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Make a List: Organized in 365

Make a List

Make a list of three things you want to get organized this month. Write them down.

Then write down everything you need to do to get those three things organized this month.

Get to work.

Even if you can only spend 15 minutes a day working on these three things you’ll get a lot accomplished this month.

15 minutes x 27 days = 405 minutes

405 minutes = 6.75 hours.

How much do you think you can accomplish in 7 hours?

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This post is inspired by Eat That Frog! one of the books from my 2012 Book List.

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  1. I went through this process on a lot of stuff, last year.
    For people who get burned out easily it can help to set a limit on the time, too. No more than 45 minutes a day or whatever can keep you from throwing up your hands and not coming back to it for a week.
    (It was actually hard for me to walk away from stuff I wanted to get done after I’d already gotten started, but it helped keep me going in the long run.)

  2. I seriously wish you had kept this tip to yourself because now there really is no excuse for the mountain of paper living on my dining room table.

  3. Lol! This could possibly create another problem……….stack of papers. Lol

  4. Oh man… I wish I would have grabbed that book for my Kindle when it was only 99 cents. It is now over $10 and with tips like this, I could probably have used it.

  5. Made me list. Already overwhelmed. Will get tackle this!

  6. hmm…my master bedroom closet has become a storage area for unused toys, empty boxes that my hubby can’t part with and a ton of other stuff. I wonder if we can get that cleared out this month? Our goal is to move to a new “home” in about 6 months, without drawing the attention of our neighbors (my in-laws). We need to get high behind, as my dad used to say, if we are going to be ready. This weekend my husband is going to be focusing on boxes that are being stored under the house. The plan is to check each one to make sure we aren’t about to toss out anything important and then hopefully let them all go to charity or the dump depending on the contents.

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