Replacement Resolutions: Fit for Good & Giveaway!

This month we are working on giving up sugar. I know many of you struggle with this and getting into good habits by choosing something else to eat instead of a sugar filled snack is worth it. This month my replacement resolution is to choose foods without processed sugar in them.

Over the past several years I’ve worked with the folks at Musselman’s to help promote healthy options, like their natural applesauce. My kids love it as a snack (my teenage son actually drinks it from the little single serving bowls- who has time for a spoon when you are 16!) and I use it as a substitution in many of our baked goods instead of oil.

When you are craving a snack consider applesauce has a healthy alternative. It only has 50 calories in a serving!

Musselman's Treadmill

To help you get on the right track I’ve got a fun giveaway pack for you today. One reader will win an applesauce snack pack plus a yoga ball. I love my yoga ball. There are so many different exercises you can do with it, and it deflates into something that could fit into your purse or be stored under your bed when you aren’t using it.

Every day I try to incorporate more exercises with yoga ball into my routine. That’s me doing an ab isolation leg lift with my Yoga ball yesterday.

ab isolation leg lift with yoga ball


To enter to win the giveaway please share what your replacement resolution is this month. Giveaway ends March 8, 2013. 

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  1. Dedra Scott says:

    I have started eating kiwi fruit when I am craving a sweet snack. Kiwi is sweet enough to satisfy my craving and so much better for you.

  2. I think I’ve finally broken the soda habit! I order water when we go out instead. I still have one occasionally, but it ends up being too sweet and I never finish the whole thing!!! Now, I have to work on the cupcake habit!?!!?

  3. AnnMarie says:

    My replacement…. hhhmmm…. I have been trying to replace sugar too. I made some awesome no-back granola bars. Used honey instead of refined and processed sugar. The kids and I LOVED them. Need to get more honey. LOL!

  4. We are starting today replacing store bought juices, and juicing our own. We are doing the same with vegetables to make sure we get all that we neeed each day. On top of many other changes we are doing.

  5. to replace cookies with applesauce

  6. Eating pure dried fruit as a sweet snack

  7. We are replacing store bought granola bars with homemade ones 🙂 No strange chemicals, nothing artificial, and we can change them up with whatever fruits and nuts we feel like that day 🙂 I was surprised how easy and quick it is to just do my own!

  8. I’m pretty much cutting out all refined sugar right now even organic sugar. Which means I’m cutting out coffee too. I can’t have coffee without tons of sugar. I’m eating more fruit and vegetables instead of filling up on coffee with cream and sugar. As a result I’m drinking more water too. So far so good:)

  9. I like to have a hard boiled egg in the afternoon. It fills me up and is a great protein boost. I’m also chewing sugar free gum when I’m not hungry but am tempted to snack.

  10. breaking the afternoon chocolate habit…so far so good!

  11. Mine is to give up processed foods and eat “real” foods.

  12. Michelle Nettles says:

    I am loving fresh blueberries right now!! I know they are expensive. But wanted to share that I have found if I wash the fresh fruit as soon as I get it in the house and have it easy to grab from the refrig it really helps my whole family to eat that instead of grabbing snacks from the pantry that may not be as good for you. Also I use applesauce (no sugar added) to replace lots of things in recipes. I have adapted alot of “bad for you recipes” to healthy with things like applesauce, honey and yogurt!!

  13. Mary Zahney says:

    I replaced all processed food with veggies and processed sugar with fruit and agava for my coffee.

  14. Karey Hideg says:

    I have been using coconut oil on popcorn instead of butter. I also use applesauce instead of oil in baked goods.

  15. Katherine says:

    I’ve swapped the sugary regular yogurt I normally eat with plain lowfat greek yogurt and add fresh fruit for sweetness.

  16. Brenda H says:

    Yogurt and nuts are good replacements for me.

  17. There is a great book called Sugar Blues. If you read it, it will cure you from wanting sugar.

  18. We are putting our foot down and not buying anything with HFCS on the label. We are switching out any foods we ate before with HFCS for any alternative without.

  19. Darlene says:

    Been eating more fruit

  20. Melissa says:

    I’ve replaced any calorie/sugar laden beverage with good ole clean water : ) It does a body good!

  21. trying to eat more nuts and less sugary snacks

  22. Alison L says:

    I have replaced soda with water and am surprised that I don’t miss it all that much.

  23. I need to start drinking more water and less soda.

  24. April V says:

    My goal is to replace my debbie cake (that I have w/ my coffee in the mornings) with a blueberry bagel!

  25. Danielle T says:

    i replace oil with apple sauce when i bake! tastes great too

  26. I have been trying to have a cup of frozen blueberries in place of a sugary snack.

  27. I have been replacing any processed foods with natural foods.

  28. I have included chicken broth instead of cream soups in our rice.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    I’m trying to eat fruit or home-baked goods when I crave candy.

  30. My latest replacement snack: wholegrain rice cake with a teaspoon of crunchy natural peanutbutter (no sugar) and topped with 8-10 craisins. The craisins are just sweet enough to make me think I’m getting a sugary treat, and it is delicious!

    As a side note: Buyer Beware! Musselman’s “Lite” Applesauce has Splenda in it!! I normally buy the Hannaford brand no-sugar-added applesauce but they were all out, so I grabbed the Musselman’s Lite (foolishly thinking it was the same thing). Nope! SPLENDA!!! Bleh!!

  31. christa duncil says:

    I eat dark cocoa instead of milk cocoa.

  32. Rebecca says:

    Replacing unhealthy sweets with fresh fruit. No more soda!! Water all the way!

  33. I have a cup of hot lemon in the morning before my first cup of coffee!

  34. Danette Armstrong says:

    I usually eat string cheese or celery with my homemade peanut butter as a snack