Class of 2020


This is a picture of the kindergarten class at our homeschool. I love this age because the work is easy and they don’t get frustrated. I take the relaxed approach to kindergarten with our kids. We don’t “do” school every day and some days we do extra. Today my son wanted to complete eight lessons in one of his workbooks so he did. Yesterday he completed two math lessons and today we only finished half of one. School with my little ones is about me, being purposeful with the time that I have with them, one on one, no distractions. It is about stories and coloring books, bright colored flash cards and lots of manipulatives. It is about having fun with mom, singing songs, making up motions to bible verses, and playing charades. Book reports, chapter reviews and tests will come soon enough. For now I am going to enjoy my time with the Class of 2020.

Our Kindergarten Curriculum

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Personal Finance Books that Influenced Me

When my husband I decided to become debt free, one of the first things I did was check out every personal finance, frugal living, and get out of debt book I could find at our library. Financial books and the bible were the only books I read that summer. There were many great books out there, and a few really bad ones. I did find that in most books I didn’t agree with every idea the authors were promoting, but I could glean something from almost every book.

Here is a list of the books I found particularly helpful:

The best thing about it was that it didn’t cost me a penny.

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Second Semester

Tomorrow marks the end of our second homeschool semester. This would not be significant except for the fact that our school year began in July! We have had a number of hiccups in our school year, including our second state-to-state move in a year. I am actually amazed that we have managed to complete two semesters. I have avoided the winter homeschool blues, if only because of the incredible pressure to complete this semester.

This weekend I will work on report cards, a first for me, and try not to have a biased view of my children. In eight years of homeschooling I have never kept grades for our kids. I just didn’t feel that grades accurately reflected what our kids were learning. I have one child that could score an “A” on any multiple-choice test even if he didn’t understand the material; he is just a good guesser. I have another that would have trouble scoring well on any test that wasn’t math because he has a slew of learning disabilities.

I believe grades aren’t important, it’s their understanding of the material that matters. Now we live in a state with strict homeschool laws and grades are required, so I will grudgingly comply while dreaming of the day that we move again and regain some of our homeschool freedom.

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