Goals for 2009

Books to Read

Family Goals

  • Family Bible time 5 nights a week
  • Family game night once a week
  • Exercise more as a family
  • Family read alouds

Financial Goals

  • Purchase 15 passenger van (cash) by April 2009
  • Fund IRA
  • Braces for child #3 half-way funded by end of the year
  • Cut grocery budget by $50 a month
  • Live on half our income/ save or invest other half
  • Save for short term goals: vacations, homeschool materials, gifts
  • Start commission system for the kids
  • All extra money goes into house fund

Homeschool Goals

  • Restructure Bible time
  • More read alouds/ less silent reading
  • Research curriculum changes for 2009/2010 school year
  • Homeschool – Preschool with 4 yo three days a week
  • Once a month library trips w/ kids
  • Create system for organizing past and future books

Homemaking Goals

  • Follow Motivated Moms Planner
  • 30 meals in the freezer by April 15th
  • Create bi-monthly meal plans and shopping trips
  • Organize Clothing Bins
  • Paint/ refinish pantry cabinet
  • Involve the kids in meal planning/ prep
  • Incorporate more whole foods/ purchase less prepackaged foods in meals
  • Plant container garden
  • Enter all addresses into the computer
  • Try two new recipes a month
  • Room by room de-clutter and clean-out (one room a month should take me to 2010)

Personal Goals

  • Return to pre-baby weight by August 2009
  • Learn to knit
  • Make most of 4 yos summer clothing
  • Make cloth diapers
  • Make baby sling
  • Finish 3 aprons
  • Go to bed 1/2 hour earlier and get up 1/2 hour earlier
  • Take vitamins every day
  • Have all Christmas shopping finished before Thanksgiving

Places to Visit

  • Florida
  • Williamsburg
  • Blissdom
  • HEAV Convention
  • West Virginia
  • Outer Banks

Spiritual Goals

  • Read through One Year Bible
  • Increase time in prayer
  • Faithfully keep a journal
  • Make attendance a priority at church functions
  • Reach out to those who are different from me at church

These are my goals for 2009. They will probably change over the next several months, as life is always changing around here! Feel free to link up with your goals for 2009. We can all encourage each other in accomplishing our goals this year!


The fine print. Make sure you link to your goal post, not your home page so everyone can find your goals easily. If you don’t have a blog leave your goals in the comment section.

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  1. SandraInPhx says:

    OK, your list is making my head spin. I ADORE a good list and I am having list envy right now! LOL I am getting my Christmas stuff taken down and THEN I will think about a list of goals…I think:)

  2. That is one great list Toni! You have inspired me to work on a list of my own. I’ll be back…

  3. I’ve posted my list…which is not anywhere nearly as organized!

  4. You have a great list of goals. I love your list of books! There are some in there that I really want to read..I hope to become better on reading “me” books.

    Thank you for sharing your goals! Here’s to a great 2009!


  5. Great list! I am still thinking on what my goals will be for this next year! 🙂

    Oh you have received a couple awards over at my blog! 🙂 check it out…http://glimpseofsonshine.blogspot.com/2008/12/new-blog-awards.html

  6. Great list! I’ll be using it to start thinking of a list for myself!

  7. Dear Happy Housewife,

    Wow! What an amazing list…you are one busy mama!

    Love, Hope

  8. Happy New Year, Toni! I hope it’s a year filled with many blessings, good health, and lots of love.

  9. To link to you with my goals would be to assume that I was very organized…..hmmmm! I guess I know what one of those goals should be, sigh!

    Since you are seeking to live on half your income I am hoping that you will do some posts on how you are going to accomplish that. I don’t think we could live on half of ours, but I definitely plan on living on less.

  10. Please post ideas on living on half our income. Even shrinking our grocery bill by $50 would be a challenge for me.

    Happy New Year! God Bless you and yours in the coming year.

  11. What a great list you have! Like some of the other commenters, I would love to have advice on saving money/getting out of debt. We’re starting the Dave Ramsey plan this year, and would love insight from you since you’re seasoned at this! Happy New Year!

  12. Wow! Great list, Toni! I have a list, but need to break it down more into how to accomplish them.

  13. Finally got mine done! I totally copied your format though. But hey, why change something that works?

  14. That is a really big list! Much luck. Learning to knit isn’t so hard. Have you seen knittinghelp.com? It has some videos that are very helpful!!

  15. These are really ambitious, but it must be great to have them down.

    We bought a 15 passenger van with cash recently. You can get them at places that rent cars. Under 10K.

    Knitting: is fabulous a great stress reliever and has purpose too.

    Best to you in 2009,

  16. I was really intrigued with Katie’s list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days and decided this was a much better fit for me…specific, measurable tasks that I could accomplish over a longer period of time. It took me a few days to generate my list but I’ve got it done. I’m excited to start!

  17. ummm WOW

    you are a motivation

  18. WOW! Your list is perhaps the most impressive I have seen so far…

    have a blessed new year…

  19. I waited until I finished with my goals before reading anyone elses. I can’t believe we actually have a few of the same goals. I guess great minds think alike : )

  20. I like the way your goals are set up in categories. I can’t wait to read more throughout the year about your progress.

  21. I enjoyed reading your goals, I did some on my blog also. Thanks for the post!

  22. JoAndrew says:

    Whoa! That is a long list. Mine is only half of it as I want to go through it slowly but surely and I’ll just update it half way through the year. But your financial goals are very interesting and I just might adapt some of it. Thanks for this post!


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