What is this Plant?

Hello gardeners…. are you out there? I need your help. I have this plant in my yard and I don’t know what it is. It looks pathetic, but maybe it looks great it the summer? Any advice appreciated! Do I cut it down to the roots? Help!

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  1. Ok, it looks like a banana plant to me. Here is some info on how to care for it: http://www.wikihow.com/Grow-Banana-Plants

  2. It’s not a banana.. it’s a type of ginger (I have tons of bananas growing so I know baby bananas)

  3. Michele Lightsey says:

    at 1st I thought bird of Paradise but then looking at it it may be a type of ginger root I have both, in my yard a Chinese ginger plant it’s multiplying good but we have not tried eating it yet,

  4. Karina Moretz says:

    I would say either bamboo or a cast iron plant. I’m not familiar with ginger.

  5. Looks like it might be a Calla Lilly bush just starting out.

  6. It looks like a bird of paradise to me, however I’ve never seen the Chinese ginger plants. Each time we pcs’d I would wait a full year to do anything to the garden & track everything that’s already planted through each season. Makes it easier for me to decice what, if anything I should plant. At one base we were at, cantaloupe , strawberries & tomato plants grew…..free food 🙂

  7. I used to live in St. Petersburg, Florida. It looks similar to a bird of paradise. Take the picture to your local nursery to find out for sure. My mom had a bird of paradise in her backyard and they are very difficult to encourage blooming.

  8. It looks like a ginger plant. If it is, it will bloom small white flowers in the spring. You can always dig up a small part of the root system. That will tell you pretty quickly if it is ginger or not.

  9. Looks like a Bird of Paradise plant. I have some growing outside my window here. They seem to spread. Mine just started blooming again. I didn’t do anything to them.

  10. it looks like a lilly!

  11. Somebody's Mimi says:
  12. Looks like a Hosta.
    Yes just cut it at the base!

  13. I am not sure about this plant, but for sure it’s not banana. hey, Toni, I sent you an email yesterday, throw the blog’s email address… could you answer it, please?
    thank you so much! 🙂

  14. Its a type of lily. Many of my neighbors have them in their yard….Maybe a cana-lily?

  15. Jill Eubanks says:

    My first impression is a Giant Bird of Paradise. I can have my husband take a look; he’s a landscaper.

  16. Call your county’s agricultural extension office. They’ll be able to identify it for you. Also, while you are conversing with them, see what they have to offer for homeschoolers. I bet you would be surprised.

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