rule ever created by the hospital.

10. Why can’t we change the channel on the television in all the waiting rooms, do they really think people want to watch MS NBC all day?

11. Time really does stand still in a waiting room.

12. The hospital is the only place where a thimble full of juice is considered a drink.

13. Have you noticed that the hospital is one of the few places where people (usually the doctors and family members) will have conversations right in front of the patient, but yet talk as though they weren’t even in the room.

The Happy Housewife

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For all of you who have commented and emailed about my husband’s surgery, thank you.

The surgery went as well as it could and he even convinced the doctor’s to let him come home tonight, instead of tomorrow morning. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in their own bed?

My blogging might be sparse over the next couple of days since I am not sure how much time my new job of “nurse” will take!

Oh- I am being summoned even as I type this, gotta run!

The Happy Housewife

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Wordless Wednesday

Can I have a do-over?


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The Happy Housewife

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The Vita-Mix or Shall I Say The Blender on Steroids

I love my Vita-mix. My neighbor joked that it was a blender on steroids. I purchased mine about a year ago and we use it almost every day. Our main use is for smoothies. The Vita-mix blends the food so well that you can throw almost anything into a smoothie and it tastes great. Our favorite recipe is the banana smoothie. I have also added flax, carrots (in a small amount), lettuce, and spinach and the
kids don’t notice any taste difference.

We also use our Vita-mix to make pancakes, waffles, chop veggies, make ice cream and sorbet, and also make sauces and soup. The Vita-mix is a versatile kitchen appliance and it has changed the way we eat. I have some picky eaters who struggle
through eating a banana or a strawberry, but they will down three or four glasses of smoothie. It has allowed us to incorporate more whole foods into our diet and eat healthier since using the Vita-mix. One of the best things about it, is that when making juice and smoothies, you don’t loose all the healthy pulp. Most fruits and veggies go in with the skin on and it is blended up into the drink. Nothing is wasted.

The Vita-mix has not changed too much over the years so if you are able to pick one up at a yard sale or thrift store you are most likely getting a great deal. I have a friend who purchased hers at a yard sale for $5! I bought mine new and it was about $400 (gasp). It did replace my juicer, blender, and food processor, and can also grind grain and beans.

dsc04834.jpg dsc04835.jpg


The Vita-Mix works for us, what works for you?

The Happy Housewife

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I have started baking bagels for our family. It is pretty easy and much cheaper than buying them from the store. The problem I have is that the egg wash burns the outside of the bagels every time. Last night I made a few without the egg wash and they didn’t burn. Any suggestions on how to keep the egg wash from burning?

Also, for those who make their own, do you flip them during baking?

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