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Homeschooling is hard work, especially through those long dreary winter months. Unless of course you live in Florida, then homeschooling in January is pretty awesome! But I digress…

We’re starting something new at The Happy Homeschool, free monthly newsletters to give you all sorts of ideas for crafts, snacks, books, themed worksheets, and all around fun! You don’t even need to be a homeschooler to benefit from these newsletters!

If you’d like to receive these free monthly newsletters (and don’t worry, it is only once a month we’re not here to overwhelm your inbox) click the link below. If you are already a homeschool subscriber there is no need to fill out the form. You should have received your Thanksgiving themed newsletter yesterday. If you didn’t check your spam. 🙂

And don’t worry if you missed the Thanksgiving newsletter, once you sign up you’ll have access to that too!

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