Organizing Kitchen Towels

I have mentioned a few times I’m a closet paper towel user, but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to change my ways. I have a drawer full of hand towels just waiting to be used, washed, used, washed, used, washed… you get the idea.

The problem is I have a drawer full of towels, so full it won’t close. The kids get frustrated when putting away laundry so they put the towels in other places around the kitchen, and eventually I can’t find any towels.

Then last week I remembered an idea my mom had for too full drawers.

Roll the towels.

I can fit almost twice as many rolled towels in the drawer as I can folded towels. I’ve been using the method for a few days now and I love my organized drawer! It almost makes me want to give up paper towels… almost.

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  1. WOW! You weren’t exaggerating when you said that you can fit twice as many towels in the drawer when you roll them! I just read your post, then went to roll my dishtowels because my drawer would barely shut as well. I now have TONS of space in there! It’s really unbelievable! Thank you and your mom for this great idea! Got any more???!!! LOL!

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      Yep! If your kids have crazy drawers full of clothes you can try this tip for clothes too! Worked great for my girls when they all 3 shared a dresser!

  2. I broke my paper towel habit by putting the paper towels on a high shelf—I have to stand on tippy toes and use my tongs to grab the roll! When you have to work for the paper towels, you will just grab the close by cloth towels. Fully disclosure–I still use paper towels for bacon/sausage and cleaning up dog barf–but I’ve been using the same roll for more than 6 months.

  3. Amazing. I will try this this afternoon. I have small drawers, and I use 2-3 towels each day.

  4. So excited to try this! We use a LOT of hand towel around here (save the paper towels for stuff like oil that I don’t want in the washer) and my drawers are way too full when a fresh load of laundry gets folded.

  5. OMG..I am going to do this right NOW! I have been fighting with my drawer for way too long. What a wonderful idea!!

  6. I have been using this idea with my regular towels and small blankets. It’s amazing how much space you can save.

  7. BRILLIANT! If I wasn’t at the office, I’d do it right now. I’ve always rolled clothes for the suitcase, but it never occurred to me to roll the towels. Oh the possibilities!!!

  8. LOVE this idea! I use it for traveling, why not in my kitchen drawer??? Plus, I have an addiction to big, white, fluffy bar towels for the kitchen. Big & Fluffy do not equate to good kitchen drawer space! Thank you! (((runs off to organize towels))))

  9. Gabriele Mia says:

    That’s an old military trick. Even when we travel, he does this because we can fit twice as much in our suitcases when everything is rolled up.

  10. I have been rolling my underwear for a few months now, and love how easy it is to find the pair I want without upsetting a big stack. Never thought about towels, though. Off to try it.

  11. I bet this would work great for cloth napkins. We gave up paper towels a couple of years and now use all clothe napkins

  12. We went paper towel-free about six months ago. I’ve repurposed many of my daughter’s burp cloths and cheap gerber prefolds into dish and cleaning rags. I probably have 25 towels crowded into one drawer. Thanks for the tip. This will make things a lot easier to find and put away.

  13. I think I have the same shoved-full towel drawer. 🙂 I can’t wait to try this tip. Thanks!

  14. You have the greatest, most practical ideas! I have always used the rolling method for packing suit cases when we go on trips, but never thought to apply the method to other places in my house. Thank you!

  15. Great idea. I do this with clothes (underwear, T-shirts, pajamas mainly) when packing my suitcase as well.

  16. I do this also with me big fluffy bath towels since closet space is great!!
    Also, your shirts, blouses won’t be wrinkled if you roll them in the suitcase…

  17. I hadn’t thought of this – I think it’s a great idea. My problem I’ve found (as I’ve just come back from unfolding, and re-rolling all my dish towels AND bath towels), is that I don’t keep them in a drawer, but they are in the linen closet. My dish towels overhang the shelf, and rolling them made them neater in there, but don’t seem to take up any less space. The bath towels don’t seem to be taking up any less space, but I took a before and after picture, and it does LOOK neater, and I can see it helping with grabbing one, as long as we don’t create an avalanche when we grab one, then everything starts to roll.
    I’m gonna try it for a little while and see how it goes. I don’t have a drawer for kitchen towels – I’d probably have to empty 2 drawers to do it! (I have an overabundence of kitchen towels, for some reason), and so they all stay in the linen closet upstairs.
    Thanks for the tip, I may try it for underwear! Or other items that stay in a drawer. And who knows, it may end up so much easier for the bath towels and kitchen towels too! At least my linen closet looks like a hotel now!

  18. Love this idea! I have been struggling with how to fit them all in my drawer. This is perfect!

  19. I have done this for years and also use the same principle for packing. I roll mine and my husband’s t-shirts, pants, jammies, etc. to fit better in the suitcase when packing 😉

  20. Read this and went to the kitchen to redo my kitchen towels. Love it – now I’m not pulling out one towel to get to the one I really wanted. I have a much neater drawer now. Thank you for the tip!

  21. Another tip for you, especially if you travel. I was in the Army and the one way we used to get
    everything to fit in a duffle bag was to roll it even our pants. I do this when I travel with a suitcase also. Especially when you are trying to make the weight for your suitcase with the airlines these days. I also use ziplock bags.
    I put all my rolled socks in a ziplock,underwear, shirts, etc.

  22. I too had an addiction to paper towels….I broke mine by placing them under the kitchen sink…it is still easy to get to them if I need to, but out of sight…out of mind. We can go months now on a single paper towel roll…this from using about one roll a week! Good luck…I am off to roll my towels and try this out!


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