Save on Paper and Clutter with a Dry Erase Board

The amount of paper my children use for schooling is incredible. I buy it by the case and it seems like we are always running out. One way we save money and paper is by using a dry erase board for some of our activities.

I have found that using white boards works best with spelling tests, practicing math facts, sentence diagraming, and instead of scratch paper. My husband found our white boards at the dollar store that came with a marker and eraser. If you need something sturdier Joy from FiveJ’s has an excellent tutorial for making your own white board.

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  1. We use dry erase markers for school regularly too! I have decided though that with younger kids in the house, the investment in washable dry-erase markers is well worth it. There are tricks to get regular dry erase marker out of clothing, furniture, etc…but it is time consuming! My two-year-old loves to have his own dry erase marker board while his big sister is doing spelling words, but I don’t trust him at all not to reach out and swipe his or someone else’s clothing with it. 🙂

  2. We love dry erase boards! We have one large one on the wall and a couple smaller ones for the kids to use on the table or chair or car… There are days when the kids don’t want to do their work on paper, but they always love to write their work on the dry erase boards!

  3. …. posted on another blog I follow.

    We’^e been using dry erase boards for years – awesome tool!

  4. I’ve had some trouble finding a good dry erase board…the one on the kids’ art easel, and a store bought one that I’ve used for a weekly schedule (that cost quite a bit) are not very good…the marker doesn’t erase well, even when wiped off with the special cleaner or vinegar water. Is it the marker brand? How does your white board brand work for you? Thanks!

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      The one’s my husband bought at the dollar store work surprisingly well. We have been using them for about 6 months and they are still holding up. I have some dry eraser markers I purchased, but my kids also use the one that came with the board. It still works too.

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