The Problem With Pinterest

Cora’s crib is sitting in the garage because I just can’t throw it away. I’m sure I can find a great way to recycle it on Pinterest.

Are you on Pinterest? If so follow me here? Need an invite? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I’m on Pinterest and yes, I’ve seen some good crib recycling ideas. My favorites are making it in to head board or making it into a garden bench. You can follow this link to a post I did about my own Pinterest addiction and follow me back. Good luck!

  2. Kristy Riedl says:

    I saw this on a message board but it was linked from pinterest.

  3. What about these ideas:

    Home decor sign:

    Wall mounted chalkboard:

    Have fun!

  4. Here are two more:

    Chalkboard easel:

    Child’s desk:

    Now, I’m wishing I had an old desk gathering dust 🙂

  5. I would love an invite to pinterest! Thanks! P.S. I’m LOVIN’ your life story!

  6. I just LOVE the childs desk Idea. I have actually been hunting for a decent crib at the thrift store or yard sales to make one.

  7. I would love an invite as well! I wanna see what all this buzz is about!

  8. I would love an invite if you have any. When I requested from the main page, they said they would put me on a waiting list and send out an invite when they had some. Thanks! 🙂

  9. I could use an invite please and thank you:)

  10. I just posted on my wall about Pinterest, without having seen this. I can’t wait to follow. 😉

  11. Thanks, Toni! 🙂

  12. Sydra Adkison says:

    I would love an invite.

  13. Invite me…please!!!! Thank you 🙂

  14. My children had the same style crib to sleep in. All those pretty curves need another use. We had to get rid of ours before I could repurpose it due to a move. I think it would have made a nice mid-yard trellis for all sorts of pretty flowers and vines. The ‘bed’ part would be great for holding potted plants.
    Pinterest is my newest online addiction (like I need another).

  15. I would love an invite!


  16. Love all of your tips. Thank you very much! may i please have an invite! 🙂

  17. I would love an invite. I have been wanting to check this out for a while.

  18. Yes, I would really appreciate an invite. Been waiting a long time to be “approved” or whatever it is you wait on :).

  19. I’d love an invite to Pinterest! Thanks, Toni. FYI, I heard from the family I send coupons through your Coupons for Troops program. – very cool! I’m really happy someone else can benefit from them. Thanks for organizing that ministry.

  20. I would like an invite please 🙂

  21. I would love an invite!

  22. I would love an invite also! Thanks so much! 🙂

  23. Are you not needing a crib anymore and looking for something else to make out of it?? I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it!!

  24. I love your blog! Especially the 100 DIY Christmas ideas! Thanks for sharing! Would you mind sending me an invite?!

  25. Pinterest is awesome, and I found a great upcycling idea for cribs as well! ( just waiting for Abby to outgrow it.) I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned, but you have to have a facebook or twitter account to join Pinterest. Don’t know why. My mom had an invite, but couldn’t join because she had neither FB or Twitter to connect her. I just see loads of people requesting invites here, just passing on the deets!

  26. I just started following your blog yesterday. My daughters (14 and 12) and I were thinking about getting onto pinterest together. We’d love an invite!
    Love the blog!

  27. please send me an invite for Pinterest. thanks.

  28. I would also love an invite.. could you please? THANK YOU!!!!

  29. I would love an invite also, if you have one! Thank you so much.

  30. Dedra Scott says:

    I wouldl love an invite. Thanks!

  31. I’m ready to jump on the bandwagon and would love an invite if possible. Thanks!

  32. I would love an invite..:) New Follower to your blog..:)

  33. Would also love an invite please!

  34. Would love an invite! Such unique ideas!

  35. Bobi skipper says:

    Could i please have an invite? I’ve asked the website numerous times and never received a response! Thanks in advance!

  36. I’d love an invite too while you’re passing them out! 🙂

  37. Patricia R. says:

    I’d like an invite please 🙂

  38. It appears that I need an invite, please. Thank you!

  39. I’d like an Invite, please.

  40. I would love one if you are still doing them! Thanks, I’m so interested in seeing what this is all about! 🙂

  41. Cindy in FL says:

    I would love an invite! Thank you!

  42. Oh I have been wanting to do pinterest but didn’t know anyone to invite me. Could you please send me an invite. Thank you.

  43. Invite, please? 🙂

  44. Does that mean Cora’s the last one?

    Pinterest looks interesting…anyone willing to give me an invite? 🙂

  45. Does that mean Cora’s the last one?

    Pinterest looks interesting…anyone willing to give me an invite? 🙂

  46. Sheila Saunders says:

    Great ideas. Would appreciate an invite to pinterest! Thank you.

  47. Can u invite me? Thanks!

  48. Rachel Garcia says:

    Hi, I would love an invite please 🙂

  49. Any invites left ?? Please, please.

  50. OK. I don’t quite get it, but could you send me an invite. Does that allow you to save the things you like?

  51. Gayle Engstrom says:

    I would love an invite. Love getting new recipes and sharing recipes too.

  52. I’d love an invite…

  53. I would LOVE an invite as well if you don’t mind taking the time to do that for me!
    By the way… I love your site 🙂

  54. I just recently got into the whole crib repurposing craze thanks to Pinterest! All I had left from mine was the rail….so I’m painting it a pretty blue and propping it up against the wall to display quilts. I have seen some awesome ideas. Next baby, I am saving the crib to repurpose. Oh, and in case you are wondering, the reason we got rid of the crib to begin with, even though we want more kids…is that ours was a dropside that was recalled….and we couldn’t get the company to send us the repair kit…and we didn’t feel right giving it away or selling it with it being dangerous (the rail had already started dropping on its own while ds slept in it so we moved him to a twin bed)….now I’m slapping my forehead because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tutorial for turning it into a childrens that my son is almost 3 that would have been perfect!

  55. Lisa Schornak says:

    Please send me a Pinterest invite:)

  56. Could I get an invite too please 🙂

  57. Please give me an invite

  58. Leah Cody says:

    I would like an invite to!!
    Thanks so much:)
    Leah Cody

  59. I would love a pinterest invite! I am just getting into the blogging world (a late bloomer, I know) and am loving it!

  60. I just found your blog by way of a friend and never heard of Pinterest. Love it! Will you send me an invite, if possible? 🙂

  61. Erica Sullivan says:

    Hi Happy!

    I would love an invite to pinterest. I’ve been “waiting ” for the official invite…what? is that crickets I hear???

  62. Please invite me when you have the chance! Thank you.

  63. Pretty please invite me!

  64. Love your site! I would love an invite.

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  66. I would like and invitation too. Please

  67. I have heard about this so much on facebook and how addicting it can be. I can see a lot of benefits to it for myself as a mom, wife, homemaker, blogger and photographer of newborns! Repurposing things for baby photoshoots would be a blast! I think I am reversed of this, though, and would turn grown up items into baby props! Thanks for sharing this link!

  68. I’m on Pinterest, too. New use for it–birthday/Christmas wish lists!

  69. I would love an intive, please 🙂

  70. I would love an invite, please!

  71. You can turn it into a bench. My mom made one it was precious.

  72. Brandy Bell says:

    Please send me an invite to pinterest. I have been waiting for a while to get a login…only thing is I don’t have a facebook.

  73. I need a pinterest invite please!

  74. I’m really bad at saving things for the same reason! But it’s awesome when you come up with something great.

    If possible could you please send me an invite? I’d love to be on pinterest, I already stalk it all the time! ha ha

  75. I would LOVE an invite!

  76. Can you invite me? THANKS!

  77. I Just found out about pinterest and I’m loving it but needing an invite please

  78. Michelle Schwingler says:

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    Hi – I would sooooo appreciate an invite to Pinterest! Thanks in advance if you can! 🙂

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  81. Thanks so much for your great blog – I especially love the deals & frugal living sections, so helpful. I’d love an invite to pinterest if you have any left (EQMARTIN@GMAIL.COM) – Thank you in advance!

  82. Hello i love your blog. do you happen to have any more invites left? Thank you. and if you cant ir dont i understand that too.

  83. I would LOVE a pintrest invite if you are still offering…this site is amazing! What great ideas!

  84. Pam Linwood says:

    Please invite me to Pinterest. I keep asking for an invite and never get one. Thank you bunches!

  85. I love seeing all the ideas, can you send me an invite?

  86. I would love an invite to pinterest, I’m already addicted! 🙂


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  88. Nikki bayouth says:

    Please invite me…i would use this all the time.

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    I am in insta-love with Pinterest. Would really love an invite. Thank you.

  97. Love your site! I would love to check out Pinterest! Can you send me an invite? Thanks!

  98. I’m suddenly obsessed with looking at pinterest boards. I’d LOVE an invite if you have one!

    stephaniemcnemar AT gmail DOT com

    Love the ideas you’ve posted.

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  100. Any invites?

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  106. You have sooo many great ideas! I will be following! Could I get invited to Pinterest as well?

  107. Hope Funderburk says:

    Hey, girl. I would love it if you could invite me to Pinterest. I’ll be the first one of my girlfriends. I would sooo appreciate it. Thank you!!

  108. I would really LOVE and appreciate it if you could send me an invite! I desperately want to start pinning! 🙂 Thanks!

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    Thank you so so so so so much if you’re able to do it!!

  122. Can you please send me an invite all I have to go on the internet on is my phone and it won’t let me finish entering my email to get an invite! Thank you sooooo much! 😉

  123. Would LOVE an invite if you have any left. By the way, I’m REALLY enjoying your blog, so glad I found it 🙂

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