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A few weeks ago I received a copy of Weather Wits and Science Snickers to try out with the kids. I’m always looking for fun supplemental curriculum for my kids to use over the summer. Or inevitably I have one kid who finishes all their work in mid march, so it is nice to have some books on hand to keep them occupied.

weather curriculum

Written by meteorologist, Steve LaNore,  Weather Wits is fully illustrated and has more graphics on each page than words, which for my kids is a bonus! I find that my visual learners retain more with curriculum that has lots of illustrations.

My nine year old really enjoyed Weather Wits and Science Snickers. I wasn’t sure if she would get the jokes since the curriculum is for ages eight and up, but she did and continued reading and giggling through the book after we were done with our lesson.

The jokes in the book are clean and help kids remember concepts about weather. For example:

Did you hear of the man who wrote tornado adventures? 

Yeah, the plots were really twisted. 

weather curriculum

At the end of the book there is a resource and web section for additional study. As always, please check the websites before showing them to your kids. Most of them are .gov websites and are safe for little eyes, but I always like to be careful when giving my kids web resources.

There is also a student workbook , but since we are using it for a summer supplement I have not been using the workbook. I did give my nine year old a few sample questions and she found them to be moderate to difficult. I would recommend using the workbook if you wanted to use this as more of a curriculum than a supplement.

If you are looking for some summer science fun for your kids grab a copy of Weather Wits and Science Snickers. Chances are we’ll have some wacky weather this summer and your kids will have fun understanding the science behind it!

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