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I am trying my best to get to all your posts each week. I am also choosing at least one book off everyone’s list to check out from our library. Unfortunately I can’t remember who suggested which book, but you all are reading some good books! I have another batch ready to pick up at the library this weekend with more of your book basket picks! I can’t wait!

Next week I hope to include some resources and links that will help you create reading lists for your children.

Our books this week.

Nate the Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat To be honest I haven’t read this book, but my eight year old loves it. It is a series so he asked if I could check out more of these books. I hope to look over it this weekend.
The Baker’s Dozen: A Counting Book by Dan Andreasen Don’t read this if you are on a diet. A counting book featuring baked goods. My 5 year old was asking for cakes and doughnuts after we read it!
The Big Green Pocketbook by Candice Ransom Fun story about a little girl and her mom who run errands all morning. The little girl has a large green purse which she fills with treasures during the errands. My children (5, 7) enjoyed this book.
The Owl Who Became the Moon: A Cherokee Story (Picture Puffins) by Jonathan London I didn’t get the story, but the illustrations were very nice.
Market Day: A Story Told with Folk Art by Lois Ehlert I love the illustrations in Ehlert’s books. I am glad I have kids so I have and excuse to check them out from the library! This book has lovely folk art illustrations and tells a simple story of going to market.
Marshmallow by Clare Newberry Cute book with charcoal drawings. A story of a cat and a bunny, my 5 and 7 year old enjoyed the book. Fun book to read if you are thinking of getting a bunny.
The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick I loved this book. Part graphic novel, part picture book for big kids, and a great story. The pictures (which are amazing) are key to the story and really bring this book to life. I couldn’t put this book down until I finished it. My 14 and 12 year old’s liked it too, although my 12 year old thought it was sad. (He hasn’t finished it yet so he doesn’t know it has a happy ending.
Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children by Ann Cooper I thought I would like this more more than I did. I actually stopped reading it about halfway through because I realized I don’t care about what is served in the lunch rooms of public schools across the country, my kids eat at home. There are some good recipes in this book and I did learn more about how this country has trended towards yucky, chemically altered food, but I think there are books that do a better job providing the information. My suggestion would be to skip to the second half of the book and check out the recipes.
A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle Cute story about a hermit crab who grows out of his shell and then decorates his new shell with his underwater friends. Carle’s illustration are captivating as usual and my kids liked this book since once upon a time we had a hermit crab.
Daisy Comes Home
by Jan Brett Story about a hen that is lost and then found. Cute illustrations, interesting story. One negative is that there is a finders keepers theme so you might want to avoid the story if that bothers you.
Sky Tree: Seeing Science Through Art by Thomas Locker Really liked this book about a tree changing throughout the seasons. There are questions at the bottom of each page and the artwork is amazing. Highly recommend! My children ages 3-8 loved this book and I saw my 12 yo looking through the book after we read it.

What are you reading this week? With summer quickly approaching will your children spend more or less time reading books? Mine spend a little more time because they are allowed to stay up later and read in the evenings.

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  1. Mine read more during the summer. Like yours because they get to stay up later and also just because they have more time without school work. I also seem to read more during the summer. We love to read in our house.

  2. mine will peobably get read to about the same or a little less,since im sure,they will be playing outside more

  3. You said, “I actually stopped reading it about halfway through because I realized I don’t care about what is served in the lunch rooms of public schools across the country, my kids eat at home.”

    LOL That is the same reason I stopped reading it. I pick it up once in a while to look at the recipes, but that is it.

    A House for Hermit Crab was one of our favorites when the kids were much smaller. Great for learning the months of the year.

    My kids also loved Nate the Great. 🙂

    You have a good list.

  4. I say I have 3 books I’m working on. Really, I have about 5-6 started books I want finish reading one day soon. It’s hard when you don’t get to read even 15 min/day most days!! And to think, I was an avid reader. These days, I’m afraid to start reading because I think I’m going to fall asleep! LOL!!

  5. I love these posts I am writing down suggestions from these since summer is coming I want to make the most of the library. I have two girls 10 and 4 so thinking of getting Little House on the Prairie and see if I read it out loud if it will hold the little ones attention as well. Have you tried reading chapter books to your different aged children with success?

  6. I love book share…I’m going to share one book at a time, just my favorite!

  7. Lois Ehlert and Eric Carle books are favorites around here.

    I need to remember to put the Brian Selznick book on hold at our library.

    Thanks for hosting this series, I am really enjoying all of these book ideas.

  8. I love this idea. I am linking my blog right now. Fun way to share books with others!

  9. Renee @ IndyWilsons says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed “The Baker’s Dozen.” Good warning to those on a diet 🙂

  10. I don’t have kids to make book suggestions for (yet), but I was at the library for myself yesterday. I love free book reading! I’m thinking of keeping track of how much it saves me over buying books (which I would never do en masse like at the library).

    Great feature!

  11. Aack! I’m late! 🙂

    Wasn’t Hugo a great book!??!
    A House for Hermit Crab would be a good one for us to look for next week. Thanks!

  12. We are reading TONS of books… I think we take out almost 50 a week! But either way, as a read aloud I had to chime in that we are currently reading the Ravenmaster’s Secret.. by Eleanor (?) Woodruff. It is so good! This is the second book we have read by her… the first was The Christmas Doll, which actually had a boy and girl character, so all the children have loved both these.

    We read more silently over the summer, but not as much out loud… we are out playing a lot on summer evenings and don’t have as much time to read. But on those dark winter nights in Dec. and Jan. we just plow through read alouds!

    I recommend everyone participate in their library’s reading contest… it’s the quietest three weeks of the year! The children are trying to win the reading award.

  13. Hey, I found your blog through Applie’s Place. This was a good idea – I keep meaning to write down our library books and I keep right on forgetting. This should help!

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