Join me for the Frustration to Functional Closet Challenge!

Want a sneak peek into my closet? I shared all my closet challenges in this Facebook Live

Have I told you about my friend Kelly? I met Kelly many years ago at a blog conference and I always thought she looked amazing. (She’s super smart too- but I digress)

Kelly is one of those people who always looks good, no matter what she is wearing. I always assumed that Kelly had oodles of money and access to the latest fashion, so I was surprised when one day I complimented her on her outfit and she told me it was from Old Navy and she bought most of the pieces on sale.

The bottom line is that Kelly knows how to dress for her body type, and she knows how to put together outfits so that she always looks amazing. And she does it using math and science, so it takes the guess work out of figuring out what to wear.

This is a before and after of one of one person who took her course. Isn’t it crazy that changing the type of clothes you wear (based on your body type) can make you look like you’ve lost weight?

Lose weight by changing how you dress.

Here’s another example.

what clothes make you look thinner

My sister actually signed up earlier this year and has learned so much about how to dress for her body type! I saw her this summer and she looked amazing and thinner even though she hadn’t lost any weight.

If you are tired of standing in your closet and wondering what to wear you’ll want to join Kelly’s FREE challenge that launches this week. During this 14 day challenge Kelly is going to help you create a functional wardrobe out of the clothes you already have in your closet. Since cleaning out my closet was high on my priority list (it’s such a mess!) I’m excited to join her challenge and I’d love for you to join along with me.

In this free challenge Kelly will give us:

  • Four information-packed lessons complete with videos and worksheets
  • “From Frustration to Functional” wardrobe planner
  • Weekly LIVE video sessions with Kelly (where she will answer your specific questions in real time)
  • Facebook accountability group
  • and more fun surprises

I’m excited to participate in this free challenge and I hope you will consider joining me! If nothing else you’ll end up with a clean and organized closet, and probably a few newly discovered outfits in your closet.

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Get Organized by Living With Less Clutter!

get organized by living on less

There are so many wonderful tips and ideas for getting organized. I’m kind of an organizational junkie myself. I like to read books and blogs about organizing and I love to organize my own things (and other people’s if they give me a chance).

The best tip I have for getting organized is not something you can buy at Ikea or The Container Store. The best way to get organized is to get rid of the junk! I once took a time management class and learned that if you don’t take care of something the first time you pick it up, you touch it 40 more times before you actually deal with it. What a total waste of time!

No matter how many bins, baskets, drawers, containers, files, and notebooks you own, managing these tools takes time.

The less you have, the less you have to maintain.

As someone who likes to save money, I have a tendency to hold on to things because I might need them in the future. Better to reuse something you have than buy something new, right? Well… that is sort of right. When you hold on to everything it becomes difficult to manage, things become disorganized, and you end up not being able to find the stuff you were saving.

In my life there are only a handful of things I wish I hadn’t thrown away or dropped off at Goodwill, and those few things are replaceable.

Here are a few ideas for living an organized life with less.


Stop holding on to all the these use to fit me in college outfits.

Seriously, if you ever fit into them again they will be so outdated you won’t want to wear them. Keep a basic wardrobe of items that fit you and your lifestyle. Clothes are cheap to replace at yard sales and thrift stores, so only hold on to pieces that fit you well today.


Paperwork clutter can drive a person bonkers! I created a notebook system to help me track all my paperwork. I keep only what’s necessary and shred the rest. Another way I simplify my paperwork is online banking and bill pay. I pay almost all of my bills online and this has greatly reduced the paper clutter in my home.


I’m plead guilty to toy clutter in the first degree. With seven kids it is almost impossible not to have a toy filled house!

Whenever the mover went into our basement she remarked that it looked like a Toy’s R Us, and that was after I had given several van loads to Goodwill.

I’m preaching to myself here, but kids don’t need every toy ever invented. They don’t even need .0005% of the toys invented.

My kids are happier and play with more of their toys the less they have. Toy clutter overwhelms kids and they end up not wanting to play with anything. Or, toy clutter gives kids the opportunity to make incredible messes with all the toys. Go on a toy de-clutter spree. Your kids will not notice and you will have a better life, I promise.

Kitchen Tools

I’m guilty of kitchen clutter too. I love kitchen tools! They are so much fun and helpful, when I can find them! Have you ever spent 10 minutes searching for that certain kitchen tool in the over-crowded drawer? I have. It isn’t fun, and it is a big time waster.

Go through your kitchen and get rid of things you have never used, then go through it again and get rid of the tools you haven’t used in over a year. You really can do more with less in the kitchen.


A disorganized pantry is a huge time and money waster! How many times have you cleaned out your pantry only to find several of the same item and not because you were stockpiling? Or perhaps you run to the store to buy that needed ingredient at full price, only to find another bottle unopened in the back of the pantry weeks later.

Have you thrown out food because it has expired or gone bad in a disorganized fridge? While it is great to stock up on sales at the grocery store, create a system before you begin. Meal plan so your family eats all the leftovers and nothing goes to waste in the kitchen.


Stuff, you know the things that clutter your home, waste your time, and rob you of your joy? The refrigerator magnet that came in an advertisement, the broken frame you know you are going to fix…. one day…, the books you will never read, the magazines you have already read.

Get rid of them. Give it away, throw it away, burn it in the wood stove, but get rid of the stuff you don’t need.

Having less truly is having more.

More time, more space, more joy. This year get organized by getting rid of the things you don’t need so you can spend time on the things that are important.



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9 Organizing Ideas for a Happy Home

These organizing ideas from a mom of 7 will help you bring order to various areas of your home as well as keep your sanity and have a happy home.

With seven kids, my home has had its share of stuff that needs to be organized. The well known organization motto is, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” But sometimes we need ideas to help us figure out what or where that place should be or how things should go in their place.

These organizing ideas will help you bring order to various areas of your home as well as keep your sanity and have a happy home.

9 Organizing Ideas - Kitchen Towels

1. Organizing Kitchen Towels – Sometimes it is simple tips like this one that make a big difference in keeping  a drawer neat and orderly.

2. Refrigerator Organization – Everyone’s fridge gets cluttered and messy at times. Here are tips to help you get that fridge organized.

9 Organizing Ideas - Using Binders

3. Organizing with Binders – Many things are digital these days, but there are still paper records that need to be organized. Try this idea for using binders to keep financial, health, insurance, and other records in order.

4. Garage Organization – See how we took our garage from a complete wreck to being organized.

9 Organizing Ideas - Toy Storage

5. Toy Organization – This tip is especially good for your young kids.

6. Game Organization – If you are a family who enjoys playing games together, here are some tips for organizing those games.

9 Organizing Ideas - Kids Clothes

7. Organizing Kids Clothes – Children go through clothing sizes quickly sometimes and then there are the different seasons. Here are my tips for organizing kids clothes.

8. Simple Winter Gear Organization – Hats, gloves, scarves, and other winter accessories can quickly get scattered all over the house. This simple idea corrals that winter gear so it’s easy to find when needed.

9 Organizing Ideas - Kids Bedrooms

9. Helping Kids Keep Their Rooms Clean – Set your children up for success by putting systems in place that help them keep their domains under control.

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Income and Expense Tracking Printables

I know first hand the importance and challenges of keeping good records when it comes to having a home based business. That’s why I’m happy to share with you this post from Lisa Woodruff who has a great resource for you, and she’s offering it at a 50% discount for my readers!

Expense Tracking Printables | With tax organization comes the urge to purge your files. Here are 3 ways I am organizing my tax documents and files this year.

How to systematize home based business income and expenses for 2016

Having run a home based business for over 20 years, you would think I have this tax time stuff down pat. Um no!

Last year, I disciplined myself to do my finances for my business all by myself DAILY! And this year tax time has been a breeze.

Each month, I would reconcile and do my tax prep on the 1st of the month. I actually started to look forward to it because I had created a checklist and form to fill out each month so I didn’t miss any expenses.

Each month, I knew how much I actually made. I was able to continually refine my process and reduce my expenses.

There are several statistics out there that state the percentage of home-based workers in 2020 will be 50%. And as a professional organizer, I know that paper organization is a hot button for most homeowners. So setting up paper systems that work are key.

This year, I had my graphic designer take my tax organization pages and turn them into adorable printables. Here is how I am organizing my income and expenses each month this year.

Organize 365 Income Tracker | With tax organization comes the urge to purge your files. Here are 3 ways I am organizing my tax documents and files this year.

1. Income

It is amazing how easily my mind inflates the income coming in and easily forgets the planned and unplanned expenses. Having a sheet to keep track of my income helps me make better decisions before I commit to more expenses.

I love watching the transactions increase as my business grows. These sheets are also helpful in seeing seasonal trends in my business.

Organize 365 Monthly Expense Tracker | With tax organization comes the urge to purge your files. Here are 3 ways I am organizing my tax documents and files this year.

2. Expenses

Tracking my expenses month after month has helped me reduce redundant expenses and better use the services I am paying for. One of my biggest frustrations at tax time was not having my expenses organized to match the IRS Schedule C categories. This form tracks my expenses so I can transfer the numbers directly to my taxes next January!

Organize 365 Mileage Log | With tax organization comes the urge to purge your files. Here are 3 ways I am organizing my tax documents and files this year.

3. Mileage

Did you know business mileage is deductible at $.56 per mile?! So next time you “just run to the post office,” toss a quarter out the window every half mile. Crazy huh? I know. Once someone told me that, I started seriously tracking my mileage.

FYI, your calendar is a great documentation source for mileage tax deductions. I have my assistant take weekly screenshots of my Google Calendar for tax purposes.

Organize 365 Profit & Loss Statement | With tax organization comes the urge to purge your files. Here are 3 ways I am organizing my tax documents and files this year.

4. Profit and Loss

I am ashamed to admit that last year was the first year in 20 years of business that I actually knew how profitable my business was every single month. Prior to this, it was a big surprise every February to see if I earned or lost money the previous year.

Keeping track of this number monthly had me making some BIG changes last year and ending the year with huge growth.

I have been following Toni’s blogging business advice for the last 3 years. As a thank you, I am offering YOU her readers a special price on my new income and expense tracking printables. I know Toni is a savvy business woman who wants you to be profitable, and these printables will help you know your business numbers and increase your profits. The regular price is $9, but The Happy Housewife readers price is only $4.50 through the end of February!

Here is your special link for The Happy Housewife 50% discount: Income & Expense Tracking printables.

This discount is good through February 29, 2016.


Lisa Woodruff is a professional organizer, blogger and podcaster from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her favorite things to organize are paper and photos. For practical daily organization advice visit.

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