Curriculum Exchange

by contributing writer Stef

Looking for new curriculum this year? If you’re on a budget you might consider a curriculum exchange.

curriculum exchange

Curriculum exchanges are great when you do not want to sell books because you will need them in upcoming years.

Each year about spring time I like to make a list of all the curriculum I would like to get into my hands.  Then I check with my friends to see what curriculum they have and if I have something we can exchange.

Teacher manuals and guides quickly add up financial, so they end up being a huge savings if you can exchange them.  Letting those go first will allow you to buy other curriculum you want.

The idea is to partner with another home educator who wants their stuff back (in good condition) to use with another child later.

Curriculum Exchange Tips

  1. Keep your books in good condition.  Keep friend’s books in better condition.
  2. Exchange only with home educators you know. (Don’t post curriculum on Craigslist or random tweets if you want to see it again).
  3. Make sure you agree on dates when you’ll ship and return curriculum.
  4. Be flexible.  You might not get exactly what you want, but something in the same series is still free.
  5. Keep a list of what you borrowed so you know which book(s) go where at the end of the year.
  6. Chapter books, dvds, and cds are also another great resource to exchange.

I have been exchanging homeschool curriculum for a few years now, and it has truly helped our budget.  How do you save on homeschool curriculum?

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  1. We are homeshcooling our girls next year! I cant wait, we are getting excited. Im looking up reviews and cirriculum ahead of time, getting ideas and plans going. I have been saving your emails in a homeschool folder I made, you are helping me a lot! So, Im very interested in doing this to save money, how do I go about starting it. I live out in the country in CO, there are quite a few of us out here that homeschool, they have a co-op they do, maybe Id ask there? Thanks for everything you are doing!

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