Organizing a Chest Freezer

An extra freezer can be very useful.  Chest freezers are more efficient than upright freezers, but they are harder to organize.  Jessica at Good Cheap Eats shares how she organizes her chest freezer


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  1. My problem with my chest freezer is that we also use it to stack miscellaneous stuff on top of, and it is a work surface. However, we got it for free a few years ago, so we can’t justify an upright, plus we have no space. So when we need to pull something out, we have to move everything 🙁

    We really LOVE having the extra space, though!

    If it were ONLY a work surface, and we kept it clear, we’d be good!

  2. Great ideas. I’ve been thinking about getting a chest freezer but wasn’t sure how I’d get to the stuff in there.

  3. there are two things to be considered when choosing between the Chest and Upright Freezers, the convenience and energy usage, Upright Freezers are convenient to use but use more energy compare to Chest freezers.

  4. I have had both an upright and a chest. I like the ease of finding what I want in an upright BUT things don’t keep as well. I have always loved my chest freezer so, when we redid our kitchen I gave our upright to one of the carpenters and purchased a chest freezer. When we first married my parents gave us their old chest feezer. It lasted forever but when it did need to be replaced I got the upright — mistake for us. So, now I have a smaller version of the chest freezer I had earlier and love, love, love it. My only problem with thee chest style is using what’s on the bottom. I keep a list on the inside of the cabinet door above the freezer and check off as I use foods. Also, I use reusable shopping bags to keep items sorted. I used a permanent marker to label each bag’s handle with the category of it’s contents: beef, chicken,fish,pork, veggies. Turkeys or hams just go on the bottom but it’s on my list so I know it’s there.

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