Gaylord National ICE! Giveaway

For those of you who don’t know this month I moved back to Maryland. I’m pretty excited about this move because my family loves the DC area. Not only do we have many friends here, there is also so much to do!

This weekend my daughter and I were able to visit ICE! at the Gaylord National Hotel. I wasn’t sure what to expect, except that I was going to be very, very cold.

When you first enter ICE! you watch a short video about how the displays are made. Ice carving experts from China spend a month creating the magnificent displays. It was fun to watch them work, even if only on video.

After the video you receive parkas to wear inside ICE!. Put them on, button them up, and do not take them off for any reason. It is a chilly 12 degrees inside ICE! so not only will you need your parka, bring your own hat, gloves, and thick socks.

They have parkas in all sizes so your little ones will stay nice and warm, but you cannot bring strollers into ICE! so plan accordingly.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we got inside but it was amazing! The theme is Shrek the Halls, and the carvings are impressive. I continually had to remind myself that these sculptures were made of ice! Of course the freezing temperatures did help me remember, but it was worth it to be cold.

You walk through different rooms with each display telling a story. There are lots of photo opportunities as well as two ice slides, one for kids and one for grownups.

My favorite part of ICE! was the Nativity. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Once you are finished enjoying ICE! take a walk around the Gaylord National. Not only is it beautiful they have numerous free and paid activities for the whole family. From train rides, character meet and greets, gingerbread decorating, to the magnificent tree lighting you could easily spend your whole day enjoying all the festive Christmas activities at the Gaylord National.

I have a family four pack of ICE! passes to give away to one reader. These tickets are good for the ICE! attraction at the Gaylord National, Sunday – Friday through January 6th. To enter to win please leave a comment sharing your favorite Christmas decoration.

Giveaway ends November 25, 2012.



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  1. My favorite decoration has to be the tree 🙂

  2. This would be an awesome outing for the family. I visited Gaylord National when it first opened.

  3. My favorite decoration is the nativity.

  4. I love christmas lights! the city is so beautiful this time of year all lit up.

  5. My favorite decoration has to be the sprays that we put in the windows. My family made them when I was in college and now they’ve been handed down to me. I’ve remade all of the bows a couple times, probably will have to again this year, but other than that they are still going strong!

  6. I love all Christmas decorations, but my favorite is my Willow Tree Nativity set 🙂

  7. My favorite Christmas decorations are the nativities. I have several from around the world and they are all so unique in how they tell the beautiful story of Christ’s birth!

  8. Denise Wilson says:

    Aside from a manger scene which provides the true reason for the season, my favorite decoration is a simple sleigh bell. It reminds me of the Polar Express and the magic of Christmas. At the school were I work, the Kindergarteners dress in their pajamas, read / watch the Polar Express while drinking hot cocoa and then are given small sleigh bells of their own.

  9. My favorite is my Christmas tree, and my kids’ homemade decorations in particular.

  10. I love the greenery, wreaths, etc. with lots of white lights sparkling!

  11. My favorite Christmas decoration is my nativity set made painted by my grandma.

  12. My favorite Christmas decoration is my nativity set made painted by my grandma.

  13. Our nativity set!

  14. Heather Robert says:

    My favorite decoration is a home made Christmas ball that one of my Sunday School students made me a few years ago with colored sand.

  15. I love this little santa clause that I got at the dollar tree years ago

  16. My fave are the stockings we decorated ourselves and I love to go through all the ornaments that remind us of the year. We get a new special one every yr. don’t have many yet as my daughter is only three but love to go through them and remember why we got those.

  17. The nativity is my favorite.

  18. I love our tree the most! The lights and the ornaments, so cheery!

  19. My favorite Christmas decoration is a large painted nativity set that my Mother-in-Law painted for us 25 years ago. It is beautiful and there are tons of pieces. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance to go to Gaylord National Ice.

  20. My favorite decoration is the tree!!

  21. I love the tree at night with the lights

  22. I love the christmas tree!

  23. I’ve saved all of the Christmas ornaments my kids made over the years in school and scouts and other events. You know the ones. Cutout trees covered in glitter, Santa Clause with pom-pom beards, plastic balls with their photo inside, and my favorites, the handprints in clay. I LOVE these ornaments. They are usually pretty ugly and cheesy and aren’t very chic hanging from the tree, but they remind me of when my kids were little and I remember the time and place when they gave me that ornament. I hang them front and center and when my kids see them I still see a little bit of pride and a smile from them and then they say “I remember when I made that!”

  24. my favorites are the handmade ones the kids made when they were younger.

  25. I love Christmas lights on houses.

  26. My favorite christmas decoration is the crown of thorns I put at the top of the tree.

  27. My favorite is the handmade stocking hanging on our fireplace mantel. Three were made by a friend when our first son was born. When our second son was born I found the exact fabric and made one myself to make the 4th one. 🙂

  28. besides the collection of nativity sets and handmade stocking, my favorite is the kissing ball my grandmother made when I was very young. it. Hangs in the same place in her house, which we now live in. every time I see it I am feel about 8 years old.

  29. I’m so glad you’re back ‘home’ with us! 😉 My favorite decorations are our ornaments which we pick up on trips or when we celebrate a special event (new baby etc). Each one represents a sweet memory.

  30. Buffy McBryar says:

    My favorite decoration is any decorations that are made by my kids. They mean more than any fancy store bought decorations.

  31. Amanda Daly says:

    My favorite decoration is probably our playmobil nativity set, the kids play with it and can set it up how they want it an it is a nice reminder of why the season is about 🙂

  32. An old sled with a pair of ice skates hanging on it, sitting on our front porch.

  33. tress, candles, and nut crackers….mu husband proposed to me New Year’s Eve at the pagent of peacce in front of the Maryland tree!

  34. I love the nativity scene… my kids play with it all the time…thats tied with the advent calendar 🙂

  35. Outdoor lights are our favorite

  36. My favorite decorations are the Christmas lights! I’ll never get tired of driving through the neighborhood on Christmas Eve to see houses in all their glory.

  37. My favorite is my nativity set.

  38. Callie fowler says:

    I love my special Christmas star tree topper.

  39. My favorite decoration is the mantel. I know its actually more than one decoration but when it is all done with a fire lit in the fireplace it is awesome!

  40. Mendy Mendoza says:

    The pictures of my kids with the same Santa since they were born. I love seeing how they have grown each year