Veterans Day Tribute

It seems fitting I spent the beginning of this week visiting Colonial Williamsburg. Many of the re-enactments detail events leading up to the Revolutionary War. It is sobering to realize the pursuit for independence was not taken lightly, and divided father against brother, friend against friend, and country against country.

Today we honor our veterans. Those who have served, fought, and even paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Thank you.

W.B. Anderson

United States Navy

M.J. Donahue

United States Marine Corps

A. J. Schaeffer

United States Marine Corps

The Happier Grandfather

United States Marine Corps


The Happier Husband

United States Navy

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Remember to thank a Veteran today.

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  1. Thank you for this awesome series. I know that in years to come I will refer back to it. I have sent a few readers your way recently because of this series (friend’s with husbands who just enlisted or who are deploying). I really enjoy your blog. Happy Veteran’s Day! Enjoy your veteran today!

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Please thank your husband for me for his service to our country.

  3. Love this tribute to our veterans! Praying today for those that have lost loved ones and those that have ones serving overseas now.

  4. How wonderful of you to share pics of veterans you know! How lucky you are to have known them. Thank you and your family for the sacrifices you have made!

  5. Happy Veteran’s Day. Semper Fi!

  6. Love the post and the photos!!

    Thanks to the Happier Husband for all he does to serve God, his family and our country.

    Love to you all!!!!

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