Bible in 90 Days ~ Will You Read with Me?

The following is a guest post from my sister-in-love who blogs at Mom’s Toolbox. If you want to know why I am joining her in this challenge you can read my perspective over at Mom’s Toolbox.

Have you ever thought about reading the Bible… the whole thing, from start to finish?

I thought about it for years, and even attempted a few times on my own, before I discovered Bible in 90 Days, joined a group at my church and read the whole thing without stopping, cover to cover.

I was so blown away by the experience that I offered to facilitate it at my next church and have since facilitated several more times, trained facilitators and now plan to host an online community via my blog, Moms Toolbox.

If you have ever considered reading the whole Bible, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you join me January 1- March 31, 2010, as I read and blog through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, bit by bit, in order, every day.

If you would like to join our online community, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Plan to set aside about an hour each day from January 1- March 31 for an incredibly enriching experience.
  • Get your hands on a Bible in 90 Days Bible from, or your local Christian bookstore.
  • Consider also purchasing the Bible in 90 Days Participant’s Guide which offers weekly questions for you ponder to gain more insight from your reading. (I’ll be using these questions for our weekly Twitter meet-ups.)
  • Consider purchasing the Bible in 90 Days Essential Bible Companion, which offers a snapshot of information to help you make it through each week’s reading without getting distracted by researching on the internet.
  • Bookmark my site,, and plan to visit January 1- March 31 after you have completed each day’s reading to see what I learned and report in that you have read for the day.
  • Follow me on Twitter and plan to be on Twitter every Monday night of the program from 9-10 CST (much like a study meeting—just online!) when we can ask and answer each other’s questions. Use and look for the #B90Days hashtag for our group discussion.

I would bet some of you are asking “Why this particular Bible?” Here’s why:

The official The Bible in 90 Days Bible is an NIV Bible, so it is an easy-to-read direct translation. This edition has large type, minimal footnotes and indicates where you should start and stop reading each day. Sure, you could accomplish this goal using your own Bible, but the statistics point to a huge success ratio for those using this official Bible.

Although we won’t be meeting in person, my prayer is that via almost-daily online communication on my blog, as well as on Twitter we can still hold each other accountable, helping each other to accomplish our goal to read every word of the Bible attentively in 90 days.

I’d love to encourage you in this endeavor. It has been life-changing for me.

I cannot express how much reading the bible in 90 days has helped me with every study I have participated in and every sermon I have heard since then. I now know the context of the stories. I know where to find them… and I can clearly see how they are related. And to read about Christ and the fulfillment of countless prophesies just after you’ve read about those prophesies is amazing!

If you’re up for the challenge, I’m up for encouraging you every step of the way.

Pray about it. Think about it… And click on over to Mom’s Toolbox to let me know if you’d like to join in the challenge and to learn more. But do it soon so you’ll be ready to start 2010 in His Word… all of it!

Hope to see you there!

** If you still have questions, plan to follow me on Twitter and join me for our first Twitter chat this Monday, December 21 from 9-10 CST.

Bible in 90 Days Giveaway

For those of you who are interested in reading along with us, I have one copy of the Bible in 90 Days Bible plus a study guide to give to one reader. Please leave a comment letting me know you are interested in participating.

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  1. This is something on my to do list for 2010 so why not join in and have a little support group to help me along. I am in!

  2. I am interested.

  3. I would love to have this and would love the support to encourage me 🙂

  4. Sounds like a neat idea.

  5. I would love to join you and would certainly love the Bible and Study Guide! I have just set a goal to read the Bible through with my 9 year old daughter next year. I have read through it just once before, and it was life changing. I know each time I read it, I am blessed by new insights and would love to follow along with this program. Thank you so much for the idea!

  6. Kristy B. from WV says:

    This is definitely something I would like to try!

  7. This sounds tempting… But I would be one greatly influence doing this with a bible clearing outlining the daily goals/starting and ending sections. I have read all of the bible at some point… But not straight through continuously in such a short amount of time.

    By the way, have you ever heard of Faith Bible Institute? Yes, the acronym is FBI, ha-ha and all that. It’s a detailed study of the bible. Verse. by. verse. It’s incredible, college-level stuff taught in semester form through classes on DVD. Our church in Italy offered it, and I got in four semesters. (There are six.) I highly recommend it if you ever have the opportunity.

  8. I’m interested!

  9. This has been on my to do list for so long, it’s ridiculous. Count me in, and in the meantime I’ll pray to find 1 hour a day to actually make it happen…

  10. I’m interested, and have signed up–but didn’t know the official Bible in 90 Days even existed! I’m going to use my new NLT Bible if I don’t win… 🙂

  11. I have tried to read through the Bible so many years. It seems like I stop around the beginning of March. 🙁 Whether I win this Bible or not, I’m definitely going to join this challange!!

    ~Kelly in AR

  12. I would love to join in on this challenge! I read the Bible through when I was young, and would love to do it again now that I understand it better. You always learn something new each time you read your Bible.

  13. I am really bad about starting a challenge like this and then fizzling out after a few weeks…I think getting a bible like that one would help immensely!

  14. This is a wonderful challenge to take on – and what a great Bible to use!

  15. This is a great opportunity!!!! Count me in!

  16. I will be participating in this challenge, but I’d love to have a Bible to use!

  17. I would love to participate. Winning the Bible and study guide would be great!

  18. OH! I would LOVE to do this. I have a morning devotion daily, but think this would add so much more to my day. Please enter me in the giveaway!

    Have a great day!

  19. Jennifer Weigant says:

    Definitely interested in doing this with you. I just bought the Apologetics Study Bible so I really can’t afford to buy another one. I would love to have the 90 day Bible to help me finish!

  20. I’d really like to participate! I’ve been reading through the Bible this year, but am many weeks behind. I need the extra “nudge” and support of others to keep myself on track. Thanks!

  21. I’m looking forward to the challenge!

  22. I have tried many times to read the bible all the way through and usually get lost somewhere in Leviticus or Chronicles and sadly give up. But, i’m excited to try again! Hopefully accountability will help.

  23. Thanks for introducing this idea to me. I’ve read the NT in <90 days but I haven't tried going straight through. I won't be reading along with you (so please don't let me win the giveaway), because I have another scripture study project going on, but the Bible in 90 days sounds like a great summer project for me. Thx.

  24. I have read the Bible through a few times and a few years ago did it with MacArthur’s Daily Bible (read the Bible in one year) but have never done it in 90 days!

  25. I would love to read along with everyone! What a great giveaway….hoping I win! 🙂 Reading the bible in it’s entirety is my New Year resolution, so this would be perfect. Thanks so much.

  26. I’d love to join in!

  27. i would love to do this!!

  28. I’d really like to try this! I guess if I win the giveaaway that seals the deal! 🙂

  29. I shared this challenge on my blog—hope you don’t mind. I think it’s a great idea.

  30. Count me in Toni! We read through the Bible each year as a family, but I’d love to do an accelerated read through. Thanks!!

  31. Sounds great! Thanks! 🙂

  32. Angela Ludlam says:

    I would love to have this bible, but not for me. I would love to have it for my husband. I think it could truly enrich his life.

  33. Michelle Machado says:

    I have been wanting to do this for some time. I would love to start with all of you.

  34. Please enter me, I would love to win.

    Either way I will read along with you guys.

  35. If I had the Bible I’m sure I’d be more likely to participate to the end. I’ve tried on my own before and never made it all the way through. Maybe this will be the year. 🙂

  36. I started this at my old church but didn’t finish. 🙁 Would love to do it along with you all! Can’t afford to get the official Bible right now though because hubby doesn’t have a job right now and Christmas is kind of draining us. lol So it would be awesome to win it. 🙂

  37. Wow I had never heard of this. What a great idea.

  38. Steffanie A. says:

    I have a Bible for the year but wow-90 days-that would be amazing!!!

  39. I am interested!

  40. Sounds like a great study!

  41. I would love to participate. My husband just lost his job and we are looking to the Lord for provision for us and our six kids, so every purchase is hard these days.

  42. Neat! I’d love to get through the whole thing so quickly while retaining all the information! Thanks for the give away!

  43. I’m in! I will need all the encouragement I can get, so I’m going to see if the hubby wants to join as well.

  44. I’m in! I’ve attempted before to read straight through, but only got halfway through the old testament. I’ve read through the New Testament separately. Our Sunday School is focusing on the Old Testament this year, so that should work well also!

  45. Julie Brockmeier says:

    I would love to join you, and I would love to win the Bible because there just isn’t money in the budget for it right now. Thanks:)

  46. I am definitely interested in participating! January is going to be rough so this would be just the help I need.

  47. What a great giveaway. I’d love to do this. I am going to be on maternity leave for the next year, so now is the time!

  48. I tried this once and got stuck in the old testament. Maybe this group would be what I need! 🙂

  49. My (then) 17 yo son and I did this over the summer and we both LOVED it. We used our own Bibles and just printed the bookmarks from Bible in 90 Days and read till the verses listed each day. It was a really great experience. It changes how you think about the Bible – and you see so many things that are tied together, prophecies that come true – it was FUN!

  50. What a great thing to start off the new year committing to God’s Word. I’m in! thanks for sharing this and offering the challenge.

  51. I’ve signed up to participate. Would love to win.

  52. Wow, this sounds like a great challenge! I am definitely interested!

  53. Paula Morgan says:

    Am most interested, have tried this several times, but find it difficult wading through the language and trying to interpret some of the meanings. would love to have one of these bibles. thanks for the giveaway.

  54. I love the idea. Please count me in.

  55. Sign me up, been looking for a good program to read through the whole Bible.

  56. I have always wanted to do this challenge! It would be awesome to win this special Bible! 🙂

  57. How fun! What a great challenge!

  58. I think this 90 day journey through the Bible is just what my aching heart needs right now. I would love to win this because we have been working very hard for a year to live on cash only so we can dig out of our mountain of credit card debt. And right now there is no cash for buying this Bible. It would be a wonderful blessing in so many ways. 🙂

  59. Would love to win and to participate.

    What a great way to start the new year!

  60. I would love to win this so I can join in!

  61. This looks neat. I’d love to win.

  62. Sounds like a great idea. Would love to be entered to win the bible.

  63. Would love to give this a try.


  64. Would love to try this!

  65. I’m signing up. This is just what I need. There are a few areas of my life I’ve been diligently praying about, seeking God’s will and praying for a miracle. I hope this will help me to draw closer to God so that I can understand His will for me. 🙂

  66. I have signed up to participate and am really looking forward to it! I will have to use my own Bible because my husband has been out of work for some time and we can’t afford the actual Bible (so winning one would be a huge blessing!), but regardless, I am going to put my best effort into doing this and am really looking forward to it!

  67. Somebody's Mimi says:

    I hope I can understand all this!

  68. I would love to participate!

  69. ohh I hope I win one!

  70. Definitely interested in participating! Really need this right now!

  71. I’m definitely participating…what a great way to start the year! I would love to win the Bible and the study guide!

  72. I cant wait to get started and would love this bible!

  73. Would love to participate. ~Amber

  74. I’ve signed up to participate and can’t wait! Would love to win! God bless – Holly

  75. Wow! With that kind of testimony, it’s hard to NOT want to participate! Count me as interested in the giveaway!

  76. I want ti join and would love to enter to win.

  77. katena dyser says:

    I would love to win but if not I have budget for this am so excited.

  78. I’ve barely read the bible if ever. Would love to win and participate!


  79. Need to get back into the Word. Would like to participate.

  80. I would like to try to read through the Bible in 90 days. I am currently undergoing chemo and this would be the perfect time for me to set aside to do this. I have tried to read through the Bible in a year and have never been able to follow through for the entire year. I will have to use my Bible because at the present time there are no funds for buying another Bible.

  81. Okay. I’ve been contemplating this for a while. I’m in. I think this will be a good way to finally accomplish one of my goals – read the WHOLE Bible.