Commissary Deals Starting September 25th

Don’t throw away your expired coupons…. military families stationed overseas can use coupons for up to six months after the expiration date. Are you stationed overseas and would like to receive expired coupons? Shoppers around the web want to support our troops by sending you their expired coupons. Email me at for all the details.

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Exciting News! Check out the sale prices on every sale item for your commissary. The commissary website now has a feature that allows you to log in and view the savings aisle for your commissary. You have to enter your social security number, last name, and birthday (so I am assuming this is only available to people who have commissary privileges) but this is a great way to plan your coupons/deals before you get to the store! Just go to this page to log in.

Print Commissary Coupons from home! Log on to Military to print your commissary coupons!

Commissary Sales Running from September 25 to October 8

409 All Purpose Cleaner Refill $2.99 (64 oz)

Apples (select varieties) 10lb/$10

Bounty Paper Towels $1.19

Charmin Flushables $1.19

Charmin Toilet Paper $5.49

Colgate $1.39

Eckridge Smoked Sausage $1.59 (16 oz)

Fresh Step Cat Little $3.49 (14 lbs)

Iams Canned Dog Food $0.69

Iams Dog Food $14.99 (20 lbs)

Kraft Easy Cheese $1.99

Kraft Singles $2.09 (12 oz)

Kraft Natural Cheese 2/$4 (8 oz)

Murphy Soap $1.99

Ocean Spray Drink $1.88 (64 oz)

Oral B Pulsar Toothbrush $3.79

Oscar Mayer Deli Creations 2/$3

Oscar Mayer Lunchables 2/$3

Oscar Mayer Bologna 4/$5 (16 oz)

Palmolive Ultra $1.99

Scoop Away Cat Litter $4.99 (20 lbs)

Tombstone Pizza 2/$6

More deals found by a reader…

Post and General mills cereals 1.79-2.39 (30+% off savings) paired with recent insert coupons you could get a steal!

All Keebler crackers – 2.00 (25% savings)

Ocean Spray (flavor varieties) – 1.88 (34% savings)

Sue Bee Honey – 4.79 – (35% savings)

Barilla Whole Grain pasta – 0.89 – (44% savings)

Pasta Roni products – 0.60 – (49% savings)

Bulls Eye BBQ sauce – 0.89 – (41% savings)

Kashi Waffles – 1.50 – (21% savings)

Haagen Dazs ice cream – 1.99 (31% savings)

Old El Paso Products – 0.40-0.99 cents (30-45% savings)

Pillsbury mixes – 0.75 – (56% savings)

Colgate toothpaste – 1.39 – (36% savings) – coupon in recent insert

Presto Trash Bags – 1.19 – (49% savings)

All Detergent – 3.49 – (22% savings) – coupon in recent inserts

Something I have found very helpful is to grab several of the displayed coupon that the store has put up and then hold on to them until the item is on sale.  This week I will be using coupons for:  El Paso products (1.00 off 2), Barilla pasta(0.40 off), Colgate toothpaste (1.00 off), Sue Bee Honey (1.00 off), Post and GM cereals, and Kashi waffles (BOGO free)  All of which were coupons that the commissary themselves gave to me over the last month.

Thanks Vonnie for these great deals!

Do you know of a great Commissary deal this week? Email it to me at and I will post the deal and link back to your site.

Do you think shopping at the Commissary is worth your time? Check out my Commissary shopping tips here.

Important Note! Watch the screen as your groceries are rung up. I have noticed several price mistakes on my last few trips to the commissary. Make sure you are getting the prices they advertise and the deals you deserve!

The Grocery Gathering is hosted at BeCentsAble each Monday and Thursday. Head over to check out all the deals being covered and to join in the discussion!

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  1. I was at the newspaper office the other day, for a field trip. They sell the remainders of rolls for under $2. I thought those might be good for wrapping presents. It’s thick. It can be decorated. INEXPENSIVE! What do you think?

    That’s for letting me know I”m not the only one buying gifts at garage sales!!!

  2. Hi! I am starting to home school my toddler and baby and very interested to know how you do with so many different ages and is there any way to save money and not spend so much on all the supplies? Any advice would be appreciated, also what led you down that path and have you seen the benefits yet? Thanks!

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