Bottled Water?

After reading this article, I am now more determined than ever not to buy bottled water. In our family we have a pitcher for the fridge (I believe it is a Brita) and we have several water bottles we fill up and take with us when we are away from home. We wash them and reuse them almost every day. According to the article, bottled water costs 1,900 times more than tap water and when tested was no less polluted than tap water.

It sounds like buying bottled water is a great way to throw your money down the drain. Invest in some good  bottles and a home filter and you have a better product for less money, and of course less waste!

Editors note: A faithful reader pointed out that Nalgene type bottles might not be safe. I have not done extensive research on this so I don’t have an opinion yet. I do know that some “green” sites recommend aluminum water bottles. Personally I don’t care for these because I think they make the water taste like metal. But that is purely a personal preference. You can read an article about water bottle safety here.

Another reader said she keeps water bottles for emergencies. She makes a great point. I would highly recommend having enough water for your family for three or four days at least. I just read an article about this and hope to write more soon.

Another note 🙂 : If you would like to read the other side of the story, my emails with a representative for the International Bottled Water Association are published here.

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  1. I use lots of refillable bottles here, too. I just fill them up as I take them out of the dishwasher, and my boys (almost 5 and 2.5) know to get one out of the fridge when they’re thirsty. Works for us!

    (I do have a few cases of bottled water in a closet for a water emergency, and that is a suggestion that I’d make to anyone. Water is one of the most important things to store. I rotate these out by keeping a few in the car for when our bottles run out or a friend is riding with us!)

  2. With all the controversy lately about BPAs in plastic bottles, we pitched our Nalgenes since they had the recycle number 7 on them which was on the press release when the BPA thing first hit the news.

    For example:

    I would love to find a suitable replacement or some assurance that the Nalgenes are OK – suggestions anyone?

  3. I finally got dh to switch to a filtered pitcher to put in his fridge. My kids reuse bottles all the time, too. 😀

  4. We went to reusable water bottles when we read Garbage Land and learned that 80 percent of disposable, recyclable water bottles never make it to a recycling center. Lazy people dump them in trash bins.

  5. I heard the information from the article on the radio this morning and was reminded again of what a waste bottled water is.

    I have the same concern as Beth about the Nalgene bottles, but I haven’t made a switch yet. I just found this Rubbermaid site that lists which products have and don’t have bpa.

  6. Our family uses the Camelbak “Better Bottle”. We really like them. They have a silicone bite-valve that you bite and suck the water up through a straw.
    They have a variey of fun colors and designs. Here is the link to the web-site if you’re interested!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple weeks now and enjoy it!
    Julia (age 16)

  7. What a shocker — I knew bottled water was ridiculous, but I had no idea just how ridiculous.

    I use a SIGG bottle and while it is metal, I don’t find that the water tastes weird. Plus, it’s oh so pretty.

  8. i purchased the naglene bottles that are bpa free. we like them fine and they weren’t as pricy as the sigg bottles.

  9. I drink from a mason jar 😉 Or maybe I should say “I do my drinkin’ from a dixie cup”

    haha Just kidding 😉

    I don’t use bottles very often, though. I totally agree with it being a huge waste of money. Someone gave me a flat of bottled lemon water a long time ago, which we dumped cuz it was gross. And those bottles are still what my dh takes his drinks for work in.

    We buy the powdered gatorade for him and make it in a container that once had real gatorade in it 😉 He mixes it with Mountain Dew code red. I know, gross, huh? haha He says he is trying to cut down on his sugar intake thatway 😉 He cracks me up. :-p

    We also make our tea in old Apple Juice containers.

    Why throw them out when they are so dog-gone useful.


  10. We had a culligan reverse osmosis system installed in our home. Jacksonville, FL city water is pretty bad, so something needed to be done. The reverse osmosis is wonderful. I actually use a glass bottle or a 32 oz plastic cup that I got when I got a fountain soda. I have a case of Disanti in the house for hurricane/power outtage situations.

    When I was growing up we never had instant access to water at all times of the day. I have been trying to just drink my water at home & if there is an emergency water issue I have a few bottles stashed in the car.

    Great discussion!

    Come by my place as I’m having a Birthday Week giveaway & WFMW

  11. I reuse the propel bottles and sometimes a hospital pitcher from work. We have awful water, too, so we found one of those aquavie water distillers on ebay. The city actually adds more junk to the reservoir a couple of times a year just to make the city water TASTE better. You wouldn’t believe the leftover gunk at the bottom of the pitcher when our water is distilled.

  12. Darleen Creah says:

    We are reusing empty glass snapple bottles for our water bottles given to us from my mother who drinks snapple.

  13. This was all so interesting. I haven’t really been worried about that bpa plastic talk, but maybe I will go read some articles so I can be more educated : ). Thanks for sharing. God bless.


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