Preparing for Advent

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It’s almost time to celebrate Advent, are you ready?

Advent translated means “the coming.”  It’s the time we as believers anticipate the coming of Christ’s birth.

The first few years as a new family I did not celebrate a Santa Christmas, but I also did not celebrate Advent.  I knew there were so many beautiful details to the story of Christ’s birth, so one year I decided to learn them along with my children!

You do not have to be a Bible study teacher to celebrate Advent.  (You also do not have to be a homeschooler!)  Last year my boys and I enjoyed working through Truth in the Tinsel. It is a beautiful adventure for little hands (and maybe a few big hands who love crafts).

This year we will continue using the eBook, but using the new pre-made ornaments.  I am hoping to focus more on God’s Word and less on my high expectation of perfect tree ornaments. Because it’s hard to explain God’s grace and mercy when I may or may not have freaked out over sloppy craft mistakes.

Start Preparing for Advent Now

  • Plan ahead for time you’ll need to dedicate to Advent teaching (15-30 minutes each day).
  • Clean up and replenish craft supplies.
  • Spend time in prayer.  Ask God to make Himself known to your children.
  • Buy or print any schedules, programs, or curriculum you will be using.
  • Talk to your children about what you’ll be doing and why before you start day one.

If you’re celebrating Advent, what will you be doing?

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  1. We’re doing a simple plan similar to the one I grew up with. I pre-made simple tokens that we’ll glue to a calendar. Here’s the plan

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