A Stocking Stuffer for You!

If you are like me, you probably have a hard time coming up with a Christmas list. The older I become, the more I realize how little I need. Usually items I need I purchase for myself and items I want are really expensive! Here is one item I will be asking for in my stocking this Christmas.

The Motivated Moms Planner is a year long planner that helps keep me organized and on top of daily activities. What I do with my planner is put initials of family members who are responsible for each job during the week. Jobs are broken down daily and weekly. This planner takes all the thinking out of housework! I realize I could come up with my own planner and chore schedule, but why spend hours creating something when someone else already did the work for me!

The best part about this planner is that it is only eight dollars! I think that is a great deal for something that saves me hours each week and keeps my house organized! I love this planner so much that I am going to give one away to one of my readers. Please know that this is not a giveaway from Motivated Moms, I really believe in this product so much that I want to buy one for you!

If you want to see a sample page you can view it here. They have many different planner styles ranging from a page per day to a page per week. I like the page per week style, but every style is only eight dollars. You can visit their site to view all the different planner styles.

To enter the giveaway just leave me a comment on this post letting me know which planner you would like to win. Make sure you include an email address, because the absolute best part of the planner is that it is delivered to you immediately via email, no waiting for the post office to sort through seven million Christmas packages to receive your planner. I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday night. Sorry, no official ending time for the contest, I hope to visit the National Christmas tree on Sunday, so I will pick a winner when I get home.

Update: For all you Fly Ladies out there, convert to Motivated Moms! It is so much easier to track and less overwhelming!


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  1. Yea! I love this planner too! It is so helpful for keeping organized. I would choose the fullsized page per day planner with bible readings. Thanks for the chance!


  2. Oooh! I love this. Either the full or half page per day planner with bible reading. Oh yeah!

  3. That is cool! I would need the Full-Size Page per Day because with my OCD tendancies it would drive me more insane to have all those check marks staring at me more than one day. When a day was over, I would definitley need to start fresh. That’s like with my lists…when they get too many cross-outs, I have to redo them. Anyway, thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I like the full size page per day with bible reading schedule.
    Great giveaway!

  5. Love this planner! I’m NEED a planner and love this one! I like the full size one with the bible readings listed on it 🙂


  6. this sounds like a great planner! I’m going to definitely have to get one. 😀

  7. I love the Half-Sized Page Per Day With Bible Reading planner. It can fit inside my day planner so all my appointments, field trips, Co-Op, lessons, schooling and kids’ chores can be all in one place…less paperwork! Thank you so much for such a great giveaway!

    well-luved at icnmail dot com

  8. I have been using this years planner and love it!

  9. These look great. I’d like the 2009 Half-sized Planner with Scheduled Bible readings. I think it would fit my Franklin Planner that’s been collecting dust since my working days :-).

    ctermors at hotmail dot com

  10. I would like the half-size with the Bible reading. It looks very nice!

  11. Hi! I found you through BooMama (was it just yesterday?) and I really like your site! I love the planners – I think I would like the full-size page-per-day. I like that it would keep me up-to-date on my chores. I let things slide far more often than I’d like to admit.

    I wanted to add that I make a bean salad, too, and plain old Italian dressing works very well. I also recommend adding canned corn, fresh chopped cilantro, and some finely diced onion. It raises the price some, but it’s SOOOOO yummy.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a planner. Have a great day, and I’ll be back to visit soon! 🙂

  12. I would love the half size page per day planner! Neat!!

  13. The full size weekly planner has my name all over it!

  14. I love this planner! I would choose the half-size, page per day with Bible readings. What a great tool!

  15. Those look wonderful. With all I am trying to accomplish these days I definitely need to find a way to get more organized!!

  16. Ooh, this looks really neat!!

  17. Fabulous giveaway! I would love the full size per day planner with Bible readings.

    Isn’t Motivated Moms the best?

  18. Thanks so much for doing this…what a great idea. I think this idea is better than the Flylady because you don’t have a full email box. I’d rather see sll the different money saving blogs in my mail box. I would love the full size week at a time planner.

  19. I need the organizational help…I would be thankful for any of the planners!

  20. OK, that wasn’t my website in my first post. opps.

    I like this planner! Thanks for passing it along.

  21. I like the full size page planner I really need this Im transitioning to a SAHM starting in January and this will be just the thing I need!

  22. Half-Sized Page Per Day with readings. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. I like the 2009 Half-Sized Page per Day Planner! What a good idea!

  24. OOOH!! Thanks so much for posting this, for 8 dollars I think i can als for it for christmas! –if i dont win one that is!! Thanks for all your encouragement, i am so grateful i found this site!

  25. I would love to have the 2009 Full-Sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading!

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  26. I would love the half page per day planner. What a great organizer!

  27. I would really like the Half-Sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading. Thanks!

  28. Thank you for offering this giveaway! What a great product. I’d love the Full Size Weekly Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading. THANKS!

  29. I like the 2009 Half-size Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading.

    I love this idea. I’ve been using FlyLady for a while and this looks like basically the same thing but WAY easier to keep track of.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  30. What a beautiful giveaway! I’ve never heard of this site and now I’ve been browsing for quite some time! Please enter me in this contest, I would adore it!

    I like the Full Motivated Moms Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading!

  31. I would love to get a stocking stuffer, mine is usually empty each year. I would love to have the Full Sized Planner with Daily Bible Reading. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Wow this would be great! I love the half-size.
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  33. Julie Krukemeyer says:

    I would love this planner! The plain full size would work great for me. Thanks for the chance.

  34. This planner is just what I need!! The full-sized planner with Bible reading is exactly what I have been looking for.

  35. Sounds like a fabulous planner!

  36. Sounds like a great planner. I would love to have the full size with bible reading!

  37. I’ve never seen this product before and could SOOOOO use it! I like the half page per day with bible readings. Thanks!!!

  38. Yippeee! What a great planner – I enjoy your blogs so much. Please enter me in the drawing for the half-page weekly with Bible-reading. I’m getting “happier” just thinking about it! 🙂

  39. oh i love the idea of those planners!! i would love the 1/2 size with bible readings! 🙂

  40. Just what I need!

  41. What a wonderful idea! I would choose the 2009 Half-sized Planner with Scheduled Bible readings. Thanks!

  42. 2009 Motivated Moms Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading

  43. What a neat tool! Is it your creation? I am motivated. Sometimes I call myself : the buttkicker.

  44. Wow, these all seem great. If I had to choose I’d pick the full sized day planner.
    Thanks for a great offer!

  45. I think I would want the half-size calendar with daily Bible reading! I have read the Bible through before and it is so rewarding…this would be good motivation to do it again in 2009!!

  46. I love those planners. I especially love the full size with Bible reading.

    Happy Holidays!

  47. Oh, do I need to plan my days better? Yes, I do.

  48. I ordered this last year and it’s great! I really like the full page organizer.

  49. I would love the Full sized page per day planner with scheduled Bible readings! How cool!

  50. OK, this thing rocks my world! How come I have never heard of it?!?

    I would like the Full Page Per Day with the Scheduled Bible Readings.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  51. I love this planner. I’ve never heard of it before. I am addicted to my Franklin Covey, but this seems even better. I would like the half-sized with Bible Readings.

  52. The half-sized page per day with bible readings! I’m sorry I didn’t say that before. I think I’ll buy one anyway just in case I don’t win…I am very impatient once I decide I want something.

  53. I like the full size page planner to keep track of the two kids and the one on the way! Thanks for hosting a great contest!

  54. Nell Fitchie says:

    I would LOVE the full sized planner with scheduled Bible readings! 🙂

    Thanks for the consideration!

    Nell Fitchie

  55. Pick me! Pick me! I sure could use it. I’d like the full page with Bible readings. Awesome giveaway!

  56. i like the bible reading planner. thanks for the giveaway!

  57. I would love the 2009 Full-Sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading.

  58. Oooh, the full sized chore planner with daily bible reading.
    It really looked neat, clean and simple. So important with a large family!

  59. Can’t decide between the full size w/ Bible reading. Surprise me!

  60. Wow! I am going to go check out Motivated Moms now! I’ve done flylady before but never heard of motivated moms.

    LOVE this planner! Thanks for giving one away. I see now why you love it so much. If I don’t win, I think I’ll have to buy it for myself. LOL. I like the half size page per day with bible reading.

  61. I would love this planner. I am a list maker and this would save so much time. Thanks for introducing it!

  62. Now this is one of the cutest headers I’ve seen in a long time! Gave me a smile. Merry Christmas!

  63. I could really use one of these! Thank you! I may have to buy it anyway if I don’t win…

  64. Neat! This looks really helpful. I may have to buy myself the page per day with Bible readings.

  65. I would take the half-sized planner! Thanks for the chance!

  66. I like the chore planner with daily scripture reading.

  67. That is a neat idea! It is hard to find things that I need and don’t clutter my house as I get older.

  68. What a great idea. I like the full-size day planner. Thanks.

  69. I just found and love this site. Thank you for your time and hard work. This is a sweet idea for you to share a stocking stuffer – I would love the full-size per day planner. I’ve never heard of motivated moms; it looks like a stress free plan.

  70. I like the full-page-per-week style with Bible readings.

    I used this planner once before and then got out of the habit- I’d love the chance to get back on track! 🙂

  71. What a great idea! My girls are too little for chore assignments yet, but it would still surely keep ME on track! Were I to win, I would love the smaller one w/the bible verses. 🙂

  72. Thanks for introducing me to this planner. If I won, I would like to have the 2009 Full-sized Planner with Scheduled Bible readings. That is the one that would be the most helpful to me!

    Merry CHRISTmas from NC!

  73. Wow, this is great. I would like the weekly one with bible verses. This is a fantastic resource!!

  74. Just found your site and am going to explore more! Thanks for the tip on this organizer, I sure would like to win one :-)~ *Karen

  75. I like the 2009 Full-Sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading.

  76. Teresa Hammond says:

    The Motivated Moms Planner is simplistic enough to organize the everyday chores that without a plan will begin to pile upon anyone’s life. Looks easy enough to manage the task needed to maintain a clean and organize living environment without over-whelming one’s live. The Planner should work even in the most stressful working live. Greatest New Year’s Resolution, I have heard of done one day at a time. And a great Last-minute gift for friends too.

  77. I like the half-size planner with Bible readings. Great giveaway!

  78. Ohhh I soooooooooo want to get my name picked for this one!!! Please include me in !

    This is perfect timing. I NEED to get chores more under control in my house.

    Thank you so much for doing this I pray blessings on who ever gets one. If I dont then I will have to buy one. [0=

    Blessings in Him<

  79. I would love the full sized 2009 planner with bible readings!!

  80. I would like the half page weekly Chore Planner…without the Bible readings, because if I get behind on the readings I would feel guilty every time I looked at the planner for the next day’s chores. I am a bit of a perfectionist that way. I’ll keep track of Bible readings on another paper! 🙂

  81. I love Motivated Moms. I ordered it last year and it helped me to get focused. I would love to win an updated version!

  82. I think the full size with Bible readings would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. is it too late to enter? I would love to win the full-size planner with Bible reading.

  84. The half sized day planner with Bible readings sounds great.

  85. I may be too late as I just found this – but what a nice giveaway. I have used the planner before and it’s great.

    I like the half-page size without bible readings only because I do my own. Merry Christmas!

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