Stork Craft Crib Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall of 1.2 million drop side Stork Craft cribs due to an entrapment and suffocation hazard. I know I have a lot of mom’s with babies/ toddlers who read this blog so please check your cribs to see if you have a Stork Craft crib manufactured between 1993-2009.

The Stork Craft website is very slow to load, due to the crib recall, but you can follow them on Twitter. They are not currently tweeting information regarding the recall, but you could tweet a question if the site stays down for an extended period of time.

Please visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission for specifics regarding the Stork Craft Crib recall as well as instructions on how to repair the defective part.

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  1. that’s very kind of you. being mindful of who is reading and wanting to make sure messages get out that are important for mom’s. thanks

  2. Thank you so much Toni , I did not hear this one. Just checked both of our cribs. We are good 😉

  3. Actually I read that they are now saying that any drop side cribs pose a safety hazard and that babies r us is discontinuing the sale of any cribs that have a drop side rail by the end of the month. The article also claimed that drop rails on cribs will no longer be an available feature in the future due to safety concerns. If I can find the article again I will give the link.

  4. They are experiencing heavy traffic to their site, so they have posted a blog with the recall info:

    HTH somebody. I have a drop side crib but don’t think it’s part of the recall. I’m still a bit worried. 😐 I have a six month old.

  5. i also have a storkcraft with a 6 month old what sight would i find pictures of the recalled items

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