Dollar Summer Movies at Regal Cinema

Unfortunately Regal Cinema is not doing their Free Summer Movie Program this year. They are doing something similar, although not free. 🙁

During the 9-week Regal Summer Movie Express, select Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theatres will offer selected G or PG rated movies for only a dollar on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:00am.

This deal is definitely not as good as last year’s Free Summer Movie program, but it’s still a pretty cheap and you might be able to catch a few of your favorite movies this summer.


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  1. Vickie Horrell says:

    I am definitely bummed; I will probably not attend this year because it would cost $7.00 every time since I would need to accompany my 6 young children. I could rent movies for less, though we would not be getting that big screen experience. These are hard times, so we do what we can.

  2. They will definetly be dissapointed with their turn out if the so called “free popcorn deal does not apply to these show times. They are advertising Free popcorn all summer through your iphone.

  3. We will not be attending b/c it would cost us $5 to see a movie. We can rent a Redbox for less than that. These are tough times for most, so the FREE movies would have been much better!

  4. bummer, it was such a great program for kids who could not afford to go to the movies thats why we patrocinated Regal when we went out for movie night.not anymore

  5. It would be nice if they would change the admission to voluntary donations. That would be a nice compromise for those who can’t afford much and those who can.

  6. Oh come one. Are we really going. To complain about a dollar? I mean if you a big crowd of children then by all means rent from the redbox or the library.but don’t criticize a business for trying to make money themselves. Not everything all the time is free. And those with a large group of children
    If its such a hassle have the children earn their dollar and popcorn money,I mean children like to earn. Their own money esp if they can spend it on something they want. If you live on a military base or have access see if they are doing free movies,I know some still do. Or if all else fails look at the list of movies..pick one of two every so often and go. Like seriously crying over spilled milk bc something is no longer free…yes times are hard but your saying you are to “times are hard” to take them to a movie that’s more than reduced every blue moon as a reward? Smh.
    Well regal I will be attending I will save my dollars instead of buying things not needed,I will avoid the dollar store..

  7. I agree with the others who have commented. Times are tough and it’s just a dollar to the theater, but, it is several dollars for us. Then the price of the refreshments are outrageous!!! The free movie was certainly a great deal, because we made it up with $30 or $40 in refreshments. That stuff really adds up with a family. I got in trouble last year because someone told the management that I had juice boxes for my granddaughters. They threatened to kick us out! If they are going to now charge for the movie, they should allow us to bring our own snacks and cut out some of the employees who take forever, anyway, to get your snacks to you at the snack bar. You miss 20 or 30 minutes or MORE just to go to the snack counter. We haven’t gone to one yet this year and I don’t know if we will at all.

  8. I can’t see complaining about 2hrs of entertainment for a family of 7 only costing $7.00!! That is still a great deal and it gets everyone out of the house! It is tough times for businesses also these days.. I think its still a nice thing they are doing!

  9. I know a dollar isn’t much… and some of you think “come on, spend the dollar”, Regal is just trying to make money… BUT REMEMBER… movie theaters make their money on concessions! REALLY- 5.00 minimum for a small popcorn. I think Regal could spare the dollar fee… How much would they really make… $200 a showing? How does that really effect their profit margin!

  10. I agree with Ness. Really, a dollar is still a steal and less than it cost them to staff the place. And yes, good idea, Ness, kids can easily earn a dollar and what a great way to implement good reward system and little work ethic. Everything’s a little sweeter when you have to work for it. Not patronizing Regal bc they do away with free movies seems a bit much.

  11. For heaven sakes, what a bunch entitled people you are. Yes, do a redbox or the like if you need too but don’t complain because a company is having you pay a dollar. My guess is they may have implemented it to reduce the “free childcare” syndrome many parents use. Drop them for free and go. Sad when people who freely had children complain when “gasp” you might have to use money to entertain them sometimes. Okay stepping off the soapbox now.

  12. Michelle says:

    I totally agree with posters who think $1 is a great deal. When is the last time that you were able to see a movie for a buck in a theater without it being a deal? Ages. It is 2012, and while I do think that the regular price for movies is a rip-off, $1 is more than reasonable. They are a for-profit company. If McDonald’s puts its Big Mac or similar on sale for $1, even though they may have been running a promotion a year ago that gave Big Macs for free, would you complain (barring the actual taste of the BM!)? They can’t be expected to run the deal forever.

    Snacks being overpriced is a valid complaint, but snacks aren’t a necessity. They are a luxury. Going to the movie itself is a luxury. Some people cannot afford a car note to even get a car to get to the theater.

    One dollar to entertain a child for hours is a good deal, even if it amounts to $5 for four children and an adult. If you do not think that it is, then there is nothing wrong with a Redbox movie. People just enjoy entertainment; most don’t care about the venue in which they get it, all reasonable things considered.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I never post things on places like this but I can not believe people are complaining about having to pay a DOLLAR for a movie. Seriously?? Part of the proceeds go to the WIll Rogers Institute as well.

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