Cutting Down the Tree

One of our family traditions is to cut down our Christmas tree each year. This tradition was pretty easy to start when we lived in WV, because there was a Christmas tree farm close by. It was a little harder in Virginia Beach, but we found a farm and cut a smaller tree than normal. I found a farm last year in Maryland that is beautiful and we plan to go again this year.

If you would like the excitement of cutting down your tree you can visit the Pick Your Own Christmas Tree website which lists Christmas tree farms all over the world. This website has lots of other information regarding how to pick a tree, how to make your tree last, as well as a list of farms that give sleigh rides.

Cutting your own Christmas tree is probably not the most frugal Christmas idea (unless you live in WV where the price of a seven foot tree is $18), but it is definitely the most fun. We usually make a day out of it. We bundle up, play Christmas music in the car, get hot chocolate or hot apple cider at the farm and then come home to decorate. We also stop at the bait and tackle store for more fishing line, but that is another story.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas tree cutting fun…




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  1. We like to do this also : ). It is kind of expensive here in the Philadelphia suburbs, but sometimes it is ok to spend money : ). The memories we make are priceless!

  2. We love this tradition as well. Last year we waited too long and had slim pickings. We are getting there early this year. Thanks for sharing in your family traditions.

  3. I wish we could do this, unfortunately I am highly allergic to trees, particularly evergreen trees. I would be sick the entire time it was in the house. So we have a nice artificial tree. Oh well.

  4. Oooh, the smell of fresh pine!! 😀 Looks like fun!

  5. Where did you find in Virginia Beach? We’re here now and I can’t find any place to cut down a tree. Just lots of them in parking lots…not my idea of a great memory.

  6. I hate to admit this, but I don’t like shopping for Christmas trees. I don’t like being cold, plus all that cold air aggravates my asthma (but mostly, I don’t like being cold).

    I just point to a tree and say very hopefully “that looks fine.” Then I proceed to stand there for ooooh, about six months, I’d say, while my husband and boys agonize over each tree.

    Then I point to another tree and say mournfully, “that looks fine” and wait for another six months while they debate.

    I mean, good grief, we are picking out a tree here. We are not adopting it or buying a car here, folks! It’s a tree….Still, I do love the decorating part of it! Especially the part where it falls every year, lol…and yes, I have read your post about that.

  7. Cool! Thanks for the link–I found several right near me.

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