Chicken of the Sea Tuna $0.44 a Can Shipped!

Currently on Amazon you can buy 48 cans of Chicken of the Sea Tuna Chunk Light Water, 5 Ounce Tins for $21.32. That is $0.44 a can, which is a great deal! These deals go super fast so buy it now if you need to stock up on tuna. Tuna is a great food to stockpile because it lasts a long time and is a great source of protein.

Thanks Saving Naturally!

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  1. Hi There,
    I guess this is a good deal if you don’t use coupon regularly or somthing. I get tuna free all the time. There are Starkist tuna coupons out a lot of the time and you can get them on sale at the grocery store for free.
    I also wait till it’s on sale at CVS, Wags or Rite Aid use my coupons and then use my store rewards to pay for the tuna then it’s essentially free as well.
    I guess for people who want it delivered or don’t use coupons that price above could be a pretty good one. I guess I’m just spoiled.

  2. I always buy in the pouches because I figure it’s less likely to be sitting in BPA (like we know is in most cans), does anyone else think that way or know more? (I usually stock up at .49c a pouch at Kroger sales as far as price goes).

  3. Oh no! I missed it. I can’t find that deal. They must be gone. Coconuts!!!

  4. Pouches usually have a lot less tuna in them than cans. I buy them only when I can get them free with coupons. I really don’t worry about BPA or whatever. Isn’t that what was supposedly in baby bottles, too?

    Anyway, I totally missed this because I was out of town all weekend….UGH!!! And tuna is one of the few things my 6-year-old will eat. He’ll actually eat it right out of the can (or pouch). LOL!! I was going to get 96 cans, too. 🙁

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