No Time to Clip Coupons?

I don’t have much free time either, which is why in the past I didn’t use coupons unless I found them on the shelf. Then I realized I could outsource my coupon cutting and sorting.

My oldest goes through the coupons and removes any expired ones, my other three boys cut, and my two little girls cut the leftover paper so they don’t feel left out. My boys work on their cutting skills and my oldest is learning organizing skills.

Usually I sit at the table, working on other things, while they are cutting so if there is a question I am available. The questions usually consist of, “Can I cut out this coupon for sugary, sticky, cavity in a box?” or “Can we go to Chuckie Cheese?” My answer is always yes because having a coupon doesn’t mean that I will actually use the coupon. Occasionally I will have a rogue cutter and a coupon or two is ruined. I figure that doesn’t matter since I am saving 15 to 30 minutes a week by not doing the job anymore.

My kids are excited to help our family save money (we are currently saving for a family vacation), and are happy to contribute in this way.

Our littlest coupon clipper!

The big helpers

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  1. My daughter is four and LOVES to help me clip coupons. I give her the extra pages or coupons that I know I won’t use. She has her own little coupon envelopes and makes a “grocery list.”

    It really has turned into a fun little mother-daughter activity.

  2. What a great idea!


  3. You are so lucky! I wish I had a coupon cutting army…! It takes me forever to cut and organize all of the coupons, and I can’t wait until my little one gets old enough that she can help out. We’re still working on sitting up, so it’ll be a while.

    Maybe I can make the dogs do it…

  4. That is great! I had just had that idea recently but my daughter is only 2 and hasn’t learned to use scissors yet. I did buy some for her the other day so hopefully in a few months I will have a coupon clipper too!

  5. Kids are great ‘time savers’. And it’s such a nice way to spend time together – just chit chatting. It makes them feel important they can do something to help out.

  6. (…in awe…) I long for the day that my kids are old enough to help with this task. I actually got into coupons in high school when my mom told me that I could have all of the money I saved us with coupons. That got my attention QUICK and it didn’t take long to realize how fast that money adds up. And my mom didn’t have to fork over cash for jeans and the movies quite as often. Win:win all around!

  7. That is so cute and such a good way to get children involved.

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