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Repurpose Magazine Holders

This is a clever idea for repurposing magazine holders.

Found on Pinterest.

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  1. My worry with this one would be onion skins and bits falling onto the floor underneath. Wonder if there’s a clever hack for THAT? Hmmm.

  2. About the onion skins falling on the floor…
    A lot of big box fabric stores ALWAYS have linen on sale. Sew yourself a washable liner. Now tht I typed that…maybe use wipe-able fabric so you don’t have to throw the whole in the wash if it get dirty. If using linen, remember that it shrinks ALOT when washed and dried.

  3. Maybe putting a nice coordinating napkin on the bottom – or clear vinyl to help keep that from happening??

  4. Would the onions start sprouting if they were stored like that? I always have trouble with my onions doing that even when they’re stored in semi-darkness. This would save me some space though, which would help immensely. Thanks!

  5. Could you fold a decorative towel into the holder as a lining before you put the onions in? That should keep the mess to a minimum…

    • you could go to a thrift store and get some fabric dinner napkins and put in the bottom.. its cheap and its a no sew project and wont shrink in the washer if you have to wash them..

  6. Summer Lightner says:

    Has anyone actually found a wire magazine like that? I can’t!

  7. $42.96 list price from Willow House for one magazine holder…

  8. Arizona says:

    This is not as ‘fancy’ looking but it’s much cheaper

  9. Found this cheapie at Hobby Lobby for 19.99. Going to put hooks on the ‘towel’ portion and use it to hang my oven mitts and trivets.

    Also at Hobby Lobby:

  10. Any suggestions on where to purchase these items?

  11. I found mine t a place here in town called Fallas for 5.00 dollars


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