First Day of School

Today was our first official day of school. The kids did not want to get up, but other than that the morning routine went well. I took pictures of each child and measured them to see how tall they are at the beginning of the year. It is quite funny to measure your daughter on your tiptoes.


I took a group photo (those are always fun) and then we started our day.


In typical fashion our first day was not without interruption as out littlest one was sick and we visited the doctor and pharmacy. Nothing like strep throat on the first day of school. Doesn’t she look terribly ill?


The kids finished all of their school work and had time to play in the afternoon. For some strange reason I let them get out the paints, and said yes to them painting on the front porch. Wait, did I say on the front porch, I meant paint the front porch, because that is what they did in the 15 minutes I spent on the computer during free time.


Remember the post I wrote a few weeks back about letting your preschoolers make messes…. I take it back.

Anyway, I attempted to scrub and spray the paint off the house and porch for about 45 minutes. It looks better but not great, any ideas?

Dad came home while I was scrubbing and we headed out for our celebratory 1st Day of School Dinner. Let’s just say I was not feeling very celebratory at this point, but I was hungry.

After much debate we went to Fuddruckers and everyone, including me had a good time.



Here are my kids, completely glued to the television which was tuned in to the Democratic National Convention. Huh?


As you can see, I was in a much better mood leaving Fuddruckers…


In all seriousness, today was awesome. We got everything done and 4 out of 5 kids said they had a great day! Hopefully tomorrow will be as successful but less eventful!

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  1. 4 out of 5 kids, huh? Which one was the dissenter? My guess is either #1 or #2 boy.

  2. Hope you have a great school year! : )

  3. Your family is beautiful, and they all look so happy … even on the first day of school!

  4. Oh, dear. I really don’t know how you’ll get that paint off…do you have TSP or anything like that?

  5. The last photo cracks me up! Glad you were in such a better mood.

    Regarding the paint, would scrubbing with SnoBowl work? I believe it has a bit of miratic acid in it, we clean the topsides with it and the boat always comes out nice and snowy white!

  6. YAY for a good first day of school!! I’m sorry little miss is sick 🙁

    And you are so cute! You look like a kid yourself 🙂 What a great idea to measure them on the first day of school 🙂

  7. Glad y’all had a good first day of school. Guess the kids got kinda excited on the porch. Sounds wonderful going out to celebrate!

  8. Happy first day of school!


  9. This post just really made me want to homeschool. I have two girls and one year left till the oldest one goes to k-garten but I’m in a constant state of internal conflict about whether to send her and let her have that traditional experience of public school education or homeschool her myself.

    I wish I knew which answer was right. This year she’ll be going to preschool 3 mornings a week for 1/2 days but I know time will fly!

    As for the porch, good luck getting it off. I let my girls do the same thing once and I just figured the rain would wash it away eventually. Ours isn’t covered though. It’s just a stoop. 😉

  10. Somebody's Mimi says:

    To Elisa: I went to public schools in the 50’s and 60’s, for the simple reason everyone else was there. My kids (for the most part) went to public schools in the 70’s and 80’s, because we didn’t have homeschooling. The public school system has changed dramatically since the 50’s and even the 80’s… in my mind it is a dangerouse place for any child’s well being both mentally and physically. I think most parents are under the assumption you need a college education to home school and for that reason many children are going to public school and are exposed to sooo many things that I as an adult don’t even want to learn!
    No question… if you want your child to have an excellent education by a person that truly loves them… HOMESCHOOLING IS THE WAY TO GO! There are plenty resources to help you along the way… you’ll be learning as your child learns, what a great life experience. Put on your big girl pants and go for it!

  11. I have a suggestion of a book series. I hope this is the right place to leave it. I never do this sort of thing.

    I have a boy with dyslexia too.
    He is 14 and a Freshman in public high school this year. Nate is the youngest of my two boys. He is not as avid a reader as my oldest but he does find a book he likes once in a while.

    My older son read the whole Animorph series when he was younger. If is science fiction. The books are numbered so it helps to start at or new the beginning if you can. About a group of boys that learn from meeting an alien how to transform into different animals as they try to save the Earth from an alien invasion. Boxcar children was another favorite. The Littles were fun. There are many great kids books. We picked up some of the hard to find editions on e-bay and we even picked some up at used book stores and garage sales. I always suggested books that I loved to read as a kid. My hubby had some great suggestions too.

    Nate is currently reading the Indiana Jones Series.
    I picked them up at Walmart. My older boy read a bunch of Star Wars books in the 5th grade.

    What about Davey Crocket or Daniel Boone?
    Sometimes the older books are really great!
    Little House on the Prarie was a popular pick around here for a while. The books from Chonicles of Narnia (there is a witch though).

    Have you thought about audio books with a hard copy for him to follow along with?

    I hope you can find something to make him happier reading.

  12. It only took 3 years of blistering Nevada heat to wear off the paint on my back patio…. Thanks to my nice friend and HER idea of painting bird houses with the kids…. *snicker* Hahahaha good luck with your pretty paint =-)


  1. […] The Happy Housewife only had enough material to last the morning.  Her kids played outside in the afternoon.  Not our kids.  They continued to learn morning, noon and night.  Noggin provides 24 hours of endless teaching for pennies a day.  As if that’s not good enough our 6-year-old learned the color blue today thanks to seven hours of Blues Clues!!! […]

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