Favorite Fall Traditions: Cracker Barrel Giveaway

I love fall, it is my favorite season of the year. I love the leaves (even raking them), the crisp air, the cool nights, football, bonfires, pumpkins, sweaters, jeans, boots, turkeys, and everything else that comes with the arrival of fall.

Even though I am constantly cold throughout the winter- I love living in an area that has seasons, just so I can experience fall.

One of my favorite fall traditions is to visit to Colonial Williamsburg. If you’ve never been, you simply must go and the best time of year to go is the fall. It is rarely crowded and so beautiful with the colorful leaves.


My kids love getting a mug of apple cider or walking into the blacksmith shop for a break from the cool air. We’ve gone almost every year and it is one of my family’s favorite fall traditions.

Cracker Barrel wants to know some of your fall traditions. Now through November 6th you could win $10,000 by sharing them on The Sharing Tree site.

Before you head over to The Sharing Tree site, leave a comment here sharing your favorite fall tradition. One reader will win a $100 Cracker Barrel gift card! I know how much you all love Cracker Barrel so you’ll definitely want to enter. Giveaway ends October 20, 2012.

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  1. Cindy Pipes says:

    My favorite fall tradition would be to explore the covered bridges and fall festivals in our area. We have a covered bridge festival in October that is amazing with booths and foods from local vendors and farmers. Beans cooked over an open wood fire with pork chops and fried potatoes. The best part is the festival is free; however, the food is not nor is all the goodies you bring home at discounted rates!

  2. We love to jump in the leaves and take drives through the country to look at the changing leaves.

  3. Our favorite tradition in the fall is apple picking at the Elegant Farmer. Too bad this year with the drought there were not enough apples that we could go 🙁

  4. I have never really love fall. Summer is my favorite season, and to me fall was always a sad reminder that summer was over. But this is our son’s first fall. He is 9 months old; and my husband, who loves fall, decided that we needed some fall traditions. A few weeks ago, we went to an apple orchard and stood in line for apple cider doughnuts, petted the farm animals, and of course, picked apples. Then I came home and made yummy treats like homemade applesauce and apple cream cheese cake! This weekend we are going to drive up to Gatlinburg, TN to see the fall colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Then we’ll stop for pancakes at the famous Pancake House. I have to admit–maybe fall isn’t so bad after all!

  5. Becky Guttery says:

    We are in SWFL so we don’t get much of a “fall,” but we do love heading to north Georgia the end of October to catch a glimpse of the leaves changing colors.

  6. We don’t really have any fall traditions, but I do love the season and all the beauty. The flavors of fall are also some of my favorites…soup, apples and pumpkins!

  7. Canning applesauce, drinking cold and hot cider, watching the trees change colors on walks.

  8. Valerie H. says:

    I love a trip to one of local state parks, they’re beautiful this time of year!

  9. My favorite fall tradition is visiting the pumpkin patch with my family :)…we’ve already gone twice this fall!

  10. My favorite fall tradition is the exchanging fall baking treats with neighbors!

  11. We normally have a harvest party at my sister’s house. We carve pumpkins, eat chili and make s’mores. It’s a lot of fun!

  12. Taking our son to the pumpkin patch

  13. I get the kids together, go to our local park, rake up a huge pile of leaves and make great pictures of them playing together. This tradition is getting harder as 2 of my 3 are in college now but we still try and make it happen.

  14. Kristin Blackwell says:

    We love to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin to carve/decorate.

  15. We make leaf collections every year from all the different trees and colors.

  16. Going to the pumpkin patch and buying pumpkins, apples and apple cider donuts.

  17. We have a beautiful place a couple of hours from our home called the Talimena Drive – between Talihina, OK and Mena, AR – in the fall, it is gorgeous! We love to drive it with our 4 girls and take lunch with us for a picnic – good times! 🙂

  18. My favorite fall tradition is having a fire outside and rosting hot dogs & marshmellows with hot chocolate to drint and just enjoy the evening together as a family.

  19. I love a good hayride!

  20. Not a tradition yet, since we don’t live near in Maryland, but this sure was fun a couple of weeks ago with my grandkids and other family members. We went apple picking and then enjoyed the food and gourds:

    I guess we’ll have to find someplace like that near Orlando.

  21. My favorite tradition is carving pumpkins 🙂

  22. Our family goes apple picking and of course to the pumpkin patch.

  23. My kids love raking and jumping in leaves. I also love picking up pecans and shelling them for holiday baking.

  24. I love fall! The change of weather initiates many of my favorite traditions. I love changing the wardrobes and getting all the fall winter blankets on the beds and couches. I especially love curling up under the blankets with a good book.

  25. Our favorite fall tradition is apple picking. My kids really look foward to me making applesauce when get home.

  26. Pumpkins, corn mazes (when we can…they’re so expensive for large families), and admiring leaf colors are among our favorite things in the fall!

  27. The children help their Dad carve the pumpkin each year. It is always fun to get the youngest’s first impression of removing the seeds. The pictures of their facial expressions are priceless. We’ve learned immediately whether the child will turn out to be meticulous or dive into messy projects.

  28. MichelleH says:

    My family’s favorite tradition is jumping up and down when I make pumpkin cookies for the first time of the season. I wait until it’s cool-ish out and surprise them. They all get excited when they realize what I’m baking.

  29. I love sitting on the porch of my cabin in the woods and looking at the beautiful trees surrounding me, watching the leaves float to the ground and listening to the deer walking crunching the fallen leaves. Pure piece of heaven on earth.

  30. I love pumpkin carving with the kids and then roasting the seeds. So messy, but so fun!!

  31. Each year the kids make lots of fall crafts with their handprints and such. Instead of putting them in their storage or throwing them away, we pack them up with the fall decorations. It is so much fun each year taking out the decorations and finding the little treasures they have made. They love comparing their handprints on the trees and apples and pumpkins to see how they have grown.

  32. Beverly S. says:

    We live in west Tennessee in the middle of cotton fields. So, every fall our family goes on a cotton ride…instead of hay, we get in a huge trailer full of newly picked cotton! It’s so warm and soft! Then we roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate.

  33. Our favorite fall tradition is getting lost in the corn maze our neighbors have just up the road. It is lots of fun.

  34. Curling up with a good book, something hot to drink, and hanging out with my family is a great fall tradition.

  35. I love going out with the kids and raking up leaves to play in. The smell is delightful and it is so fun watching the kids enjoy the leaves.

  36. going to the pumpkin patch!

  37. Visiting an old-fashioned cider press and bringing home plenty of cider to freeze and last the winter 🙂

  38. Jennifier W. says:

    We like to help grandma pick pecans in her yard!

  39. T Bateman says:

    We have a neighborhood block party and celebrate the weather that has finally cooled down.

  40. We go to the same pumpkin patch every year and take pictures!!

  41. Apple bread and spice scented candles burning!

  42. Elizabeth says:

    I love hiking in the woods when the leaves are changing color.

  43. Sheila Laurence says:

    We don’t really have any fall traditions. It’s my least favorite season – oddly enough, because it means winter is almost here. Now spring – that’s a much differerent thing!

  44. We go apple picking each Autumn and enjoy supporting local small businesses. We recently found out that our local fave apple place was owned by the family member of a friend of ours….we, also, recently added 3 children at once…when we came that night to get our apples, cider and donuts we were blessed beyond words to have the owners pay for our donuts and cider themselves. Wow! Also, they recently won a poll naming them the best Cider Mill in Michigan! We’ll be heading there again for many more years to come!

  45. Fall is always a fun time for me. I love to decorate the house and use lots of fall scented candles. I also love all the apple and pumpkin recipes. We as a family go help older people rake their leaves so we can have them for our garden. Such fun memories of working together on a fun fall afternoon. Lois

  46. Stomping leaves. Every year since my oldest learned to walk, all my children have asked to go find a place with concrete and lots of dried leaves. They stomp on them and love to hear the crunch. Then they do another, and another. One person says how many to crunch at a time and they take turns coming up with a number from one to ten to stomp. My nine year old still loves this and doesn’t think it is too babyish to do.

  47. Every fall we make homemade applesauce to freeze….pumpkin pie…apple pie…apple crisp…Enjoy walks and praising God for the beauty of His creation each season.

  48. I love hot apple cider and playing board games in the evening with my two teens. We live in Texas so not to much Fall here per se but we make the best of it.

  49. Andrea D. says:

    My favorite tradition is drinking apple cider and going to a pumpikin patch. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  50. I like cooking and eating lots of pumpkin and squash.

  51. pumpkin patch and hayrides and enjoying apple cider:)

  52. Katherine says:

    I love taking our boys to the pumpkin patch! We go to the same one every year and it’s fun to watch them choose their own pumpkins and take pictures and then compare those to the year before. I can’t believe how much they grow and change in just a year!

  53. My favorite fall tradition is our church has a potluck lunch after church services at the farm of one of our church members. We eat, enjoy hot chocolate and apple cider and fellowship.The kids love to play and go on a hayride, and the teen boys play football. Some people bring their musical instruments and play. I really look forward to this event every fall.

  54. I love taking my daughter to a family farm with petting zoo and pumpkin patch! A new tradition we’ve started this year is going apple picking.

  55. Oh man, Id love to win this, we have never been there! We just bought a farm so Id like to make some new ones out here. We like to go to a pumpkin patch. Crunch dried leaves.

  56. My favorite fall tradition is taking my kids to the pick a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch!

  57. I have SO many favorite family traditions about Fall! We peel LOTS of apples for applesauce and apple butter. We bake and bake and bake some more! We fill the freezer with pumpkin puree. We take walks and drives enjoying the brilliant fall colors. Definitely my favorite season.

  58. We enjoy going to local fall festivals and looking at the fall colors. We also look forward to the pumpkin and apple recipes that are so popular in the fall!

  59. I love everything about fall! Everything! The crunching of the leaves beneath my feet, trips to the pumpkin patch, cool breezes, sweatshirt hoodies, soups and other comfort foods!

  60. We love to roast apples over the bond fire!! We love the outdoor brisk cold air sitting around the fire with friends and family!!

  61. I love hayrides and drinking apple cider! Nothing better! 🙂 Also, can’t beat jumping in a big pile of freshly raked leaves.

  62. We love to visit the farms and go apple and pumpkin picking.

  63. Kathy Ballard says:

    I just love decorating for Fall. One of my favorite times of year!

  64. Jackie Huvane says:

    This is my favorite place to stop on road trips to visit family for the holidays. I like to shop in the store for holiday decorations to give as gifts.

  65. Isabel Acosta says:

    We enjoy picking out pumpkins to carve and the start of me baking fall favorites

  66. I love going to the pumpkin patch picking out our pumpkins. Going on hayrides and sipping cider. Getting scared by the kids in the corn maze (my kids). Sitting at home reading or crocheting in my recliner all the while sipping some hot tea. (Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy) Yes, I LOVE FALL..

  67. Kelly Hess says:

    We love to go apple picking and on a hayride. Plus I love the smell of burning leaves, defintely means fall to me!

  68. For the last few years my favorite fall tradition has been the drive up to Pennsylvania for a blog conference. The leaves and the fall smells along the way really fill me up!

  69. Amanda Holm says:

    We love hiking! It’s great to be outside with the mild temperatures and enjoy God’s beauty!!

  70. Julie Weaver says:

    I love fall, I live in Illinois and the changing colors on the trees are beautiful. I also love Halloween and decorating for it and watching my girls go trick or treating. I love to volunteer at my daughter’s school and dress up for the Halloween party their as an annual witch.

  71. We decorate the house for fall and get fleece blankets and candles to sit outside together. At dusk we light the fire pit and just laugh and tell jokes. Closer to Halloween we watch Hocus Pocus (our seasonal favorite) and other movies while we cook and eat everything under the sun, and then add decorations for the holiday and choose costumes. It really is one of the favorite times of the year!

  72. Fall is my favorite time of year, however living in Tucson, we have to drive to see trees with leaves changing colors! We visit the pumpkin patch, make caramel apples, plan for the Christmas season and today we are going out looking for the finishing touches to our Halloween costumes!

  73. We love Corn Mazes!

  74. Laura Funchess says:

    Love driving through the mountains looking at all the gorgeous fall colors!

  75. Just one??? We’ll go with this past weekend, then – Apple picking, with all it’s delicious “quality control” and talking to the kids about how they grow and why they are different. Home to fill up mugs of cider and BAKE! (my husband makes the best apple pie ever!) This weekend will find up processing applesauce and apple butter (YUM!) I can’t leave out corn mazes and pumpkin patch, though. The kids are SO excited to trample through the great wilderness of the pumpkin vines to search out and claim the “most perfect beautifullest pumpkin EVER!”

  76. We have an annual Fall bonfire with our family and friends. Fantastic!

  77. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Great giveaway! My favorite fall tradition is going to the pumpkin patch and making candy apples!


  78. Our Fall traditions include driving around on the weekends into the mountains and looking at the leaves. We decorate the house in Fall colors and indulge in foods that are fall-like

  79. fall is my favorite time of year when the leaves are turning the beautiful colors the fairs and craft shows the pumpkin patchs corn maze hayrides and fires with roasted marshmellows apple cider the smells of apple pies squashs tricker treating i do all this with my granddaughter in ohio and this year i will be doing it in nc with my grandson fall reminds me of family the get together and the memories to cherish though the years

  80. My favorite thing to do in the Fall is go take photos some place – a garden, a park, the zoo, and then use the photos to make cards & gifts for Thanksgiving! Also – eating anything pumpkin!

  81. Every year we take our kids down to a pumpkin patch about 2 hours away. We go through a corn maze and pick out pumpkins. Then we decorate our porch and our pumpkins!

  82. Carving pumpkins and making apple cider. 🙂
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  83. Jessie C. says:

    One of our traditions is to decorate with autumnal items

  84. I love making small loaves of pumpkin bread with my grandchildren. We eat a loaf or two, give away a loaf or two, then freeze the rest for grabbing on my way to work on busy mornings. The grandkids ask quite often when it’s going to be time to make pumpkin bread again!

  85. Our favorite fall tradition is making pumpkin muffins with my kids!

  86. Selene M. says:

    Favorite fall tradition is going somewhere where the leaf color is spectacular – like the mountains of NC or GA. Sightseeing in these areas in the fall keeps a permanent smile on my face.

  87. Jenn McMahon says:

    When living in MI, it was a Fall tradition to head out to Blake’s cider mill for fresh donuts and cider. Check out all the pumpkins, walk around the beautiful acreage admiring all the colors on the trees leaves. I miss it. But now in NC, we admire the season in another way since there aren’t any cider mills around. We still watch the leaves change, but have hot cocoa and I make donuts! Our wedding anniversary is Oct 9th and this is an additional highlight to our Fall celebrations. 🙂

  88. Our favorite fall tradition is carving pumpkins and taking long drives admiring the beautiful leaf colors on the trees.

  89. Stephanie M. says:

    We love to travel to the NC mountains to spend a weekend watching the leaves turn colors. We spend time in the crisp air, in the heated hot tub watching the leaves twirl down to the ground. We love it!